FLORIDA'S BUYING ME A $25,000,000 BEACH!! (Red Tide Algee Bloom Update) | JOOGSQUAD PPJT

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Henrikiosos : It is better to use billions of dollars instead of destroying the earth. Money is just an object, earth is precious.

jake read : Tfue (turner) should set a donation goal on stream and all the money could go towards saving the animals. just a thought

Hotboi Flexxer : Rick Scott raised 22million for his campaign... the state is giving 3 million to help with the problem of the algae..

Ryan ODonnell : 6:12 wait... she seriously named her son Boaty?!?!?

Justin Maranon : I appreciate that he used his popularity to make aware what’s happening in Florida

Alwaysnumberr 1 : I guess they spent all the money on equipment and forgot the workers lol

Party over Work : the US government is litterly cancer for this planet. it doesn't matter who is president, its so irionic that the florida department and us government create the problems and the people always have to clean the mess up, i litterly hate this system

Trump Dayz : Rick Scott is worthless

JG Benade AF : Burn down the sugar company

mR.n0nSupiSiOn tHatZ mEh : I live in Georgia and I always go to Florida for a vacation so I’m really sad to see this

Vakar : You are educating me more than my teacher

Trevor Hockman : That’s just sad. You spend 25 mil to move sand but not for something that directly affects your state and those things (humans and animals) living in it. I wonder what the animals would say if they could talk to the governor and other politicians in Florida.

Ron Santo : Why not just ban the fertilizer?

edward entwistle : I would hate to come home from my deployment to see our water destroyed #Tampa #savefloridawaters

Taliban Ghandi : That reporter is pretty hot 🔥🔥🔥

akaJRob : It’s honestly so sad

Hal 0 : I swear to god if manatees go even more endangered. I’m gonna go to Florida to slap the politicians

KRAKEN91O : When corporations have more power then the state this will happen, Florida doesn't need to buy it back they just need to claim domain for environmental and public safety

Billy Nicolls : I sent this to 23 people I want to help as much as I can please help

lizards lips : The one issue that legitimately affects me is the destruction of the environment. The people need to rise up and rip down that dyke. The only people benefitting in the whole state are the industrial farm owners.

Seth Chrast : instead of putting our money into the wall to stop Drug dealers Put it into the lake Animals are more important then drug dellers

HangulMaster : Easy solution: Burn down the sugar cane fields. Run these sugar companies out of the state. They can't arrest everyone. Since the government doesn't want to intervene like they're supposed to, the responsibility falls on the people to save their community.

Rich _aF : Im glad jack can teach me something about florida when my history/science teachers teach me nothing.

joshua maxam : Do you think it`s time to use the spotlight you have to do something?


Manty Playz : Save the manatees Like if you agree

Broodjekaas ! : Who else Is really confused

Yanghan Thay : fk man all the animals are dying WE NIDDA DO SOMETHING

The FluffyFlur : I don’t like people who say “like if you agree” like if u h8 this😝👌🏻

FishingWithNorm : Thanks for making this public! It's a shame for the fishing community :(

alex herridge : this is messed up.

Kyle Brawley : Algae is spelt wrong in the name of the video

A Dupont : start by electing someone who cares about our planet rather than the Muppet you have sitting in your oval office. USA has taken themselves off all ecological projects and this is only one symptom of the many issues you have coming your way. It is not the planet of American people the mess you guys do in your country affects the planet in its whole... Well done Jack for using your channel to raise awareness

Brock Rocks 123321 : Omg so sad like if you agree 😭😭😭

Sparks : Start a go fund me, it might not go big but it’s worth a try and I would donate. Like so jack can see

YNG & RCKLSS : I live only about 15 minutes from your dads house and I know how bad the beach is getting, and you are right, if it doesn't get fixed in the next few year, then Florida's economy is going to plummet. Not only that, but even the drinking water is going to be polluted and it isn't going to be healthy to live here. I am so glad that you are spreading awareness and I hope it will make a change.

Spacedude182 : Crazy how to instead of fixing the problem or stopping and moving somewhere they rather make money selling their crop and destroy the ecosystem that's so enraging!

xxeddie200 : heres a good video idea buying tfue 10,000 v-bucks

Brody Seiber : IKR Jack I was literally in Florida like a day ago and came back home and saw this vid. I was in Naples florida and it totally sucked cause of all the dead fish floating in the water and dried up on the beach. It rly smelled terrible. All I could do was to kinda go in the water or just stand up paddle board. This needs to be fixed or tourists will never want to go to Florida again. All my cousins who live in Florida were saying how they are planning to sell their house if the red tide gets worse. Florida's occonomy is based on tourism and if the tourism dies florida will die.

not a bot : When I saw the star wars shirt I knew that this was big news.

Andrew Tully : Needs to be Sorted but they don’t give a shit about people who are less classed and what people’s say it’s all just money people’s minds are glued to money everything’s money

TGE7-ANTHONY : Wait I’m so confused can someone help?

OpsCozy 16 : Bill gates

SwaGGeR LaGGeR : Awesome Video!And Even more LIT Shirt!!!💪🏻✋🏻

Roluu : So sad to see all those fish dead😪

angel hernandez : Let get this trending

Jared Aumand : More people need to see this!!!!! This is amazing people need to do something

Johnathan Weissgerber : a weird solution pour 50 tons of micro Sieve in a polluted area or build a filter on land and pump the water through it like and reply would it work ?

chris neal : I lived in Florida for almost my whole life, it was the best place ever, warm, sunny, just beautiful, and seeing this just devastates me, if Florida state government see's then get up off you're lazy @#!%$ and fix this! #PRAY FOR FLORIDA 🙏🙏😔😔❤❤

Trevor : Just get them to buy the land and have everyone down there help build off the dam for free. It would save soo much money if thousands of people all got a shovel and started digging to bring the water south.