The Scary Mystery Behind The Denver Airport

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The Infographics Show : Do you believe the conspiracy theories? What's your opinion?

Gurjinder Singh : Where is the old voice?

Wonder WhyZ : Where's the first narrator? Loved his voice.

Plantone McMarley : I've flown in there several times and never gotten hurt

Gurjinder Singh : I remember the first gen Animations...

F Manz : "According to buzzfeed" yeah such a reliable source...

Jason Young : Okay, no one calls it the DEN airport. It's DIA smh... Sincerely, A Coloradan


Daily Dose Of Memes : "According to BuzzFeed" Are you serious?

Airzae 3RD : Why is there so many lines with the animation it distracts so much

Heretikus : Ok, first it's not Den Airport. No one here calls it that and neither do the airlines that fly in here. It's called "D I A" for Denver International Airport. Two the horse is called Blucifer and is kind of an homage to the football team the Denver Broncos whose colors are blue and orange but they couldn't get the eyes to glow orange (not sure why). The way the airport was designed it was supposed to have a pinwheel look to accommodate multiple planes landing/taking off simultaneously but I will admit it does bear a creepy resemblance to a swastika unfortunately. The old airport was very outdated, super crowded and in need of massive overhaul so it was easier to build a new one rather then remodel the old one while trying to keep it running. Fourth, you are taking Buzzfeed as a news source? Really? Uh...ok...

Captain Bllizdy : LEGEND Says that despacito 2 is under airport

Anything Interesting : *Denver airport, a creepy gigantic building littered with conspiracy stories and a scary horse named Lucifer,* sounds like a nice place to visit.

Joshua Taylor : DIA not den airport

Captain Bllizdy : Animation really really improved... even thought it was very good before

Certified Troller : Here before the government takes down this video

OverlordTaco , : ahh yes buzzfeed the best source of information

Andres Quintanar : Denver locals call it DIA not den airport wtf

david web : I heard that if you take a massive shit in the 3rd stall in the 3rd bathroom on the 3rd floor of the Denver airport the devil will come and give you a high five. Buts that's just a theory.

Yogesh Jaiswal : I don't know why but the animations sometimes made me feel dizzy

Geliophobia s : The old voice is better... like if you agree

Versaucey : Damn! What happened to the animation? Looks much more advanced.

Crusader_Wolf : What did you do to the real Infographics Show narrator

Ross Carlson : We call it DIA - not DEN Airport - cringe every time I hear that.

Captain Bllizdy : Hitler is alive and he is under denver airport naives thought he's on moon dough

Crossroads Mixtapes : Man that horse isn’t a curse or anything. It’s just Denver showing off there broncos fever


Wolfiyee : Hey guys..this might be crazy but here me out.... *I think there are two guys...*

skeletonfather : It's nickname is DIA, not DEN airport.

Glassy Star : I live in Colorado and I fly from DIA (DEN) yearly and I can confidently say that nothing has ever happened that seemed strange at DIA

Meghan Alley : first off its DIA not den airport

rocket12345 woof : For a person who lives in Colorado and uses the Denver Airport quite a lot I can tell you everything about the blue horse is absolutely correct all the conspiracy theories are not except for the railways. The underground Railways are quite true people use it all the time to get from one of the three terminals A, B, and C and to get to where their baggage is

Top Hat : Using Slate and Buzzfeed as evidence shows desperation.

Leslie Hutchins : No one calls it DEN airport. Us locals call it DIA.

xChaseMoney IS A NAZI : This voice doesn't even sound serious

GRBTutorials : Seriously? Everyone knows that statues (unless expressly designed with robotic limbs) can’t move. This is most far fetched conspiracy -theory- erroneous hypothesis I’ve ever seen.

Space duck : Put on your tin foil hat for the full experience

sunny wong : The story of blucifer is true but its not that creepy because it fell down on the Creator and the son of the Creator was mad about it and made it with red eyes. Pretty sure the conspiracy theorists are just jealous that are airport is so fine and big

Sell Me This Pen : This commentator voice has grown on me

A YouTuber : I live like 10 minutes away from the airport and actually worked there and everytime I came in to work I could not help but get chills everytime I passed that Blue Horse, the Glowing Red eyes did not help.

Andieka Almasid : Did you know? Swastika symbol have possibility to give optimum productivity to airport with 4 runaway. So forget about conspiracy, it's about engineering.

Joni Maxson : Okay, first of all, no one here calls it "Den airport." We call it DIA (pronounce each letter separately, by its name). Secondly, how DARE you not even mention the supreme overlords, aka the lizard people. Everyone knows they're the real reason behind it all, and that they live under the airport, plotting to overthrow the humans above.

siberian penguin : I go there 3 times a year and I don’t find anything creepy about it

KingNMPS : The only thing scary about DIA is the two hour delays and black TSA workers.

P Caldara : I have flown out of DEN since I was an infant it's not as weird as people make it sound

Jennifunny Animations : This is not a comment

Matthew 1926 : Denver Airport hired this guy. The question is " Why all the blue statues and weird stuff?", if there is not some sort of Area 51 type and Dark Titanium Tower, spy and other shady things going on?

Sarek Lee : I'm impressed you got the "Blucifer" name right, not a whole lot of people know that one. Yet no one local calls it "DEN Airport". DEN might be its calling card, but we call it DIA. Do people outside of Colorado call it DEN Airport? It rakes my brain to here it called that.

Michael Wade : Dude, the best way to conceal weirdness is to embrace the conspiracy theories and put them on display.

JZ _MZF : Any other Colorado homies here?