It's Time to STOP the Logan Paul Loophole (MatPat Reaction)

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SomeThingElseYT : I really hope whatever YouTube does doesn't kill off the animation community for a second time. We just got here...again. Also would like to thank Matt for helping me get my monetization re-enabled for my channel (after waiting an entire month of being ignored by YouTube). Really awesome guy.

Naj Renchelf : MatPat for CEO of YouTube! PLEASE! NOW!

Mubsira Yamin : He looks in the camera so seriously that I feel like I'm YouTube. Sorry I'm innocent

Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen : Do you even breath

Zachary Kootcher : Woah, MatPat knows the algorithm better than its creators.

Yeezy ASMR : It's Time To Stop Logan In General

Brickbuilt Replicas : Gotta say when I first saw the title I thought “wow another YouTuber trying to get views off the controversy” but in this video I actually saw emotion and anger. He had a genuine sort of speech that you could feel he is truly trying to express how things need to change. It’s likely he’s worried about his channel being affected because of the platform changes but it is so considerate to see him advocating for the smaller, hard working content creators out there

Roman Hazard : MatPat for president.....

moon howler : Matpat for President You have my vote

Smile For Discord : Am I the only one who thinks matpat is one of the most qualified to talk about this?


akidearest : nicely put

Rileyiscool 9001 : W E H A V E T O E N D T H E P A U L S

Christian Dragoon : MatPat: Please do not do anything that affects other hard working content creators, I'm begging you. YouTube: Hmmmm...... Let's do the opposite of what MatPat asked us to do and take away all of the monetization of all the hard working content creators and let Logan Paul get away Scott Free!!!! And while we're at it, let's keep show casing Logan and Jake's Videos only and make sure anyone who has less then 100,000 subs have a hard time on YouTube. YouTube 2018 everybody!!! #WakeUpYouTube

Space boi : "The paul hole" sounds like a bad porno lmao

End Nitro : To be honest. I agree with everything Mat said, except for the fact that that demon deserves a second chance. Or... Third chance. Or... Fourth

DJ Timmy : Really, You could have called it the "Logan LoopPaul"

Vale Vivanco : Mat should have the recognition logan does, he is SMARTER, NICER, FUNNIER, BETTER PERSON, AND MORE HANDSOME THAN LOGAN.

RainbowKitty 309 : “Now you’re a bit more empowered to act Accor-“ Somethings up here....

TheGoldenFalconFox : Matpat: To act accor-- Me: Welp... that was a very unsatisfying ending.

Anime Rose : The reason my IQ gets higher and my common sense: Matpat

Anelim 123 : MatPat should work at YouTube

FISHQUEEN 27 : Anybody else realize how youtubes history is a lot like star wars The republic ruled fairly at the beginning but then came in all the corruption from sexist videos fake stories from bright side[i should know. I fell for a lot of those videos they make] so then came the rebellion/YouTube trying to fix things. They did.. for a while. Then came in another wave of these vidoes like rants, fortnite rapes, and forest suicide videos/the first order. And here we are still in the midst of all these problems. A lawless time full of lies and deception and few true youtube channels that arent focused on making money. Like animation channels like odds1ouut, jaiden animations, somethingelseyt, tim tom And gaming channels like dantdm, and others [ i only put down dan since thats the only gaming channel i watch😂] And theory channels like tannerfishies, game and film theorists, superhorrorbro, And youtube to fix this broken community once and for all.

alanaq : I guess you could say that Logan made an.. aPAULogy

Reyna Kirkpatrick : Tbh, I think my generation is a lil disappointing, from filming people who committed suicide, to eating laundry detergent😑

SarahsKnight0 : 1:29 => Did anyone else think that he was about to drop an F-bomb instead of say "finally", like, to show what he thinks of Logan Paul's tasteless behavior?

Game Attack : You're a good dude Matt.

Mech WARRIOR57 : Jake Paul: I LOST MY VIRGINITY! *NOT CLICKBAIT* Me: yeah right

Deadly Farriswheel : Why not call it the Paul Paradox Because of the fact that youtube goes against itself

Wastag : Logan and Jake Paul have just been exploiting the internet for ages and this should have stopped them for good! They kill off normal creators who respect other communities by acting like this making the demonetisation severe making other youtubers’ lives a hell. Even with him doing this YouTube just uses channels like this who exploit the system to make videos’ adverts be watched and sell it no matter the content! YouTube should actually DO something instead of selling this as some sort of corporate game which makes me wonder why Pewdiepie got slapped down by YouTube for two slip-of-the-tongue situations when the Pauls just spray this horrible content with no consequence! YouTube, just stop...

Heyits Chazz : YouTube is kinda stupid Here's there punishment logic Logan Paul made a video showing a man that had taken his own life punishment=no punishment Super Mario Logan makes videos of puppets that have curse words and slight adult humor Punishment:all videos age restricted and all ads taken away See the problem YouTube!!! FIX IT!!!!

Promon DA : MatPat I know you might get a lot of hate for this video but a wise woman once said "I don't care about hate, Hate just shows I have fans"

Teo Nikolov : Logan and Jake Paul always were bloodsucking, selfish, rasist, sexist, leaches. And Youtube is not doing anything. Not only, their channels are still up and Youtube is still paying them. But the worst thing is, they teach their fans to be the same bloodsucking, selfish, rasist , sexist leaches. A "Loophole" indeed. And, if I have anything to say to those demons, it is: *_GO COMMIT DIE IN THAT SAME FOREST_*

KongDaSavage ' : I support you and support the message your sending,and yes I don’t believe YouTube needs to delete his channel but videos like that are definitely an issue.

Cyber Glitch : I love how Youtube keeps Logan’s videos that show him tasing dead mice, making his untrained dog a service dog illegally, and even more yet the people who work hard on their videos get demonetized for no reason!!! Here are some that got demonetized - so many of Threadbangers random DIYs (yes they cuss but Logan does too, it is also against the rules to cuss at all in your videos, even bleeping it should cause a demonetization yet Threadbanger gets demonetized and Logan doesn’t!!!) - SimplyNailogicals Peel Porn video where she peels off her nail polish with a peel off base coat and makes fun of it because she called it peel porn (she acts inappropriate but she did make a warning and yet Jake and Logan don’t when thy talk inappropriately and yet YouTube doesn’t demonetized it, even though Logan talks about how is channel is catered around children and Cristinne’s channel isn’t, her channel was supposed to be for adults and older teens, yet children watch her) - so many more It’s YouTube that’s killing their own community, they demonetized videos for no reason, and let the bad ones be, just because they’re famous Look at Pewdiepie’s Japan vlog -respectful to the culture -has fun but is very nice and not chaotic -isn’t screaming or leaving fish on cars - isn’t being rude whatsoever Logan -very disrespectful -being chaotic and loud -making a scene - is apologizing even though he’s apologized before and doe it again and again! Why doesn’t Youtube delete his channel yet? Because he brings in the money! Yet so many more people try harder and are more respectful, and don’t get respected by Youtube for their hard work It’s insane!!

Ghiath : Give logan paul other chances ? Just delete his channel

Igor Chesterfield : I used to think that Jake was worse than Logan. Now I see that they’re both just as bad as each other.

Snowfall Bloom : I have absolutely no power in youtube other than in the comment section so far, but I believe that if one video creates this much controversy and is featured on pretty much ever single news channel ever (youtube is and international company),the channel that originally posted the video should get suspended for a few months until the buzz dies down about that video. During that suspension the channel can't be used, can't post, and others can't watch the specific video that took the world by storm which would be deleted. This is the consequence I would have enacted if I was the head of youtube. I would terminate the account if the controversy was extreme and the buzz didn't die down eventually. But, then again, I am only a fellow channel that has absolutely no youtube videos yet, and absolutely no power in youtube other than in the comments. Sometimes, words are stronger than actions, well, not in Logan Paul's case though. But hey, that's just a comment, A REALLY LONG COMMENT! AND PEACE OUT!

Dem Bois : This legit pissed me off. I know it’s been a year and a half but watching this I still felt MAD. Things like this need to stop

Patient Zero : The 4.7K people who disliked this video are most probably salty Logang and Jake Paulers

KIMINKINK ' : I don't know why I haven't notice this, but matpat is pretty good looking. *shush i know he has a partner*

HavingFunTimes : I hope this video gets embedded in news articles so it gets to trending!

inhumanpoppy : Wait... Fox News is trusted?

Mega : Sad... Millions of weaker channels will quit youtube... All thise people spent their life trying to make money on youtube and it is all going to get ruined.

kerry fredericks : it feels weird after watching him talk instead of just listening to his voice 😂😂

ArodTheDog : I can't take him seriously when Peepachu is just staring blanky at the camera...

Heracross X : Not gonna lie, YouTube REALLY needs to stop blatantly playing favorites like this. The fact that significantly lesser channels have been crippled for MUCH lesser offenses is especially infuriating.

NO C4Mpers : YOUTUBE. Take some notes

roteberg1 : When I first saw that video I felt a-paul-ed.