The Scary Mystery Behind The Denver Airport

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The Infographics Show : Do you believe the conspiracy theories? What's your opinion?

Gurjinder Singh : Where is the old voice?

Wonder WhyZ : Where's the first narrator? Loved his voice.

Jason Young : Okay, no one calls it the DEN airport. It's DIA smh... Sincerely, A Coloradan

Heretikus : Ok, first it's not Den Airport. No one here calls it that and neither do the airlines that fly in here. It's called "D I A" for Denver International Airport. Two the horse is called Blucifer and is kind of an homage to the football team the Denver Broncos whose colors are blue and orange but they couldn't get the eyes to glow orange (not sure why). The way the airport was designed it was supposed to have a pinwheel look to accommodate multiple planes landing/taking off simultaneously but I will admit it does bear a creepy resemblance to a swastika unfortunately. The old airport was very outdated, super crowded and in need of massive overhaul so it was easier to build a new one rather then remodel the old one while trying to keep it running. Fourth, you are taking Buzzfeed as a news source? Really? Uh...ok...

david web : I heard that if you take a massive shit in the 3rd stall in the 3rd bathroom on the 3rd floor of the Denver airport the devil will come and give you a high five. Buts that's just a theory.

Plantone McMarley : I've flown in there several times and never gotten hurt

OverlordTaco , : ahh yes buzzfeed the best source of information

Yogesh Jaiswal : I don't know why but the animations sometimes made me feel dizzy

Piper Hope : I have flown out of DEN since I was an infant it's not as weird as people make it sound

Glassy Star : I live in Colorado and I fly from DIA (DEN) yearly and I can confidently say that nothing has ever happened that seemed strange at DIA

Andieka Almasid : Did you know? Swastika symbol have possibility to give optimum productivity to airport with 4 runaway. So forget about conspiracy, it's about engineering.

Crossroads Mixtapes : Man that horse isn’t a curse or anything. It’s just Denver showing off there broncos fever

Geliophobia s : The old voice is better... like if you agree

Gurjinder Singh : I remember the first gen Animations...

rocket12345 woof : For a person who lives in Colorado and uses the Denver Airport quite a lot I can tell you everything about the blue horse is absolutely correct all the conspiracy theories are not except for the railways. The underground Railways are quite true people use it all the time to get from one of the three terminals A, B, and C and to get to where their baggage is

Ross Carlson : We call it DIA - not DEN Airport - cringe every time I hear that.


Leslie Hutchins : No one calls it DEN airport. Us locals call it DIA.

F Manz : "According to buzzfeed" yeah such a reliable source...

skeletonfather : It's nickname is DIA, not DEN airport.

Joni Maxson : Okay, first of all, no one here calls it "Den airport." We call it DIA (pronounce each letter separately, by its name). Secondly, how DARE you not even mention the supreme overlords, aka the lizard people. Everyone knows they're the real reason behind it all, and that they live under the airport, plotting to overthrow the humans above.

Kai the Meme Guy : First of all, I use that airport all the time, and no one calls it the "Den airport". Second, the scariest thing there isn't the statue or conspiracies, it's how long it takes to get on a plane.

Top Hat : Using Slate and Buzzfeed as evidence shows desperation.

Meghan Alley : first off its DIA not den airport

Sarek Lee : I'm impressed you got the "Blucifer" name right, not a whole lot of people know that one. Yet no one local calls it "DEN Airport". DEN might be its calling card, but we call it DIA. Do people outside of Colorado call it DEN Airport? It rakes my brain to here it called that.

siberian penguin : I go there 3 times a year and I don’t find anything creepy about it

TJAI YU CHONG Student : I am a aviatrix and thus i know why they would place the runways in such a configuration .Let me explain: There is an FAA regulation that when planes make their approach to the runways simultaneously they have to be about 200-600 metres apart. The pinwheel configuration allows 4 planes to land/take off at the same time wihout the slightest chance of collisions. Runways are placed in accordance with wind directions and jet streams. In DEN, winds run perpendicularly each other, like a plus symbol. Using simple geometry, the airport planners laid the runways parallel to the wind direction, thus making an hate symbol accidentally. To all conspiracy theorists out there, please think more than you speak, or else the public misunderstands and doubt, in this case, the aviation world.

Daily Dose Of Memes : "According to BuzzFeed" Are you serious?

Space duck : Put on your tin foil hat for the full experience

Monday English : "According to Buzzfeed". Welp, there goes all your credibility.

RepellentSpy : When you play this video, but remember you need to sleep tonight...

Humorous LOL : "According to buzzfeed" If you want this shit carnival of a video to be taken seriously, you probably shouldn't be quoting buzzfeed on ANYTHING.


Marcus Damberger : Who refers to the airport as "DEN", like a room!? I've only ever heard it referred to as Denver International, Denver International Airport or more commonly shortened to DIA. Clearly no one in the making of this video has ever been to DIA or visited a friend or relative in Colorado that took them through this airport. Now that the new hotel and transportation center has been added, I'm sure we will get another dozen or so conspiracies. It's so odd we didn't hear of some great "discovery" while the construction was going on? Wouldn't they have to dug far enough down and around that they would have discovered this vast tunnel system and bunker facility etc. Sarcasm off. These conspiracy theorists are so far off, they have nothing better to speculate about. Why do Americans fall for this stuff over and over again..

HVideos : Why is the swastika always only seen as a negative symbol in the west? In dharmic religions it represents goodness and well-being. Hitler stole the symbol to spread hate.

Choppytehbear1337 : Why is it whenever we get this narrator, it's always some crappy clickbait video that doesn't go into an detail?

Matthew 1926 : Denver Airport hired this guy. The question is " Why all the blue statues and weird stuff?", if there is not some sort of Area 51 type and Dark Titanium Tower, spy and other shady things going on?

Versaucey : Damn! What happened to the animation? Looks much more advanced.

Sell Me This Pen : This commentator voice has grown on me

Crossroads Mixtapes : Denver is my hometown

Orçun Altundağ : Video has too much motion graphics. Can you guys make backgrounds static again? Camera shake is also.., weird.

Alex Cotman : Too much movement with these animations. It was just downright distracting.

bgtkv4 : Why is there so many lines with the animation it distracts so much

Keith Smith : Who’s this imposter?

Add : Jeez, I fly there all the time to visit my family in Colorado, I always see weird stuff there.

sunny wong : The story of blucifer is true but its not that creepy because it fell down on the Creator and the son of the Creator was mad about it and made it with red eyes. Pretty sure the conspiracy theorists are just jealous that are airport is so fine and big

Lucas Kung : i live in Denver... i have went out of the state... i have lived hear for 10+ years... why haven't i heard these?

Random : ?

Ravi Sharma : May be irrelevant to this video but I wish to let people know that Swastik is a holy sign in Hinduism and other Indian religions and is in existence since thousand of years! It is unfortunate that it is been associated with Nazism since past century or so...but here in India it's a holy sign which depicts divinity and spirituality.