FLORIDA'S BUYING ME A $25,000,000 BEACH!! (Red Tide Algee Bloom Update) | JOOGSQUAD PPJT

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Today we talk about the new $25,000,000 beach prject along with one of the biggest problems Florida has ever faced. SUBSCRIBE TO JOOGSQUAD PPJT ⊳ http://bit.ly/Sub2JOOGSQUAD JOOGSQUAD STORE↓ HATS : https://www.JoogSquad.com MIKE HONCHO SHIRTS : https://shopjoogsquad.myshopify.com FOLLOW MY SOCIAL↓ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/savage/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoogSquad SnapChat: @Joogin10E Facebook: https://goo.gl/1YoF3y 2ND CHANNEL↓ http://www.youtube.com/user/ppjtextra JOOGSQUAD MEMBERS↓ Merrick: http://goo.gl/8pe4fN | http://goo.gl/IOwMr8 EdWiener: https://goo.gl/tW7h7p | http://goo.gl/ymmNth Turner: https://goo.gl/sQNcl5 | http://goo.gl/tkS17e Pierce: http://bit.ly/2wOD8gq About JoogSquad PPJT: My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks! Thanks for all the love & support! FLORIDA'S BUYING ME A $25,000,000 BEACH!! (Red Tide Algee Bloom Update) | JOOGSQUAD PPJT https://youtu.be/qE-pY3asfp8 JoogSquad PPJT https://www.youtube.com/Joogsquad

Comments from Youtube

Manty Playz : Save the manatees Like if you agree

Sakari Vanhanen : I'm from Finland and even i'm out raged

Hal 0 : I swear to god if manatees go even more endangered. I’m gonna go to Florida to slap the politicians

Vivid SHAD3 : I sent this to 23 people I want to help as much as I can please help

Vakar : You are educating me more than my teacher

Clarence Jr : That's happening to Australia now.

Sarcastic Shawn : 2:07 i did not cum on my cat

Rumbling Five : I didn’t know about this it might of been sorted out by now cuz it’s been 7 months since this came out that’s crazy tho

SlewedBoot25934 : Spend 25 hours sitting in a room and wondering why i said 25 instead of 24

jake read : Tfue (turner) should set a donation goal on stream and all the money could go towards saving the animals. just a thought

Ron Santo : Why not just ban the fertilizer?

Hannah Walker : This is so tragic! I am heartbroken! Our ecosystem is very fragile and even minor changes can wreck it. May these creatures Rest In Peace.

archangel : it is good that jack is trying to tell people about this instead of just saying nothing

Barberacle Boi : Guys if you search up 25 million dollar beach project you get the location joog also stating NEXT TO MY HOUSE.....

Jorge Rios : Naples was my favorite including Fort Myers I had to move because of hurricane Irma

Hiddenwingedemon : Red tide algae, I actually paid attention in science and I remember this

Silas Dennee : Hopefully you see this JOOQSQAUD PPJT me and my family are going on a vacation to Florida

Brandon Hanshaw : Share the land farmers

Sparks : Start a go fund me, it might not go big but it’s worth a try and I would donate. Like so jack can see

bonesaw 380 : It's sad I live in wear the manatees go crystal river and it makes me so sad hearing my job saying come in there toxic algae we lost so many animals and I live off of the ocean with food and extra money

newport OG : He spelled algae wrong in the title... lmao cmon dude.

Briahana's Comedy : The red tide is horrible I was at Florida for my birthday and half the time it was red tide and hard to breath tons of dead fish

It’s Not Morgz : I had to witness it to:I live in Florida My reaction :(

OutLaw101 : I forgot that i was waching joogsquad

Brian Roback : save the fish i live in florida

Skoih : Damn man, keep raising your voices! This has to be resolved.

Bike Man : Thank you for making this video. I've lived in northwest Florida for my whole life and I have never even heard about this issue with lake Okeechobee. Unfortunately nobody in the gubernatorial election that I know of even cares about this. Florida is a unique place in the world, and if we (tourists included) cannot be responsible with this great land, then we do not deserve it at all.

Billy Johnson : 3:30 nice play button you got there ;)

Justin Bechtel : So I have an Idea Mr Jack Tenney, and I doubt this will get noticed but it would be cool if it did. Say the sugar cane factory is still willing to sell the 187,000 acres mentioned in the video for the same price of $1.75billion, since every floridian is angry about what is going on, and since everything takes forever for the government to do anything, why not completely circumvent them entirely and every floridian citizen pool their money together and buy that 187,000 acres from the sugar cane factory. I did some quick math, according to google Florida has a population of 20.98million, if every single one of those people pooled their money together (1,750,000,000 / 20,980,000) each they would only pay roughly $83.41, then it becomes privately owned by the CITIZENS of florida, and if someone were want to buy it say No and keep saying no, or better yet tell them to shove off. Thats just my take on it, doubt anyone will read this though.

XRailex -911- : I live in Minnesota. Went to Florida nearly 2 years ago on vacation. I would gladly pay taxes for this.

PursuitTV : Im glad jack can teach me something about florida when my history/science teachers teach me nothing.

Emilyv220 B : I live In. Wisconsin and we go to Florida for spring break and I love all animals and I’m balling my eyes out and when I grow up I will spend as much money to save the eco system

Gillis MacDougall : something has to be done about the agriculture system. they should not be able to use toxic chemicals that run in to the lake in the first place!


Adam Jones : Didn’t they create the beach because of the prank? So this is all Joogs fault?

Pinhead Larry : 2:06 lol you can see from the cats tail he's ready to claw your eyes out. That or he sees birds.

chris neal : I lived in Florida for almost my whole life, it was the best place ever, warm, sunny, just beautiful, and seeing this just devastates me, if Florida state government see's then get up off you're lazy @#!%$ and fix this! #PRAY FOR FLORIDA 🙏🙏😔😔❤❤

Im That Spicy Legend : 2:00 see he’s not a tough guy after all... 😂😂😆😆 Hey love the vids! keep up the amazing content.

Mountain Rider : We Humans are nothing but a virus to this planet, and we need to figure out a way to save our planet

løst : 6:10 Did anyone realize that there is a dolphin or a shark right there???

Todd VanDuser : My brother is going to make it a law in about 3 years

Caleb Lee : I live in Australia and I still care

Lif3 Lin3 : Why does this man look like the surffer version of Logan Paul I'm thinking about subscribing

Bbq man : Jack Tenney for Florida Governor!

A Dupont : start by electing someone who cares about our planet rather than the Muppet you have sitting in your oval office. USA has taken themselves off all ecological projects and this is only one symptom of the many issues you have coming your way. It is not the planet of American people the mess you guys do in your country affects the planet in its whole... Well done Jack for using your channel to raise awareness

newport OG : He spelled algae wrong in the title... lmao cmon dude.

Aidan Pieterse : Awesome Video!And Even more LIT Shirt!!!💪🏻✋🏻

Raspy Roblox : “During the last episode of *Joogsquad VS the state of Florida* “

TSG insanity : Tell tfue to say it on stream for millions of people to hear