Salamander Regrowing Its Leg!
Salamander Regrowing Its Leg

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Watch as this tiger salamander regrows its leg that was bitten off by a dog! Music: &


Saurian Scapes : That is incredible! I've always heard they can regenerate their limbs but it is really amazing to actually see it.


TJ Spies : I think part of it has to do with something like muscle atrophy. The new limb hasn't been used as much as the other ones. I expect the more he uses it, the larger it will appear.

Max Salusky : Has little Tom been released back into the wild? He seems to really have that survival instinct on point.

interstellar icewing : 3:09 that little nubley leg is so cute

Dovie Dossett : Bloody amazing. Wish we could do that. I bet someday we can, and I bet it'll result from studying how these guys do it.

Michael Regis : This reminds me of when Deadpool cut off his own arm and it rejuvenated into a baby hand in which he used to touch himself.

Kennedy Priest : You watched a salamander re-grow its leg.. and DIDN'T name it Deadpool!?

Brandon Smith : I have a question are tiger salamanders normally that fast? Because I found one that I injured by accident by stepping on it and I was nursing it back to health and he healed up just fine and he just loves to be handled he doesn't squiggle around he'll sit on my chest sit on my arm but he never runs off. Is this normal behavior for a tiger salamander? He will slowly walk around but he never runs.

Clouty A1 : We found Dart (stranger things reference)

Supreme Repti : Poor salamander must feel so much pain when that happened.... I feel awful... XOXO good luck little dude

Christopher Alter : I now want a salamander

Lord Tien : Man I miss having tigers. I switched to axolotls when my 18 year old tiger died of old age this past January. They're such good little salamanders. It was really cool to see a leg regrow. I've known many mole salamanders can regrow limbs but never seen it before. Lucky Thomas, he was able to find someone who could care for him during the regrowth!

Belle Hollins : Thomas used /flail/ itโ€™s super effective!

Henry Crescenzi : His toes were so cute!!!

PinkOld : We have this very species of salamander living right in my area in the wild, and I once found one in our basement when I was a kid. We let him go, in a safe place outside, of course.

BileMonkey : Properly incredible! Like others, had never actually seen this process. Brilliant work and Thomas is a proper cutey! :D

Seige Drakonera : Omg, this is superb documentation of the salamanders regeneration process. The high quality HD shots are amazing and a very informative video overall. Keep up the awesome work!

Princess_Elinor Plays ROBLOX and more! : Don't you think it's weird that I searched 'extra *THICC* lizard thighs?' ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

PaxxTan : The Dodo has clips from this video on their Snapchat story and give no credit to you.. they just call you โ€œa girlโ€ I recognized the clips immediately but had to come check just to make sure... yep they just out here stealing peopleโ€™s content and not giving credit...

6Heart1Ace6 : Lol I love how you're narrating the snake's hissing. xD Thanks for the tip. I've never heard of this method or seen anyone do it. Definitely a great idea!

Nick Seaman : That's awesome!

lil' timmy : Those are the cutest lil' bean toes I have ever seen!

ExoticLuck : I found 2 salamanders without legs herping last year they seemed fine

Merry Henderson : 5:59 o o o ok ok cool this is cool

Van Lee : this animal must very beloved by the creator

noe sixtos : Very interesting video... the Timelapse starts at 4:54 for those in a rush

Corrupt Tempest : That is really cool. Such an awesome little critter.

Happy Emmy : Aw poor guy Iโ€™m so happy heโ€™s okay What a cutie

irhas malik : So beautiful.. ๐Ÿ˜„

Hawk_ Productions : I just wat hint how to force feed a snake an di was wondering if in a emergency can u force feed a salamander?

Sheery Parker : Emily you are so beautiful you are amazing

Gaming With Spicy Memes : I wish we could do that ;w;

Gary Walsh : Good gob his leg has growd bac So happy ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ Sent from Lexie๐Ÿ˜‡

Reptiles And bugs : I have a African clawed frog that got its toes bitten of and they grew back like that

Jordie Formicola : Wow, their regeneration abilities are absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing!

Ana the loner1 : "Snake discovery!" *continues to talk about Other Kind of reptiles* I'm not Judging, I'm just Tryna Get. A good laugh

M.R : amazing to see. nice job

Christian Lifeโ€™s of pets : Aww you kept him yay

Mary Feeks : This just shows how behind we are. A friging salamander can re grow an arm but we can't even grow back a toe WTH

Youza : I didn't know that they regrow there limbs!

Tabby T-Bolt : View from wv! I have one as well :)

ImmaRussianSpy : It would be the ultimate bomb placing weapon

Yas K : This is insane and amazing

Logan Plays : I luv deadpool

Queen Kir : Is that lieutenant dan ?

Kimber Gilmore : I feel so happy for him at first I was sad and almost cried but when I started watching the video it made me so happy that he that his leg is growing back so I can't it's hard to talk I'm so happy!

Rosa nichols : This is cool

V334YY : Holy heck he is the cutest little fella ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜