A Bad Lip Reading Parody of Last Jedi | A Star Wars Lip Reading

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Trick Shot Titus : 😂😂😂

Kinder Playtime : "AT THE MALL!!!" HAHA So funny!

CJED : You should have done yoda singing to Luke

Sammy H : Yay, Snoke with Gollums voice!!

Nate's Film Tutorials : 2:11 When your little cousin shows you a picture they drew

DJ Amber : Lol Now I like Holdo.

Dexter Johnson : the last Jedi from Dex

Jason Delvaux : Better than the actual movie.

NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll : This IMPROVES the movie.

Selena Nessa Pfeiffer : I love this!!! :D Please do more!!

Dorian Rivas : I died at the one with Poe and Holdo!!! 😂😂😂

Brian L : 1:32 ....LOL ! GREAT JOB!

zach justice : better than the actual movie

Kenzie Tiger : Oh no ohnoohnoOOOOO WHY AM I LAUGHING

Alyssa Rayburn : Better than the movie.

Wethaman 12 : LMFAO

Alexander Martin : Kylo in the Supremacy medical room 😂😂😂

Lion : That Holdo part made up for having to sit through that atrocity of a character in the movie. Hahahahaha.

iMYX : Pubes 4 real battle ready skywalker just Wants RAYMAN To teach a few crucial survival skills about serviving an escimo winter without a fur coat.

Luke Skywalker : CHEWY!!!!!!

GeoMFilms : Great job with this. Hold part was really funny. That slight sound effect of her swooshing back was funny. Plus luke trying to teach rey was a clever edit. Good job.