The Bum Bum Song

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CaoSong : The only song in MTV history that was forced to "retire" because it hit #1 on MTV's top 10 songs for so many weeks in a row that it was starting to make "real" artists mad that they were being beaten by a joke song... for that alone this song should be remembered forever lol

Travis R. : My bum is all alone. This is where real men cried.

Doctor Medkit : Everyone age 27 to 35 has to pretend that they don't remember this shit. We were obsessed with this. T-R-L with Carson Daly had to ban this song from the show because we made it #1 for longer than any other song on the show.

Joe Bothwell : You have no idea how much nostalgia this gives me

MoonlightSeaThrasher : The last great contribution of the 90s.

OfficialMonkeyTV : The original Anaconda.

C Mooney : Tom Green was a pre-internet troll 😂👍

Mikehuntisdry : troll before troll lol

ENZYME : better than its everyday bro

Stephen Winburn : Remember that one week this was the most requested song on TRL? hey, remember TRL?

K Fedoruk : I remember this being on TRL when I was little. Oh the nostalgia.

Matt Lothe : Thank you, Limewire.

oddindeed : can i hear the loon again?

Frank Erdman : #IStandWithSweden

habboier : Do you think he put his bum on the Swedish to represent the migrant crisis in Sweden now? Really makes you think.

Black doom5 : "My bum is on the Swedish " more like " My bum is on Pewdiepie "

Forrest Stevens : This video gave me bum cancer

Jaime Caillot : its so retarted

Kayla Correa : tom green could always get it.

matt kirshen : Back when music was music. Not like the crud kids listen to nowadays with their Shania Twains and their Radioheads.

broccoli badass : 1:40 if you didn't cry at this part you're a real man

kenny P : My bum is on the gum. I can blow a bubble with my bum bum bum

livesouvenirs : a classic of my generation, thanks tom!

SighzZz : I like to put my bum on thing it's fun for everyone so I put mah bum on the docter

Discotronic Ghettoblaster : this is the best reggae song, swedish swedish

Shonen Batto : If you like Adult Swim but not Tom Green, you're a hypocrite of the highest order. Just sayin.

Aphinity : And that's the story of my first high

ParadiXe311 : Get the poo off!

Kyle Roberts : Just imagine just saying these things in public just to add the song after in editing.

Katie Cashen : Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

DestructiveDave1900 : Sure brings back memories!

nrrork : Gen X's Andy Kaufman. There is no Andy Kaufman of MY generation, though. Or, rather, thanks to us coming of age in the internet era, there are MANY, but it's not special anymore.

aeon paris : *get the poopoo off my bum.*

dentistguba : Daddy would you like some sausage.

Carlo Borra : that is funny my kids love it it nearly mad me poo my pants

hayley mickelson : what's he on drugs ??

Domuntu : s w e d i s h

Crystal landplayz rose : Seriously what kind of things that’s

Monika Farkas : Well....I just found my wedding song *-*

UknownRobloxPlayerXD : This is weird as hell

Vinay Singh : Eminem owned you!

Xan's Diamond Swords : how dare he throw the loon without putting his bum on it first :-0

Stealth Burrito : I need this instrumental.

The Media Monitor : Thank God Tom Green's no longer relevant.

Wonder Punch : yes jus jus jus jus yes

Sofia Barone : Amazing!

Jaime Caillot : wtf is tiss vidio its so mess stup like ur life

gabriel celaya : what a dumb song

Lady Bug : This is a real song LOL

James Anti : This song actually sounds cool Did Eminem dislike this? I’m kinda jealous of this in all honesty