A massive fly invades the studio - The Graham Norton Show: Series 13 Episode 12 - BBC One

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Bishx43 : When a fly is more famous than you

ugaas wiilhoog : They cut the funniest part, when graham goes glad you didn't swallow it and chris goes 'I'm a good girl' I was dead when I heard it.

Leopoldo Astudillo : they should have called Obama (probably nobody will understand this one XD )

nexypointy : I was an audience member that time, and there were a couple of times where they had to retake some scenes as the whole place were filled of boisterous laughter from the audience. it was soo funny live

Paz Morales : 1:48 someone farted

Hankcock : At 1:01 you can literally see Chris looking in his glas to see if there was ice in it

Spanky Rindone : omg I just killed a fly like Steve said to do it. one attempt! it works. I feel so powerful right now

MatthewLaiArt : Hahah that could not have worked out any better lol

totopoo123 : What are the chances, lol

Nina Angell : My favorite moment on the Graham norton show ever!! It made me laugh for ever

Etigress : CSI: 'FLY'AMI

EruvieBruinen : This was probably the coolest and funniest thing that ever happened on a show :D I laugh every time I watch it.

Ella Purdon : a fly is more famous than I will ever be

Casioo24 : That fly wanted to be on tv so bad

CCarolinee : l love how she holds his hand :D

Alexander Cummins : for sure she farts they both look at her but don't say anything at 1:48

Joanna Vinicombe : 0:39 "Oh I so hope he comes back"

stephanie bee : to be fair to him...that was one big ass fly lol

Javed Khan : This has to be one of the funniest bits, can't possibly plan this. In the end the fly looks like it got electrocuted...lol

lygophile : i was certain he was making it up. then he dropped it.

avinalaughmate : Chris O'Dowd is hilarious.

OliviaYVids : At 1:02 (when Graham says 'now listen...') Chris is looking into his glass (presumably after taking a drink) but there are three glasses on the table and the tissue is already there. The next moment when Chris is spitting out the fly, there are still three glasses on the table but the tissue looks like it's fading out. When it cuts again (1:04) there are only two glasses on the table. What is this crazy editing???

Michelle Gauthier : Glad he didn't swallow. If that happened to me, I would be washing my mouth out for a week with every mouthwash invented.

Mia Monroe : 'CSI: FLY' i would watched that LOL

Philip Phan : 1:48 did she just fart?! O_o...

mrFalloutFan95 : I like how everyone is saying RIP for the fly but nobody heard the fart at 1:48

AdobeExcel : 1:58 What's with Steve's thumbnail?

Marvelmaster : That fly is now celebrity . Say hi to mom your on tv.

Christian's Reviews : He should've said: "C.S.FLY.".

Vekoma1261 : So that's why fly swatters have holes in them.....

Tina Barr : This was the best clip I have ever watched of this show!

ella rose Adar : I love how impressed they all look when Steve explains how to properly kill a fly

Le Grand Catalan : I'm confused.... how is the tissue paper with the tall glass on top of it already at 01:01(that happened at the end) and it disappears the next time the camera showed the table.

Ella DeMore : That had to be put in a movie somewhere!!! those are three hilarious people!!!

Max Melnik : most famous flay in the history of the world

WakeUpDead1200 : I'm literally crying with laughter, this worked out perfectly.

Ulmo : Propably one of the greatest interviews of all time!

bigman25plus25 : So many things are happening in this video

amanda dn : i don't know if i'm more shocked cuz he really got that fly inside he's mouth or cuz she farted and looked at him and like told him !! DON'T!!!!!! u dare say anything

Madonna Scotland : At least that fly got its 15 seconds of fame before being chewed up.

Sean Morris : Being chewed by Chris O'Dowd is the way I would want to go.

667mumble : Poor Chris

Monique C Jones : I used the fly trick, and felt AWESOME!

Indi Heaton : It's clips like this that remind me why I like the Graham Norton Show. I will happily binge watch it. Seriously, my best friend picked me up from college (high school) once. We went via Tesco, bought an 8 pack of ice lollies then spent the next 3 hours watching the Graham Norton Show on catch up an eating ice lollies. Until we ran out of episodes to watch, I don't think we maxed 5 minutes of conversation.

Lutzki140 : Sounds like a fart at 1:24 and 1:48 ;-) But what's with Steves' thumb nail 1:56?

Ludvig Funck : CSI:Fly > CSFly

Germ X : Omg I've never laughed so hard. This was funny

SuperDarren1990 : RIP fly.

Ana Margarida Guilherme : Chris O'Dowd is my absolute favourite guest!!

LoveofVelvet : Oh god!!! That's the most disgusting thing in life!!!! I would be traumatised for eternity!!! 😫😫😫😭😭 Can't believe he didn't ran out the studio and wash his mouth!!! I would. Screaming!!!