The Real Bully

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WillTG : Wow these bullies Bullying the poor bully

Rob Lena : This needs a sequel.

00 Penguin : Poor Peterson :(

Keanu Williams : "she hit my backhand with her face" what!!!!

La France : If you confront a bully, they suddenly become the victims, this shows that very well

Thorite Gem : When I'm depressed I think that I should siphon whipped cream in my mouth. That would cheer me up.

Nasihaaa : "Janet shouldn't be throwing her foot in front pf your foot like that"

Avery Sleigh : Mallory does a good job as a spoiled brat.

ZoupDe Loup : "Well, you know, honey, if it makes you feel any better I through an egg at a cop's face today and he *arrested* me! I mean, I just- I think that that's discrimination against people with great aim and a deep hatred for cops!" Whitney Meek Call - 2014 If this was said in 2016 I guarantee they would lose a huge load of subs and get reported for *something*.

LCD : Almost like sad or somethi.... No I'm hungry!

Madison Cowley : 2:50 "well Janice was the one who's throwin her teeth in your foot" IM DYING HAHAAHHAHHAA

Amanda Mayyy : "She hit my back hand with her face" , "she hit my foot with her teeth " 😂😂I LOST ITTHERE

emily c. : Felt so bad for Peterson!! XD :,(

Emily Rael : Does anyone notice how red her hand was?

fku : I don't know what's funnier. Mallory putting a ton of whipped cream in her mouth and getting messy or the fact that the whipped cream was under her pillow.

Laughing PumpkinKing : Scary close to accurate.

Junaxy : Janet has some nerve!

Clickbait Central : Am I a bad person for almost feeling bad for mallory?🙄

Lianzi ` : These people remind me of the kids and parents at my school.

Ashley Von Sherelet : Everything could be a misunderstanding untill 0:56

Emily Loging : Why are Mal's hands purple?

Sophia Shi : Does anyone else notice that her hands are so red?

TaylWatermayl_22_ 4L1f3 : I love the whip cream touch.

KaalaniDys : That's like every mean girl ever, but instead they tell their parents that they were the ones being bullied (like they bullied the kid they switch the roles)

Izzy : Doesn't anyone else notice her hands are purple?

BorrowedDuke85 : i tell all my friends about studio c and ask them if they know what it is... the always say NO, I really try..... Comment if you do the same thing, and like!

R Watson : Mal's hands are purple Lel.

emily guzun : She hit my foot with her teeth!! 😂

salvataz : Pretty ridiculous how similar this actually is to how a real bully justifies their behavior.

Ventushearts14 : Hey I'm a nerd but I do not car if people pick on me

Cassandra Mainwaring : am I the only one who is concerned that they're letting Mallory bring lighters to school?

Stephen Chen : NEVER INSULT HP IN FRONT OF A POTTERHEAD. Only the lucky will leave with two feet.

Jenna Sprinkles : Poor Peterson

Annika Green : Can you please do one on ignored middle children? I just feel like they have a bad rep as attention seekers, and, being one, I feel a little... put down. :( People also don't ever listen to what I have to say, instead just talking on about whatever happened, even when I start first, interrupting me, etc. A few days ago, my mom even forgot me at school. Thanks for listening! ~Sad-Ignored-Middle :(

Default Error : Stereotype rich American girl

Bridget Jordan : I'm Janis

Trinity Selman : Why did so many people dislike this? If you agree that this was good like this comment

The Three crazy chihuahuas : The sad part is some people are like that

Meg R. : omg. harry potter references. freaking out.

Jenna : First video I ever watched of Studio C!!! OH THE MEMORIES LOL

Jula Cee : She hit her face on my hands

Deanie TM : this is my school

The2ofUs : I have to skip over the peterson part because i practicly start crying because i feel so bad for peterson.,

Jacob Garner : If I become a wildly successful computer programmer it's because that's what I enjoy doing. Not to show up some bully.


Panic! At my chemical fallout : Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!!!!!!

Vintage Dreamer : Lol! "His pants were right there!!"

Bryce Norman : that white spot is driving me insane

Alexis Minions : that is one reason why I do nothing with my life for the fullest.

Polari : U deserve 100,000,000 subs guys!