Best of LivePD: Americas Dumbest Criminals Ep 5

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Tipsie4u2 : The fact that he is so serious that driving and him traveling are two different things. Fool you still need a license if you're behind the wheel 😂😂

Lilreeces10 : She was being a jerk. The man wasn't even driving, he was just traveling SMH

Gregory Dearth : I am not watching this video. I am viewing it.

solarson53 : 'officer, he told you very clearly, 'Time Out' and yet you continued to harass him and make him leave his vehicle - 'gonna have to right you up

Doha Kassem : “Oh, he’s traveling. I apologize” 😂

Tipsie4u2 : When that guy rolled by on the bicycle I died laughing 💀💀💀💀💀⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

Dominique L : "They shoot us for no reason" "Ma'am please stop digging around in the car" *does exactly the opposite and is aggressive

DH1 1 : These police men and women are so respectful and not confrontational at all, this has changed my opinion on American police as all we ever see in the UK makes them out to be really bad people. 👮🏿‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️👩🏾‍✈️👩🏻‍✈️👍

boss chicks : I’m traveling is not like I’m driving 😂😂..I swear after he said that I peed on myself

polo polo : Typical ratchet black woman I can't stand'em

Jennifer mwai : "I'm not driving... I'm traveling... what's the definition of driving?"🤯💀🤣🤣😂😂

leo 77 : I think the "Traveler" is not from this planet......"You're not even American, behind the the badge..... you're not american..You sworn on're federal...I'm not driving im traveling"

Stephanie Honeycutt : Why do people without a drivers license think by saying they were traveling in they're car, not driving will work with a cop? Especially when weed smoke and odor are spilling out the car window. Funny stuff.

Geo Hurtado : That first girl didn't break the law. "Obstruction "???????? Dam these crakers will arrest you for anything...SMH

teddy boii : Criminals? All i seen was a bunch of weed petty weed charges these cops would have jobs

California1998 : At 5:00, Texas is Earth! Lmao! Then, he is not driving, he is traveling! Lmao! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

D G : They were so polite to the first girl. She would have eaten gravel if I was the arresting officer. In Michigan we don't play that shit.

0LAF2046 : Never knew you could get pulled over for license plate lights! My last car had those lights out for 2 years before I sold the car. Not one traffic stop. And in New York City and State as well as New Jersey you are guaranteed to be driving past the police every day.

Geo Hurtado : The 2nd guy wasn't that dumb. He made a few valid points. He was expressing his right to certain freedoms.

Becky Rode : I respect our officers, but I think they messed with that last dude. With so much going on pulling someone over because they didn't use a turn signal at a stop sign seems like an excuse just to pull him over & having a tiny bit of weed shouldn't be illegal (and no I don't smoke it) It's just a waste of cop & court time.

Joseph Janeth : the whole back of your car completely dark my ass haha

Screaming Tima : Did he just tell her she wasn’t American??? 🙄 and what’s the difference between traveling and driving?

KERALEE MCCALL : He says I’m traveling 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣

Trident : 8:55 jammin' to Humble by Kendrick Lamar

Arnell Long : Whether you're in the right or wrong, just comply to get it over with. Peace and love to all Race groups.🤗

trumpmakemehappy : Actually, the DMV and licenses are a scam and not required. A license is required for commercial vehicles, if you drive ("travel") in a car you do not need a license; since your right to travel freely is protected by the constitution. Nowhere in the constitution does it say you must pay a fee to travel, that is infringing upon your inalienable rights. Now some dumbass who doesnt know what hes talking about is going to say "well herp derp the DMV wasnt made when the constitution was written herp derpity derp im so smart" good one, actually that's irrelevant and still, it doesn't apply. The DMV was created for commercial vehicles, and was unconstitutionally setup for common licensing. Constitutionally, and factually, As long as you are a citizen, you can travel freely uninterrupted and do not need a license. This is not debatable, you are wrong if you disagree.

Gabbie : I'm not living, I'm alive -Gabbie 2018

R.N Robinson : 8:46 is the definition of racial profiling. White cop pulls over Black man, "for not using his turn signal". and Black man don't know his Constitutional rights. when the cop said, "can i search your vehicle", the Black man should have said, "NO". the police require "reasonable suspicion" to search a vehicle. not using a turn signal and driving while Black is not reasonable suspicion. an example of reasonable suspicion is the cop smelled marijuana or an open container.

Peter Fountotos : driv·ing noun: driving the control and operation of a motor vehicle.

Ahsenom Hassiem : The second one with the dude talking about he is traveling, either way it go if you are behind the wheel and the car is moving you need a license and insurance so you won't go to jail. Now, if you want to go to jail, don't have it, simple. He was slow and stupid, he didn't even make any sense. You aren't an American the only countries that aren't part of the United Nations are Taiwan, Vatican City, and another one I forgot what it was, it starts with a P, whatever!! America isn't on that list so that means she is an American.

Johnson : Wtf this man say is not driving 😭💀

《J • Ranson》 : It's Texas Patrick:"what's so good about dumb ol texas"

PauL1e : Its texas, who cares its earth lmao

Chris Savage : LOL notice how all Criminals in this video are Black . . . . . Just sayin : )

patrick vernon : this show is not as successful as they thought it would be because some people are seeing for the first time how many police behave since cell phones. how can they expect respect and not give even be a little decent to those they encounter.

Alexe Lol : Amen! Its true it is earth 😂 why tf would it be on earth for no reason

L : That "I'm traveling" dude was too funny😂

justsomeguytoyou : He's not driving, he's another dimension, he's in the Twilight Zone

Ian Davis : I Could not watch this because this shit is crazy

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sk8erj77 : couldnt you actually pull the "im not driving, im traveling" in a Tesla?"

Natanael Pinet : She said " come on gee" yah she from milwaukee😂🤦🏾‍♂️💯

DaChAmP2151 : Lol that black woman is the perfect example of what that hood mentality is all about. This is why y’all get slammed lol

Fire Ball : Wow an angry woman in the first clip. Her parents didn't do a good job raising her.

Jared Young : there was no reason to arrest the first woman.

King Brady : #2 i got pulled over for that exact thing! "License plate light" like whhhhaaaaaaaaatt??

King Brady : I smelled weed from the screen

The Other Side : *"I'm not driving. I'm travelling in my vehicle"* *"Not that I know of."* *"It's earth."* *This guy wins the argument.*

Jon Smith : Notice how cops always touch back of car

colespur : These damn weed arrests and shit is getting old. Why can’t this shit be legal that way they can go catch the real criminals not the ones that just smoking stuff that you can grow just like tobacco