Raja - Through The Fire

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The legendary Raja performing with The Dreamgirl Review at Rage.

Comments from Youtube

Rachael Whelchel : Oh my goodness Onjina talked about this on hey queen and I am living for this........all hail queen Raja

sensate2000 : Love how she stays in character while collecting tips. 

Toria8806 : I see a lot of comments from 4 years ago. It's currently 11/22/16. Trump was just elected. Someone reply to this in 4 years and tell me things turned out OK.

Littleinjen : Ongina from Hey Qween brought me here. This act could challenge Sasha Velour's rose pedals

The Doberman Triangle : Been looking for this performance. Those clouds are everything.

mspace54 : Loved this.

Suzan Saranwrap : It’s March of 2018 and I can remember watching this video for the first time soon after Season 3 started. This performance is actually one of the currently overused words being thrown around to describe any drag moment. THIS IS ICONIC. Brought to you by a fucking LEGEND. ☕️🤓🖤🌘⭐️

kev_D0ge : That bitch stopped, dropped and rolled! LOL!

Kitty CatCat : Why did that one particular guy keep going up to her and giving her money and groping her wig ...

MsHelloWorldtv : raja get all the money the only queen i c the whole crowd holding up money boss

MsAshleyTheZaftigGoddess : Absolutely the MOST creative drag ever! What drag queen would be willing to come out looking like they just escaped a fire WITH ash in her wig?! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video!!!! Raja KILLED it!!

Mihaka Mihaka : High quality drag! Yes ma'am!

Whispering Mist : That was soooo creative! I would've never thought of anything like that. GENIUS! Bravo, RAJAAAAAAA.

arturnbot : ...in the same quality that shangela returned it to her!

Tiago Soares : that guy who stops her at one point just gives me the fever, don't touch drag queens!

Nicktunes : I fcking love Raja! I didn't at first but I was stupid then! O_o

jason johnson : its getting a lot of money..whatever it is..

TheReukilia : Jajajajajjaja amé

snowballwannabe : THROUGH THE FIIIIRE! (8) Vavoom! xD haha I can't get over it.

Zakeri Jacquez : LOVE IT GET IT RAJA

Caitie (´ε` )♡ : @MindETMuch Because I'm a women...and Raja doesn't get with women?

MindETMuch : @Stateoftention yes she is !

MindETMuch : @ZOMGcaitie Why a gay man ?

William Cate : Raja is so cool.

Caitie (´ε` )♡ : Raja makes me wish I was gay man XD

Stateoftention : sickening

ttinai : well if this isn't fuckin' brilliant I don't know what it is? serve it to da gods MARY!

Stateoftention : raja is an artist.

mattachine : I could watch this a million times. Seated audience guy at 3:39 : OVER IT.

mattachine : What is the substance?

Fapple : wow she is really creative and this would be my dream to go to one of her shows. she's really good at lip syncing and love her outfits.

D P : 1:01 She knows what's coming.

danny ulloa : hohohohohoh my god.. that was a mess.. everyone is like what the fuck... that was too much the freaking wig was driving me crazy

DrunkenlazybastardED : I think the joke was that she just escaped a house fire, her dress totally ruined, soot all over her, and ashes in her hair.

Miss Karrige : @gombis666 ohh ok that probably makes more sense

gombis666 : @Theatr3MAN - I think she was supposed to be dead.....like a zombie-just-crawled-out-of-the-grave performance.

gombis666 : More like House of Fierce!

Miss Karrige : i love how raja made her look like a hobo hahaha

ariesk1001 : Okay. She turned this out.

ariesk1001 : Okay. She turned this out.

82Kelos : This is why she is the winner!!I loved her the beginning, Keep turning it Raja!!!

Marc Chavez : i couldn't stop laughing. raja is a serious entertainer.

NoirEtoile1 : This is a funny concept, Raja. I give credit when it's due. And there's this advantage to you not being 20, you know the good songs -- picking this song shows that...big time and then to put this spin on it -- very creative...funny.

NoirEtoile1 : This is a funny concept, Raja. I give credit when it's due.

ShrimpyRamen : Soooooooooooo glad she won <3

3748359 : raja gemini is my hero!

Christopher Daugherty : What was up with that chubby queen in black that rolled on the stage and left a snail trail?

MissNophi2U : now THAT is Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent! Next Drag SuperStar indeed!