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Jess Barnett : This commercial brought me to your YouTube page. I love the meaning of this commercial and the airline behind it is amazing! Delta is best in class for a reason! Keep climbing!

Alessandro Tenconi : What a great ad!

LeKing : One of the best ads of all time

Lothar Zogg : Congrats to Delta's advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy New York for this brilliant spot.

AlexxEnglishh : I hear you Viola

Chris Ruch : LOVE this! Great cinematography and message!

Owen Simonsen : Love seeing this on TV great work!

anusEATINGgnarwal : Goosebumps

Sharpshooter : Saw this commercial smacked like 5 seconds ago and was impressed. So I️ came here to comment this.

Bin Fu : Watched this ad on a delta flight, so impressed that I search on YouTube to watch it again!

Jamilah Sakim : Delta

Yukon Farnsworth : I don't think wisdom from the ages such as good things come to those who wait can be brushed aside so easily. Besides no regular person has enough money to buy tickets to random places around the world. For most of us poor we have no choice but to wait for the good things.

Jamilah Sakim : delta

Trent DAmico : Awesome!

Andreas : I saw this ad during my flight. I love it.

Jason : Such a great ad. Should win a goddamn award.

Tommy McConnell : Awesome stuff.

Apryl Downs : Bruh so we're just gonna ignore the two dudes eating pineapples like corn on a stick? Just not going to address that at all? Because I have questions. Do you get that from the elote man? Has pineapple always been a to-go food and North America just never knew? What happens to the gi tract of a person who eats an ENTIRE PINEAPPLE LIKE A BANANA. I need to know these things!

p2theaul : @ 0:30, where can I eat a pineapple like this? Travel goals!!!

Lan Friesen : Classic Vietnam in the beginning! 😁

Nick : Much better than the one before!

MIGUEL ANGEL BRIGNANI : En parte filmada en Buenos Aires, en el minuto 12 aparezco a la izquierda de la cancha de bochas.

Owen Simonsen : Chills. Everytime.

Xxyonder xX : I lovvvve going on a plane 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Judy Nimer Chipps Muhn : Good things come to those who GO! Wow, what a cool video! Saw it on a recent flight and I SOOO loved it. Nice ... thanks!

Chris Keane : An absolute masterpiece ad. Cerebral, emotional, aspirational. I first saw it before the movie on a recent flight and it was the best part of the flight. I got goose bumps watching it. Congratulations and thanks to the creators of this art.

Michael Baranyk : Just flew Delta for the first time since 2006. You have stepped up your game tremendously!! And those Airbus A320s are ridiculous!! 👍 #keepclimbing! And please, don’t stop climbing. 🙂

kiley flores : love you delta airlines your the best and i hope you win the fight against emirates cuz there trash and mean and i love the a350 you it,s cool.

Nam TheBOSS : "Tránh ra tránh ra " the guy on the motorcycle said

Johnny Cruz : I may or may not watch this before every night I work <3 good job Delta

Andrew Anane : Damn chills

kmfiz : I love this ad! I much prefer Delta when I travel.

Lemystere Man Carlo c : Does it mean something if I’ve been to half the places in the video?

am S : I didn't take a plane from different American Airlines, but I couldn't worry about sitting, because I had poor heart service and racism,I'm afraid they're rolling me off the plane 😂 so I had to sit on our own aircraft (China Southern Airlines). From Hong Kong. China Net friend

SnurX : Brilliant!

Chad Elmore : This is a fantastic commercial. Saw it on a flight this week ans it made me glad I was flying Delta!

Rob Moir : I m sure sorry about what happened to Delta I heard that Delta died because she was overcome by the shadow hohoho

tybee hurst : The cinematography is incredible. I’ll never fly with anyone else now. Seriously, wish more ads had this much thought and passion put into them.

John Doe : Like did Don Draper do this?

W. Alston Crosby : One of the best ads I've ever seen.

John Doe : Holy crap this is a good ad.

bkirkpa1 : As soon as I see this commercial come on, I like to say "Make 'em say uhh . . ."

Diego Alonso 2S : ¡¡BRAVAZOOO!!

Bruno Abner : foda

Jose8090 : Delta I have a question Why your private jets aren’t in deltas livery

IIlllIlIIIlIIllI : What does delta mean to y'all lol

Philip Cariño : Nice concept. + points for Viola voiceover

Frederick Sprinkle : Who's the Director and DP?

An Dang : Omg, is that Vietnam in the first few seconds?

MrTOPEKOMSI : the beginning guy on motorcycle said Make em say UNGGGGGGH (UNGGGGGGH) Na-nah na-nah lmao