The Real Bully

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Rob Lena : This needs a sequel.

Keanu Williams : "she hit my backhand with her face" what!!!!

WillTheGreat : Wow these bullies Bullying the poor bully

Nasiha.vohra : "Janet shouldn't be throwing her foot in front pf your foot like that"

Thorite Gem : When I'm depressed I think that I should siphon whipped cream in my mouth. That would cheer me up.

Ash : Does Mal actually keep a can of whipped cream under her pillow??? I want one!!!

The2ofUs : I have to skip over the peterson part because i practicly start crying because i feel so bad for peterson.,

Avery Sleigh : Mallory does a good job as a spoiled brat.

Abigail Rajadurai : The sad thing is that I know kids with parents like this.

GodlyGamerGuy01 : I know this sketch is supposed to be funny (and don't worry it truly is lol), but did anyone see how realistic this is? Approximately 20 years ago, parents would publicly discipline their child when the child got in trouble with the teacher. In today's society, it's only the teachers fault (This example: "The teacher flunked me, but it's her fault cause she made a long test or didn't explain it the way I wanted her to!" is all too common.). Parents find that their "precious & perfect" children are right and the "ignorant & mean" teacher is blindly stupid. Society, School Systems, and enforcers of Common Core needs some serious prayer...

Aiysha Bartley : Did anyone else die at 'she hit my back hand with her face'?😂

LCD : Almost like sad or somethi.... No I'm hungry!

Popalupa : 10/10 parenting skills

Madison Cowley : 2:50 "well Janice was the one who's throwin her teeth in your foot" IM DYING HAHAAHHAHHAA

Amanda Mayyy : "She hit my back hand with her face" , "she hit my foot with her teeth " 😂😂I LOST ITTHERE

Emily Rael : Does anyone notice how red her hand was?

La France : If you confront a bully, they suddenly become the victims, this shows that very well

emily c. : Felt so bad for Peterson!! XD :,(

Clickbait Central : Am I a bad person for almost feeling bad for mallory?🙄

Gerri Veltri : Where everyone is picking on Voldemort 😂😂🐍

Hippie Dachshunds : Bully's rarely recognize themselves as such. This one is funny but with a sobering slice of reality in it. I think I will show this one to kids at school.

Junaxy : Janet has some nerve!

Just Me : I feel so bad for Peterson😔😔😔

Laughing PumpkinKing : Scary close to accurate.

Sophia Shi : Does anyone else notice that her hands are so red?

Nico- Li ` : These people remind me of the kids and parents at my school.

ZoupDe Loup : "Well, you know, honey, if it makes you feel any better I through an egg at a cop's face today and he *arrested* me! I mean, I just- I think that that's discrimination against people with great aim and a deep hatred for cops!" Whitney Meek Call - 2014 If this was said in 2016 I guarantee they would lose a huge load of subs and get reported for *something*.

Sky 718 : I don't know what's funnier. Mallory putting a ton of whipped cream in her mouth and getting messy or the fact that the whipped cream was under her pillow.

Red Panda16 : I love the whip cream touch.

DerpyPenguin YT : Poor Peterson :(

1000 miles : I find the kids who are all like stop bullying on facebook and stuff often are the bully

kaylee giles : PETERSON IM SO SORRY

Ashley Von Sherelet : Everything could be a misunderstanding untill 0:56

M Brewerman : lol "She hit my foot with her teeth"

Muse : I have that same exact lamp...

R Watson : Mal's hands are purple Lel.

KaalaniDys : That's like every mean girl ever, but instead they tell their parents that they were the ones being bullied (like they bullied the kid they switch the roles)

Izzy : Doesn't anyone else notice her hands are purple?

Joy Browne : am I the only one who is concerned that they're letting Mallory bring lighters to school?

Illya chan : Let's go demoralize the nerds at pizza palace!

BorrowedDuke85 : i tell all my friends about studio c and ask them if they know what it is... the always say NO, I really try..... Comment if you do the same thing, and like!

Emily Guzun : She hit my foot with her teeth!! 😂

Ventushearts14 : Hey I'm a nerd but I do not car if people pick on me

Stephen Chen : NEVER INSULT HP IN FRONT OF A POTTERHEAD. Only the lucky will leave with two feet.

Jenna Sprinkles : Poor Peterson

Patti Boling : Lol love stoutio c


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Jenna : First video I ever watched of Studio C!!! OH THE MEMORIES LOL

Jula Cee : She hit her face on my hands