Best of LivePD: Americas Dumbest Criminals Ep 5

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SixStringLove Guy : When are the SC's going to realize that the whole "traveling not driving" thing doesn't work? When are they going to get it that Black's Law Dictionary is fiction? It may as well have been written by Steven King. How many shattered windows and taser prongs will it take to wake them up? When are they going to realize that the Articles of Confederation and the Congress of 1860 (or is it 1861?) does not apply? You cannot pick out things from the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution as you please, ignore what you choose, and think anyone is going to take you seriously. When? I could keep going, but you get my point. And don't get me started on the whole "Moorish" thing.

Wes McGee : Sovereign citizen is bad enough. But a stoned one....

HardRockMiner : I think there should be a law that states when anyone mentions they're not driving they're traveling... you can taze them... twice.

Jeno Tamas : He went Full Sovereign Citizen, You never go Full Sovereign Citizen!

justsomeguytoyou : He's not driving, he's another dimension, he's in the Twilight Zone

Proce : he's not driving, he's travelling.

Marco Suarez : She has a nice rack

Antwan Crowdus : You swore an oath to the United Nations... Im crying😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jeff Stewart : Who else loves binge watching?

DaChAmP2151 : Lol that black woman is the perfect example of what that hood mentality is all about. This is why y’all get slammed lol

Kenji Mapes : Jedi mind trick fail on the driver saying “I’m not driving, I’m traveling [the car].”

Desir87 : He's not driving he's just traveling 😂😂😂😂

Apollo Nein : People wonder why they get shot but act so sketchy towards cops.

broadwaymelody33 : That first clip. Girl even if nothing was in the car....even if you were just angry because you were embarrassed....that was all your fault, not the cop’s.

noble vegas : I always react the same way when these stops begin with "I'm travelling in my vehicle." This is gonna be entertaining as hell! X-D

Dalton Cooper : I want to see just one cop hear “I’m a Traveller not a driver” and agree.

jdssurf : Doesn’t have a license plate light lmfao.....I respect you cops but you gotta have somethin better than that lol.

Mahmud Haruna : “Time-Out” there’s no bigger evidence of being high on marijuana saying that shit to a cop 😂

adam dowdyy : Is that 50 cent couzin 25 cent

Marched Panic606 : She called them whites in the first clip if it was the other way around everyone would be like "oh hell no" but a black person was saying it so that makes it ok ig.(sarcasm)

Primal : not caring about body cam footage means not caring about facts

MahaVakyas : "he's 23 and dumb" LMAO

Jeno Tamas : I’m traveling wif d Earf. Dindu Nuffin et Awe

Blau Bayou : Chick in the first clip has nice legs

DeathScythe1990 : "Sovereign citizen" bullshit not working.....yet again. How long is it gonna be til they realize it never will?

Mark Gray : First one is a hair hatted hooligan

Jaire Diggles : R E A L P I S S

Changkyunies Onion Bby : “im not driving, im traveling.” oh ok😂

Joy Of Satan : Whenever these end up being a tiny bag of weed, it's almost embarrassing lmfao.

KTBx : I honestly find it funny when colored people get shot for doing everything wrong I a traffic stop etc, and then the media manipulates the people to make them believe they did nothing wrong, causing riots to break out. It’s really a joke

jaykobhanna : Half assed soverign citizen XD

Joon Choi : I love me some El Paso hoes

JT : Nigs man....

Samuel Bastille : "What gives you the right?" ... A lot of people with alot more juice than you bro.

Danielle Dean : 3:05 damn she's cute 💜

GOAT SQUAD : Bruh my mans really said he’s traveling in his car not driving😂😂😂man I’m dead

astronaut dolphin detective : why would a cop ask for proof of financial responsibility?

Ben Collins : When this sovereign citizen man said that's their logic they teach you during your training, his comment leads me to believe sovereign citizens don't appreciate what field training officers teach to there officers. This is too obvious to me.

Richard Watts : When can we get a shoot on sight order for Sovereign Citizens

BoomShakaLaka : Explains it all!! She said "I watch the news every day". Exactly why she acted that way and exactly why leftists are slaves to the democrats. Mainstream media and elite corporate democrats play their emotions so easily. Poor gullible Americans don't even know they are slaves.

Paulina Salazar : 2:40 😂😂💀

RayRae 559 : Bet if she was white they would have let her go.

Nicole Shett : Lmao cuz they’re white she’s mad. Girl get over it.

1000 subs No vid challenge : 8:57 the song in the car is my fav!

Delvin Walton : black trash i feel sorry for the cop have to deal with scrum black low life

slimshead8100 : Who wants to go travel a vehicle with me? Not “drive”, but travel. Lol. Let’s go to a car lot and ask if we can test travel an expensive sports car.

Austin Adams : Turn up the volume on the mix please

ToryDSart : These innocent boat captains are being harassed by pirates during their travels, these waters be dangerous.

McNeil211 : 3:50 that was the saddest attempt at sovereign citizen bs I've seen yet. It's like he saw one or two vids on YouTube and said to himself "ya, that'll work!"

Casey Pickles : It's sad when the blur is so bad you can still tell who they are. Lol Spokane is full of pointlessly rude people like him, believe me. I'm born and raised in this kooky little town.