The Bum Bum Song

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Forrest Stevens : This video gave me bum cancer

CaoSong : The only song in MTV history that was forced to "retire" because it hit #1 on MTV's top 10 songs for so many weeks in a row that it was starting to make "real" artists mad that they were being beaten by a joke song... for that alone this song should be remembered forever lol

Joe Bothwell : You have no idea how much nostalgia this gives me

Doctor Medkit : Everyone age 27 to 35 has to pretend that they don't remember this shit. We were obsessed with this. T-R-L with Carson Daly had to ban this song from the show because we made it #1 for longer than any other song on the show.

Travis R. : My bum is all alone. This is where real men cried.

Mikehuntisdry : troll before troll lol

matt kirshen : Back when music was music. Not like the crud kids listen to nowadays with their Shania Twains and their Radioheads.

K Fedoruk : I remember this being on TRL when I was little. Oh the nostalgia.

OfficialMonkeyTV : The original Anaconda.

Black doom5 : "My bum is on the Swedish " more like " My bum is on Pewdiepie "

Frank Erdman : #IStandWithSweden

habboier : Do you think he put his bum on the Swedish to represent the migrant crisis in Sweden now? Really makes you think.

Stephen Winburn : Remember that one week this was the most requested song on TRL? hey, remember TRL?

Stealth Burrito : I need this instrumental.

Xan's Diamond Swords : how dare he throw the loon without putting his bum on it first :-0

oddindeed : can i hear the loon again?

MoonlightSeaThrasher : The last great contribution of the 90s.

Discotronic Ghettoblaster : this is the best reggae song, swedish swedish

Matt Lothe : Thank you, Limewire.

broccoli badass : 1:40 if you didn't cry at this part you're a real man

Kayla Correa : tom green could always get it.

Vinay Singh : Eminem owned you!

Miss Misanthropist : We allowed it to happen and it's still better than most of the new crap around today.

ParadiXe311 : Get the poo off!

kenny P : My bum is on the gum. I can blow a bubble with my bum bum bum

Sofia Barone : Amazing!

livesouvenirs : a classic of my generation, thanks tom!

ENZYME : better than its everyday bro

Jaime Caillot : its so retarted

Jaime Caillot : wtf is tiss vidio its so mess stup like ur life

gabriel celaya : what a dumb song

The Media Monitor : Thank God Tom Green's no longer relevant.

DestructiveDave1900 : Sure brings back memories!

Odysseus Cosby : Maybe you wouldn't be so alone if you didn't want the poo off of your bum and didn't hate the loony loon Tom.

BARRY Ryan : Does he mean that he'd be lucky to get a disease or that if he gets lucky by having sex,he'll get a disease? Deep songs like this make you think

Wonder Punch : yes jus jus jus jus yes

Katie Cashen : Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

Carlo Borra : that is funny my kids love it it nearly mad me poo my pants

you cuck : bruh this song is gay.............

C Mooney : Tom Green was a pre-internet troll 😂👍

livvy Fontaine : what's he on drugs ??

Aphinity : And that's the story of my first high

Domuntu : s w e d i s h

jekyl lynch : 20 years later and I finally get the reference Eminem made during one of his videos

Derek williams : Man,I miss Tom Green.

Wicked Crispy : Does anyone know Glen Humplik's new email address?

Advantageous Mutation : this is how you get ball cancer

N๏ĸĸιd๏ll : Eminem sent me here 😜😎

ik ben boe : WHY ALL THE DISLIKES ????????????