Real Lawyer Reacts to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - McPoyle v. Ponderosa (Bird Law!)

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Susan Haas : Lol civil lawyers..."omg who would bring a bag of drugs into court?" Like 80% of criminal clients, that's who.

Drew142 : You obviously have never studied bird law because if you did you would understand that all of this is perfectly reasonable .

Chase Anthony Brewer : Very obviously you don't understand just how good at law Charlie Kelly is. I'll do you a favor and pull some of his better quotes on legal subjects. "Listen buddy, I know a lot about the law and various other lawyerings. I'm well educated, well versed, I know that situations like this, real estate wise, they're very complex." "I'll take that advice into cooperation alright? Now what's say you and I go toe-to-toe in bird law and see who comes out the victor." "Okay well uh... Filibuster."

Antoineee abdacc : "Legaleagle" its bird law

Henry Asselin : Why does he keep saying Charlie's uncle is wearing fake hands? Clearly he just has large manly hands

Harry McArthur : OBJECTION- you're just jealous of the big hands

MisterJive : Nevertheless, Charlie Day is still the best goddamn bird lawyer who has ever lived.

Logai74 : I can’t trust a lawyer with such small hands.

Hal Wakka : Watching someone experience Always Sunny for the first time by jumping right to an episode in season 11 and trying to make sense of it is a riot.  Rule #1 is to never, ever, try to make sense of any of it.

Jared Stemper : The fact that Judge Morty: State of Georgia VS Denver (Rick) is a travesty. It’s directly from an actual court case and is also batshit insane. We need this to be reviewed!

Hmmm : The Gang get an F.

Nate S : Guillermo del Toro as Pappy McPoyle was gold.

Leo Nards Bro : I'll just regress because I feel like I've made myself perfectly redundant.

MissMusicQueen101 : Please do any of the trials from Arrested Development

Mittens : Buzz Killington, Esq.

Nick930 : Does not origininate in this episode. Started in an older episode years before. Shouldnt a lawyer do significantly more research before an analysis like this?

GameGuru : You don't get bird law though. If you did, you would realize that this is perfectly 100% reasonable courtroom action.

R Nickerson : Season 11 is a terrible place to begin when watching your first episode of any show

rigoberto solorzano : I object! Charlie is the best damn bird lawyer in the world.

Anna Johnson : Objection. Nothing in it's always Sunny in Philadelphia is supposed to make sense. It's base genre niche is modern absurdism, using canonical literary terminology. The genre itself describes a work following ridiculous characters, inept in their own rights, fumbling through situations that could not and would not happen in a sensible society to ridiculous outcomes. Therefore giving this episode a failing grade in realism means they were successful at court parody in absurdism.

Lewis Caine : You're telling me a channel named "LegalEagle" knows NOTHING to do with Bird Law? It's literally in your name.

Random Monkey : Objection: 20:04 That man is not a witness, he is a translator.

Kamil Wowczuk : This show mocks American cinema and TV. Right here, they're parodying Hallywoods portrayal of the US justice system.

MrFoodAndDrink : Did you think it was funny though? That's the point of the show. To make you laugh

JayBaddAssCutler : Someone get a real practitioner of Bird Law please. This mans lawyerings are not credible at all.

Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer : I don't see any fake hands in this video. Just a bunch of people with real, very normal-sized hands.

vhawk8080 : Look at this guy with his normal sized hands thinks he's so pretty...

rockerteen8300 : How do we get him to do Harvey bird man attorney at law?

AquaDump Entertainment : I don't know who this "Real Lawyer" is, but he is completely wrong about everything in this entire video. Literally everything.

Erwin Pommel : OBJECTION! You're too well groomed to be real. Obvious CGI. Also, can you please do My Cousin Vinny at some point, pretty please? I'm sorry I called you CGI. I'm sure you're a real boy.

Taurick : Objection: Claiming those are fake hands is speculation. Jack has big hands, they are definitely real hands

iA Lambo : Objection: this friggin' Jabroni didn't even mention the payoff to Uncle Jack's hands

kung Few : If marsupials ever develop a thirst for justice, do you think they will establish a kangaroo court?😱

Coasty Son : This is like having Neil science dude break down a jimmy neutron episode, absolutely pointless

IKeepBadCompany : Objection! Jack Kelly is a fantastic lawyer. I've used him numerous times, and he's always great. His normal-sized hands make him quite an asset in the courtroom. Also, he has taken many wonderful pictures of my children for his website. PS- Knowledge of Bird Law won Bill this case, so how dare you put down Bird Law!

Crimson Inc. : Never heard of bird law? Yeah this dude definitely aint a real lawyer. Bird law is the first thing you learn in law school, everyone knows that

John Wastler : Watch the episode from the first season of Psych

Suck Jockeez : I wish this lawyer would put his hands over mine. For the website!

Fredy Sandoval : Disagree with the score, you don’t even know bird law.

David Wilson : *Joke in Always Sunny* - Here's why it's not factual, which is what the joke is based on.

SimpleFlips : These are currently my favorite videos to watch. Love the insight

okandrew42903 : All watching this made me do is stop it less than 5 mins into the video and go start watching more Always Sunny. The show is the best.

Ramón González : "Let's think like a lawyer" Why would anybody ever wanna do that?

fuzz Wuzz : This tiny hand lawyer cannot be trusted..

Justin G : This video sucked when I thought it was gonna be watchable.

Drew Needs more sleep : This man, this charlatan pretends to be an expert yet knows nothing, NOTHING about Bird Law. How dare he comment on what is the greatest example of Bird Lawyering ever recorded. Thumbs down!

Hady zabib rebolledo : Do seinfeld's last episode!!!

will jones : yeah lets treat always sunny like its serious

IrishAndroid : "A hammer is called a gavel." Yeah, no shit. The joke is that Charlie doesn't know that. What's the point of this video? "I don't think Charlie has a law degree." HEY, YA THINK? This guy is just stepping on obvious gags. Someone giving an absurdist humor based skit a straight faced legal grade is ridiculous. This is like him breaking into the Abbot & Costello "Who's On First" skit and saying, "Oh, there seems to be some confusion. 'Who' is literally the name of the first base player. 'What' is the name of the second base player. 'I don't know' is the name of the third base player--" And so on. I get if he just wants to touch on points and educate, but criticizing things that are meant to be wrong is stupid.

Shane Waters : Please do Judge Morty-State of Georgia vs Denver Allen.