ASMR Dog Enjoying Yellow Apple I MAYASMR

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Hellfire : Didn't come for ASMR came for doggo

yağmur : *video starts* *1 sec in* me: i love her with my whole heart

Sister Squad : *This dog is more healthier than i am*

D O W N R I G H T S A D : This is the only acceptable asmr to watch.

keystring : How is the dog so well behaved!!!!

Vicky Hurtado : For the first time im grateful for my YouTube recommendations

K K : This is what humans were meant for.

mega awesome rainbow explosion : I really don’t like asmr because chewing sounds annoy me to death, BUT I could listen to animals eating fruit all day long if I could ❤️

SpaArklyDoge Randomness : This is so cute I’m crying for some reason 😂

PPF : lol, I like how she doesn't eat the fallen apple until you point to it. 0:48

Max The Bunny : So many yellow fruits... first yellow watermelon now yellow apple! I think Maya’s favourite colour must be yellow!

[ myg ] : this is the most beautiful dog i’ve ever seen

Tierome : Umm...... recommend thanks..... for once I luv doggo

Mayan McDermott : Hi Maya! My name is Mayan! 💕💕💕

Brandon Povilitus : This is such a good pupper

Hannah Denton : I didn’t know that a dog that did asmar could be satisfying

tommy mt : The dog's a paid actor, the rate's even higher now.


Nature lover : Aww so cutie and well mannered lovely doggo 😍😍😍😍💞💞

Gone to the Snow Dogs : I love that you have to add feed in moderation to your video description. Literally my life every time I make a treat video . hehehe

あい あい : 文句の多い音フェチ動画でもこれなら文句のつけ所がないだろう わんちゃん可愛い😆 日本人のかたー!!

AmazingLayla : Maya is so cute! What breed is she?

Kermit : 0:29 all around me are familiar faces

iwearhats : i would give my life for for her tbh

Rimi Chatterji : She is such a lady nd calm well behaved lovely girl... i love maya bear❤️🥰😘😍

optidanprime yt : Wait so is her name may or maya

Jørdinia Bunbun : You are blessed to have such a cute dog

Marj Northrup : Ys mmmm vry Gud Mus lik n sub

Neale Bertram : All dogs I've came across don't really like fruit... This canine must be super health conscious??!! LOL!

Recalcitrante Amor : Los perros son carnívoros, por eso la mayoría muere de cáncer por la alimentación inadecuada para ellos. Mirar el canal metabolismotv, episodio sobre las mascotas.

MrEpic01 : *"nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom HECC I DROPPED SOME nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom."*

Michael Mantilla : Alguien más viene por el tio lobexno? :v

Miranda Thomas : WhAt a GoOd Boi

Lê Huỳnh Phương Trinh : So cute 😍😍😘😘❤❤❤

shadow spirits : seriously? I would eat him and bite his face !!!! cuteness overload

Tuna On White : Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this video....thank you....:3

Ana Montero : Yo ise el intento que mi perro coma manzana, y me lo¡¡ escupio en mi cara !!perro mendigo pero igual lo amo. 🐶❤amor perruno

Tanishka Bhatia : She’s so patient she waits for food 😭♥️ And she eats Healthy 😭♥️♥️ Love you mayaaa- you go gurllll

march_to _the_sea : she's a samoyed right? she's so sweet!!

King Byrd. : I just wanna give her hugs and kisses all day!

Jeremiah Pheasant : Dogs do better than humans at ASMRs.

just a guy who likes anime : I came from rapid liquid

Eliz B : My dog would've eaten me instead

Dude I see you everywhere : So floof

KitkatKate : I came for the doggo

Dimitra P : This is the most relaxing video I have ever seen. The colors, the monching, the doggo.

Lets Live : If this is what you call as ASMR Then I love it❤️

DarcnessTrophies : This is the most beautiful ASMRtist I've ever seen

TheOne 151 : Cute dog!

Valentina Army-l : Like si viniste por Heisenwolff