the fighter 2010 ending

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Danyal Kazmi : Jesus, that is tremendous acting. Most actors pretty much play the same role in every movie. Bale is so versatile, in this movie as a boxing coach, a guy who's addicted to crack and completely looks like a skeleton. With a Boston accent. It looked so real, that genuine emotion in the scene. Acting wise, you can't get much better than that.

whorebucks : that bale acting. mind blowing.

Max Frankow : Bale= greatness. A true role model for performers to come. 

Wahashak Abdi : the crazyness of the acting hits you when you realize that this scene and the scene at the start of the movie where both improvised

Frank Capa : I love the transition between the intro and the ending. You also notice how his hair is slicked back and clean compared to his messy unkept hair in the beginning lol

thejobloshow : I know people who have recovered from heavy drug addiction like Christian Bale's character and the mannerisms are 1 for 1.

Ulysses : damn bale's acting

Valey : Hands down best actor of this generation.

Gregory D : bale is an amazing actor

hemant rana : man... he is a magician... this kind of acting.. he makes me cry

kristbjorg999 : I am crying after this amazing performance

amit verma : Man this guy Christian bale wowww

Brian Jensen : Christian Bale is one of the greatest method actors of all time!

NewWorldOrderFAIL : Bale is one of a kind.

dibeling : How Christian Bale didn't win an oscar for this performance is beyond me. Oh wait, he did. Good for him.

lovetownsend : thank u for uploading, iv been looking for this scene ever since it cameout

leonardokula : jesus christ, bale is unbelievable here, and this entire movie

lea rodriguez : good impersonation guys lol