Real Lawyer Reacts to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - McPoyle v. Ponderosa (Bird Law!)

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Susan Haas : Lol civil lawyers..."omg who would bring a bag of drugs into court?" Like 80% of criminal clients, that's who.

Drew142 : You obviously have never studied bird law because if you did you would understand that all of this is perfectly reasonable .

Loic Reviews : Please react to the Rick & Morty animation of "Judge Morty: State of Georgia Vs. Rick Allen"

Jack Bonar : OBJECTION!!! Bird law did not originate in this episode, it had been talked about by Charlie for many years prior to this episode. The episode in question, "McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century ", was the culmination of a long running joke with roots going all the way back to October 18, 2007 when Charlie Kelly first began his law practice in the episode "Mac is a Serial Killer" and as early as September 17, 2009 in the episode "The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis" Charlie Kelly Esq. revealed that he had found his niche in the legal community and had begun to specialize in the area of Bird Law.

GobiLux : It's fun to see somebody who has never watched Always Sunny watch an episode and try to make sense of it!

Magicman205 : You guys complaining about how this guy is taking the fun out of the show realize that he isn't criticizing the entertainment value of the series, right? He's simply disecting the legal realism. As a huge fan of Always Sunny, I find it compelling to watch an actual lawyer analyze this!

Chase Anthony Brewer : Very obviously you don't understand just how good at law Charlie Kelly is. I'll do you a favor and pull some of his better quotes on legal subjects. "Listen buddy, I know a lot about the law and various other lawyerings. I'm well educated, well versed, I know that situations like this, real estate wise, they're very complex." "I'll take that advice into cooperation alright? Now what's say you and I go toe-to-toe in bird law and see who comes out the victor." "Okay well uh... Filibuster."

Mark After Dark : I'd love to see you tackle the 2005 film "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". Genuinely curious as to how accurate the film was in portraying a legal case.

ThirdWorldEuroTrash : I wouldn't trust someone who doesn't know shit about bird law, this guy isn't very well versed I'd have to say. Doesn't even understand why he has fake hands... Get a load of this guy!

Rafael G. : This lawyer is getting overwhelmed with the complete and utter insanity that is "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"...😂😂😂😂


Antoineee abdacc : "Legaleagle" its bird law

Himuka : Why'd you skip Dee's "Jewish" argument? ahaha

Honest Dude : Ok well filibuster

Shawn Herbert : - The gang and the prosecuting lawyer have a long running history in the show prior to this. - Charlie first claims himself an expert of bird law much earlier in the show and it becomes a running gag. - Charlies' uncle (the "real" defense lawyer) has always had self-esteem issues due to his hands being unnaturally small. Hence the large, fake hands. - The cat-woman is the defendant's sister, as well as Dennis' ex-wife. My closing argument, it is unfair to make someone judge this episode without having seen the show previously. I rest my case. Hope this helps.

shontapl : Omfg...fake hands was the best part of the whole episode.... NOBODY LOOK! NOBODY LOOK ! NOBODY LOOK!

Ummm Hmmm : The Gang get an F.

Sam Weigel : Wow this video makes me want to watch it's always sunny and not this video

Rivas : This guy is taking this comedy way too seriously it's hilarious lmao

Marie Carroll : 😹 Watching an actual lawyer try to make since of anything in IAS if fuking hilarious!!! ❤️

No Pe : Charlie would tear his ass up at bird law lawyering

Lewis Caine : You're telling me a channel named "LegalEagle" knows NOTHING to do with Bird Law? It's literally in your name.

Sean Gur : I bet this guy is fun at parties

Funkes Dad : Cut charlie some slack hes illiterate

ฯ Inson : Charlie Kelly is a wild card acting bird law knowing cat food eating sunny boy and you WILL respect him

Steve Molina : When did john krasinski become a lawyer?

Nick930 : Does not origininate in this episode. Started in an older episode years before. Shouldnt a lawyer do significantly more research before an analysis like this?

ohmynoun : So, basically, this show is funnier than actual court?

Clint DeChristoforo : I found myself fixated on the host's hands.

Kennedy Robinson : Objection! It’s not weird to wear fake hands if your hands are abnormally small.

Hippie Shit : Lawyers are I know of seem to have a narcissistic sence of self. They usually are very intelligent, but they have no common sense and understand nothing out side of the law. There assholes

GrandpaGohan : *F I L I B U S T E R*

Jesse Tee : Objection, you're taking this way too seriously.

Michael Berry : React to My Cousin Vinny

Jerswag21 : The fake hands are explained in earlier episodes, specifically Season 6, Episode 2 "Dennis Gets Divorced". Basically, Jack is very insecure about his small hands. So in the episode you're watching, he's wearing fake, big hands.

TylerR_41 : Let's say you and I go toe to toe in bird law and see who comes out the victor....

SDogRaid : OBJECTION! you skipped the best part of that episode. Lol

Tom Lovin : You have "Eagle" in your name, but you don't know bird law?

Sweet Meats : This dude apparently expected Always Sunny to be realistic.

David Anthony : I don't understand. Granted I'm only 3 minutes in, but isn't the absurdity of the show the best part? Why is this being taken seriously?

Drew Needs more sleep : This man, this charlatan pretends to be an expert yet knows nothing, NOTHING about Bird Law. How dare he comment on what is the greatest example of Bird Lawyering ever recorded. Thumbs down!

Reguire : lol at people who are butthurt over this. it is a channel dedicated to legal realism you dolts. he is taking it seriously in order to provide content

Nodus : OBJECTION! You should go back to school for bird law. Our modern day court rooms just lack the intellect to see the justice.

LackOfABetterWord : Objection!! Stella is not a beagle... but I'll allow it for the sake of the pun. However, legaleagle don't step out of line again or I'll hold you in contempt of the court.

Kevin Vance : The man with with top hat is actually the famous movie director deltoro

Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer : I don't see any fake hands in this video. Just a bunch of people with real, very normal-sized hands.

olfens : Trial in the movie Idiocracy. Go!

Kannibal : You reviewed this as if it wasn't a comedy

ShivaTheDestroyer : What's yah majah duhde?

Agnarr Salventius : Huh... never thought law would amuse me this much. Whelp, back to 8th century warlords trying to stab each other but dying of plague before they can get their armies close enough... Edit: Actually, if someone made a video on 8th century legal systems, I'd probably watch it nonstop on loop for a month.