Pete Seeger-Waist Deep In The Big Muddy & War Song Medleys (1968)

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scott roberts : Wow, i remember that from the Smother's Show 40 years ago. It was brilliant and Pete Seeger never had this audience again. What a tragedy. What a brilliant performer blackballed by those who chose to murder our youth. Wow!

Mark Storey : Wow that is a wonderful example of folk music speaking to American political power.

K.J. Bleus Parsons : Timeless and meaningful, thank you Pete Seeger.

bob : I remember Dad hated the SBCH, not the least of reasons was that it was on at the same time as Bonanza. There was always a brief argument about which show to watch on the only color tv in the house. We wound up watching the Smos Bros in Mom and Dad's bedroom where a 13" black & white TV was the only option we had to choose from to control the dial (that's right, a channel dial with no remote control). We had four channels so arguments over the TV were brief. Parents 1 - 0 kids every time.

Dano Pierce : I remember this show and boy a this time Pete was certainly not politically correct and I so admire him.

Richard Ranke : I remember when this aired.(I was thirteen.)Pete Seeger had been on the show before, but one of his songs had been censored. He returned on this show and this time sang the song; Waist Deep in the Big Muddy.

joseph garcia : anybody know the songs?a songlist?

Don Birdseye : Saw this show the night before I went into the Army. Totally changed my outlook on what I was getting into ...

Deel Weed : I remembererd this at the war.

david stanley : This song blended well with episode 5 of the Ken Burns' Viet doc

lee shafer : funny how people remember a show segment that never aired