Flinders Street Station - Unveiling of new LED Lighting

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skyhawksp : When you're not satisfied with just RGB'ing your PC case and happen to be a city planner

Adam Halliwell : Can you clean it now?

Christopher Evans : Amazing! These lights really do bring out the architecture of Flinders Street and will show another aspect to this wonderful landmark at night. Should look great when the lights are synchronized with the art center 😍👌

Alexander Cafarella : Corsair sync it.... Not RGB enough

Harinderjeet Singh Tiwana : This is so cool. RGB everything

mccheeseburger01 : Hope they put it to good use next white night.

Gerald Toaster : name of music used?

mortazarulz : RGB everything! Looks fantastic I'll say thou.

C0rteks : Very cool! The haze makes it look even more surreal

ModernRicky25 : My keyboard does this... why do I need a huge RBG train station

The Alternative Textbook : Should definitely come in handy come Pride week!

TheEthug : Money well spent....

Chris M : Very cool. Wouldn't want it as my neighbor tho

Alexander Cafarella : So, where do I put my battlestation?

Lance H : Nicely done.

Emma S : This will come in handy after the next terrorist attack so we can light it up in the colours of the flag of the nation attacked.

Gaminggunzeller 1998 : Love it.

Max T : The rainbow effect is inappropriate