Americas Dumbest Criminals Ep 5

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Police Central : Hello Subscribers! If anyone is interested in gaming and other related content follow out new Twitch Channel! Hope to see you there!

UFC STARS : I'm not watching this YT video, I'm observing it. lol

EnglishEyebrows : Ha! I need to use that one, "I'm not driving, I'm traveling." I'm not stealing, I'm relocating the items.

ihatedurian : Cop : I can smell marijuana in the vehicle. Guy : so what? Cop : it's Texas! Guy : who cares. It's earth! Cop : it's earth? Guy : *it's earth* Cop: ....

Bianca Austria : *man casually bikes by* Woman: “tf u looking at!?”

Better Than Tim : Cop: Get out of your car Me: I do not consent Cop: Dammit I guess you're free to go

Grete : The biggest crime is what this first girl is wearing.

Grimm : I'm not typing this, I'm touching the keyboard with my fingers to write a sentence that is written as english.

Yeet42 : They can’t arrest him. He was *_T R A V E L I N_*

Aurora Wolfe : "I don't have a last name" girl bye 😂

Edkush : "Not that I know of" = *I know there is drugs but I'm gonna act like there isn't*

Sian Pressly : *YOU'RE NOT EVEN AMERICAN* dude what kind of strong weed was that guy smoking

Jada Blue : Police officer: What is it supposed to be then? Man: “ItS JaDe” Police officer: What the heck is jade. 🤣

Cardinal : People say cops must treat them with respect. Then they get instances where they are being treated with respect. And they still become offended crybabies.

Unicorn Queen : im not driving, im *TRAVELING*

Brandon S : That girl in the first clip was fine as hell...I'd let her go if I was the cop Edit: Nevermind I seen the sideview and i would have to arrest her

Don Nebes : Sorry, you need a license to travel.👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️

Matt Hayward : I love how a black Person can be like “all these stupid white people around me” and nobody says anything about it but imagine if a white guy was surrounded by black cops and said “all these stupid black people around me”... the reactions will be so different and yet people still say white people are the problem....


Jonaz Bermudez : I'm black and being arested for doing something agents the law that's discrimination

Nia Diamond : It’s not Texas is Earth 🌍😂🤣🤣

Tipsie4u2 : When that guy rolled by on the bicycle I died laughing 💀💀💀💀💀⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

Shannon Sharpe : “It’s not silver, it’s jade”😂😂😂

Explore The South-Pacific : "Cause hes 23 and dumb" lmao

happy feet : I'm not stealing.... I'm borrowing without the intention to give it back

Being.Sophia : *i don’t have a last name*

Tipsie4u2 : The fact that he is so serious that driving and him traveling are two different things. Fool you still need a license if you're behind the wheel 😂😂

Mark Summers : Haha! You swore an oath to the United Nations!

Brenda Hill : Man: It's jade Cop: what the heck is jade?

Elena Coutinho-Taylor : 10:18...that police officer is such a kind soul :'(

Asmr Forever : why is this black woman acting like this???

Sian Pressly : "It's not silver..... it's jade" "WHAT THE HELL IS JADE?" 😅😂😂😂😂😂 me in art class

Babii._. Røsë : She's extremely rude...if I was there whewwww!!! She wouldn't be talking with her nappy hair headass...with her 'I'm broke and im proud' headass

Allen Mathews : Lol why is 8:45 make me laugh so hard. A cop pulls over someone and he is playing humble “nobody pray for me it’s been that day for me” 😂😂

Julian Musial : Remember everyone: there is a difference between running your mouth, and "jus' sayin'".

amad akram : He is not driving he's *T R A V E L L I N G*

Jennifer mwai : "I'm not driving... I'm traveling... what's the definition of driving?"🤯💀🤣🤣😂😂

xio 23 : Weed laws need to change in USA and ppl who use it for themselves.

BZAB Boys : I’m not listening to this audio I’m hearing it

Adolfo Hernandez : The next time I get pulled over and have drugs in my car..I’m going to try saying...I just got out of work..10 times..

mrs. boi toi : I'm not driving, I'm TRavElInG

Ryan Wolf : “I’m not driving my car, I’m traveling in my vehicle.” *SPEECH 100*

Aurora Wolfe : Yo that's my city, El Paso TX... just to confirm, we do indeed have some bomb kush out here. But don't worry, I don't smoke weed, I just burn it and inhale the fumes...

tirapalla : "Give me the definition of driving"

Big Ben : Black privilege.

Jordan the Lil cuck : “What’s the definition of driving” Driving: the control and operation of a motor vehicle. Nvm guys he was traveling

ax3l _ : I hate cops they can never tell when I'm traveling or driving.

niehois : *The first woman’s wardrobe has left the chat* 🤣

MochaWaifu : That guy who had to piss honestly had the best cops ever. I'd accept that ticket lol

Archit Gupta : 4:56 wait what the heck *he's white??*