The Real Bully

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00 Penguin : Poor Peterson :(

salvataz : Pretty ridiculous how similar this actually is to how a real bully justifies their behavior.

Sara Yang : I don't know what's funnier. Mallory putting a ton of whipped cream in her mouth and getting messy or the fact that the whipped cream was under her pillow.

Madison Cowley : 2:50 "well Janice was the one who's throwin her teeth in your foot" IM DYING HAHAAHHAHHAA

Keanu Williams : "she hit my backhand with her face" what!!!!

Izzy : Doesn't anyone else notice her hands are purple?

Cassandra Mainwaring : am I the only one who is concerned that they're letting Mallory bring lighters to school?

Sssniperwolf YT : “She hit my foot with her TEETH!” “I was playing with my lighter and her pictures flew on my lighter!!” “I pants him this morning and he didn’t like it!!” “I threw an egg at a cop and he almost arrested me!!” “Why do people hate him family?! (3 seconds later) WHAT ARE YOU DOING PETERSON!! PUT THAT BACK LOSER! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT NERD?! YOU HURT MY WIFES FEELINGS LOSER! GET OUT OF HERE NERD!

Emily Rael : Does anyone notice how red her hand was?

emily c. : Felt so bad for Peterson!! XD :,(

Thorite Gem : When I'm depressed I think that I should siphon whipped cream in my mouth. That would cheer me up.

KaalaniDys : That's like every mean girl ever, but instead they tell their parents that they were the ones being bullied (like they bullied the kid they switch the roles)

Ashley Von Sherelet : Everything could be a misunderstanding untill 0:56

La France : If you confront a bully, they suddenly become the victims, this shows that very well

Trinity Selman : Why did so many people dislike this? If you agree that this was good like this comment

Junaxy : Janet has some nerve!

Vintage Dreamer : Lol! "His pants were right there!!"

Stephen Chen : NEVER INSULT HP IN FRONT OF A POTTERHEAD. Only the lucky will leave with two feet.

t w : I love the whip cream touch.

BorrowedDuke85 : i tell all my friends about studio c and ask them if they know what it is... the always say NO, I really try..... Comment if you do the same thing, and like!

emily guzun : She hit my foot with her teeth!! 😂

jenna : First video I ever watched of Studio C!!! OH THE MEMORIES LOL

Aiysha Bartley : Did anyone else die at 'she hit my back hand with her face'?😂

Sssniperwolf YT : “They have to except that we are right, and they are losers!” -Best Mom OF The Year

Abigail Rajadurai : The sad thing is that I know kids with parents like this.

R Watson : Mal's hands are purple Lel.

Meg R. : omg. harry potter references. freaking out.

Rob Lena : This needs a sequel.

Julia Chase : The picture on her nightstand was a picture of matts dead grandma from the brain freeze sketch

hope mail : Bullies aren't the real problem Having no WiFi is.📶

Alexis Minions : that is one reason why I do nothing with my life for the fullest.

Team Depressed : Poor Peterson

clay plane : the fact that they're are real people like this infuriates me


Jula Cee : She hit her face on my hands

human being : *While I was in the bathroom playing with lighter, some of her antique photos "accidentally" fell on it! And then she sent me to the principals office. XD*

Bryce Norman : that white spot is driving me insane

Polari : U deserve 100,000,000 subs guys!

Eva Nabokov : Everyone's name said in this video and everyone in it, they were the "real bullies"!:) #STUDIOCFORLIFE!!

Riti Aggarwal : These make me laugh so much!

Wes Lu : The sad thing is, there are people that are actually like this.

Ash : Does Mal actually keep a can of whipped cream under her pillow??? I want one!!!

Hannah_Chanelle12 : She's Spoiled wow ya she's the real bully

TheFourteenthPhoenix : I like Stephen he's so funny I felt so bad for him

MomentumBlade : Someone should really send this to a bully

Lolo 1000 : Mallory is really good at doing the teenager parts!!

Copyrighted : Lol "she hit my back hand with her face" reminds me of the time my classmate stabbed me with a pen and told the teacher I broke his pen😂😂😂😂😂

Galaxy Gemstones : Poor Peterson, having to live next to a family of psychopaths... He shot just steal the marbles.

ShadowMaze Gaming : what if this is what happened and Janice is the bad guy????

Shelby Schmidt : OH MY GOSHHHHHH! YASSSS! This is mean, but hilarious! :) SUBSCRIBING! #Subbed