FLORIDA'S BUYING ME A $25,000,000 BEACH!! (Red Tide Algee Bloom Update) | JOOGSQUAD PPJT

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Henrikiosos : It is better to use billions of dollars instead of destroying the earth. Money is just an object, earth is precious.

akaJRob : It’s honestly so sad

optimus dimes : Tfue (turner) should set a donation goal on stream and all the money could go towards saving the animals. just a thought

Bruhhh Esketit : I wonder what is going to go down first California or Florida

Ethan Kovacs : I wish I lived on the west side

Ryan ODonnell : 6:12 wait... she seriously named her son Boaty?!?!?


Hotboi Flexxer : Rick Scott raised 22million for his campaign... the state is giving 3 million to help with the problem of the algae..

抓馬 : I like how people type the words like "human ruin the earth" by their mobile phone or pc in their room with ac on. Act like all these are other people's fault, not yours.

Justify Balki : Why was the reporter smiling when that girl was talking about her sick son? What a mong.🤦‍♂️

Trevor Hockman : That’s just sad. You spend 25 mil to move sand but not for something that directly affects your state and those things (humans and animals) living in it. I wonder what the animals would say if they could talk to the governor and other politicians in Florida.

joshua maxam : Do you think it`s time to use the spotlight you have to do something?

Angel Escobar : Prank tfue and buy a skin on his account

Jack TCRMM : When is he gonna die from aids after the LA river rafting?

Zacharia Nasr : So no one is about to mention this kid named boatie? 😂

jack chiarenza : Spread the word

Justin Maranon : I appreciate that he used his popularity to make aware what’s happening in Florida

Wilhelm I. : haha funny america destroys own clay

jacob the goat : Faze cat!!!

Grady Zweber : This is so sad too see all these cute mammals die especially the manatees

Vakar : You are educating me more than my teacher

lemmy : You should start a petition

Chase Martone : I live in Ocala, Florida I understand your pain man. Wasn't able to go to be beach this weekend FeelsBadMan 😔🤬

KRAKEN91O : When corporations have more power then the state this will happen, Florida doesn't need to buy it back they just need to claim domain for environmental and public safety

Rationinc : 6:29 i pulled up to my babys crib he pulled out a glock

Alwaysnumberr 1 : I guess they spent all the money on equipment and forgot the workers lol

mR.n0nSupiSiOn tHatZ mEh : I live in Georgia and I always go to Florida for a vacation so I’m really sad to see this

Taliban Ghandi : That reporter is pretty hot 🔥🔥🔥

Aidan Gregg : Yo dude my family owns a house in Florida right in cape coral and the whole ocean around there turned to shit. I feel you man no skimming for me either

Fusionz HD : I don’t understand why people dislike these types of vids when the people that make these vids such as jack are trying to make awareness to others and trying to help save life on earth and earth it’s self it’s sad to see people not liking this video bc he wants to live the rest of his life on earth and not destroy it. And I’m sure you would too

FishingWithNorm : Thanks for making this public! It's a shame for the fishing community :(

RJ : This is truly messed up for the reason that many species are being killed off and the government is not taking actions over it to do anything. This could potentially pollute many areas of the ocean and kill off many things that live there. Earth is an amazing place we are still wondering about and learning about. We need to stop this and take action over it before it kills many sea creatures.

xxeddie200 : heres a good video idea buying tfue 10,000 v-bucks

HangulMaster : Easy solution: Burn down the sugar cane fields. Run these sugar companies out of the state. They can't arrest everyone. Since the government doesn't want to intervene like they're supposed to, the responsibility falls on the people to save their community.

Liam Catterall : Its not your beach tho😂

Roluu : So sad to see all those fish dead😪

Elijah Gonzales : Those manatees deserve it

Billy Nicolls : I sent this to 23 people I want to help as much as I can please help

MichX MichaelX : the red tide...

Ronnie Santo : Why not just ban the fertilizer?

not a bot : When I saw the star wars shirt I knew that this was big news.

edward entwistle : I would hate to come home from my deployment to see our water destroyed #Tampa #savefloridawaters

Yanghan Thay : fk man all the animals are dying WE NIDDA DO SOMETHING

HuanHuan Huan : The only problem I have with this is that you used the news as a confirmation. The same news that you pranked, doesn't understand that you pranked them, and wants to take your dad to court for no reason. This does not seem like a very good story to use as a confirmation to your plea because you've shown us in the past that they are not a very good news source.

Spacedude182 : Crazy how to instead of fixing the problem or stopping and moving somewhere they rather make money selling their crop and destroy the ecosystem that's so enraging!

[FuZion] CrazyExploitz : I live in Stuart FL this sucks

Daniel Balbona : I feel like the more money we put for human advancement and innovations we forget that mother nature made us who we are and we are continuously neglecting and hurting the earth.

Hal 0 : I swear to god if manatees go even more endangered. I’m gonna go to Florida to slap the politicians

chad big : You guys need to get local government to make it law that the farms have to pay for the water to go thru some kind purifying process before the water is aloud to leave their lands

sees : no it was the Area-51 to turn us into Zombies xD