It's Time to STOP the Logan Paul Loophole (MatPat Reaction)

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SomeThingElseYT : I really hope whatever YouTube does doesn't kill off the animation community for a second time. We just got here...again. Also would like to thank Matt for helping me get my monetization re-enabled for my channel (after waiting an entire month of being ignored by YouTube). Really awesome guy.

Joe Capo : *_youtube proceeds to demonetize every channel until further notice..._*

Swampy Songs : MatPat: YouTube needs to be careful not to punish the smaller channels YouTube Execs: It's not punishing the smaller channels if we simply get rid of the smaller channels

TremendousPuppy : Not only does Logan Paul have enough money as it is, but he also gave foreigners a bad reputation in Japan, he ruined the careers of thousands of potential content creators that want to create manga, anime and video games in the country. I'd say Logan Paul should be stripped of his monetization ability, at least temporarily until this whole situation is forgotten about.

Spam My : Hey, hey MatPat do, do you know about the Fallout New Vegas perk Logan's Loophole? ... yeah I am a sad human being Keep up the good videos :D

Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen : Do you even breath

Game Attack : You're a good dude Matt.

_chateaux_ : Hopefully now you can act acor- *video ends* *chucks my computer out the window*

UltimateDebate Reviews : He should be taken down and banned from social media. He disrespected someone’s LIFE. and then he just gets more views and money. Sorry, but why is YouTube rewarding/not doing anything about it? They should have taken the video and channel down stat. As a small youtuber, it pisses me off someone’s famous for being a jerk... while there are so many people losing out on growth.... I think we need a new platform.

Caitlin Hill : I 100% agree. MatPat for president 😁

RoseBlaze : This makes me sad. It really does. I had never heard of the Paul brothers until December 2017, and I immediately did not love them. Learning what they have done with their new fame makes me very, very disappointed. As someone who adores animation videos of all kinds, I try to support those channels. I wish that they could get more recognition. JaidenAnimations and theodd1sout are amazing, and now I want the same recognition for everyone, not just doing animation, but for everyone who works hard to upload content onto this site. Thanks for reading! I am not an adult, just a nerd. Thank you guys so much for helping to make this site mean more than just Logan and Jake Paul. Really.

Lily Does Art : Youtube is so broken. I've been waiting along with thousands of other new creators for over a month for my channel to get reviewed for monetization. They said usually it gets done within a week. Now they're telling us it's going to be another 2-3 weeks. I love making videos, but right now I'd rather pick up shifts at Starbucks, because financially I'm in a hard spot. They're so distant in their communication, like they're trying to hide what they're doing from us. Just frustrating.

Esmer Araujo : #CloseTheLoganLoophole

The MurdererZ : Matpat would win any argument

Yuki Artisa : I’m actually really happy that someone else has noticed this. It is exactly like when Minecraft broke YouTube and even how you get in trouble for making 8 minute videos, losing thousands of dollars to pay your crew since you usually make 25-40 minute videos. I hope you read this, because I really think someone should explain this problem, more in debt. Matthias has, but no one seems to care.

89 : Sorry people who disagree with this, but Mat… you're correct. You see when there's usually drama on YouTube, it makes money for YouTube as well as the Pauls in this situation. The problem is that, even though it absolutely met with one of YouTube's rule, YouTube didn't mind because it was also making so much money for ITSELF as a platform as well (and I thought I've seen bigger sellouts). So what YouTube did in a nutshell was let the video stay for *ITSELF* to gain money because it was helping them. The ONLY!! Reason they took notice of this was because once Logan took it down, they knew people would come after them saying, "why didn't you take it down?" Well… the problem is, why do you think they'd let a video stay that would also support them? EVEN YOUTUBE ITSELF IS CORRUPTED!!!

Jacob Willey : Thank you for being the voice of reason Mat

Madi Murphy : You know that the crappy 2017 trends don't end until logan and jake Paul die

Cupcakes And Activism : What the heck happened to, y'know, YouTube being a safe and enjoyable community where people could have fun watching and/or uploading videos? Seriously. Eleven years ago, when this website started, YouTube was a genuine area. But only people like MatPat are still sticking to that idea.


Married Movie Reviews : Unfortunately YouTube's decision did affect everyone else, like you said it would. And what I mean by everyone else, I mean the many, many small YouTubers like myself. With the new requirements, it's becoming harder and harder to have any kind of success on YouTube. MatPat, I would love to hear your thoughts on the new YouTube Monetization requirements. 1,000 subsribers and 4,000 watched hours(240,000 minutes) over the last year is actually extremely hard to achieve now with YouTube's algorithm. And yes, while my content is not original by any means, after nearly 2 years and 126 videos, I'm still only up to 407 subscribers. You and Stephanie on GT Live is what inspired me to create my channel in the way that I include my wife in our videos(at least when she feels like it). I love your channels MatPat and I love that you are so passionate about YouTube. I also love the fact that you pretty much nailed it with your predictions on how YouTube would handle the situation. Keep rockin' it!

Brickbuilt Replicas : Gotta say when I first saw the title I thought “wow another YouTuber trying to get views off the controversy” but in this video I actually saw emotion and anger. He had a genuine sort of speech that you could feel he is truly trying to express how things need to change. It’s likely he’s worried about his channel being affected because of the platform changes but it is so considerate to see him advocating for the smaller, hard working content creators out there

Connor N. - HerobrineManiac : 2:59 You know MatPat means business when he swears.

drawitoutlady : I liked this until you said you think he deserves another chance. No. Another chance means he continues his course of development as a narcissist enabled by his ability to keep such a huge fan base and the income derived from it. No. This is a problem. That he has as many fans as he has is worrying given his content. The only way this kid can become better is by losing his platform. The platform feeds all that is wrong with him.

Anonymous Moondust : The Logan LOOPHOLE and the Jake FLAW.

Pingsum : I was actually stunned when Mat started to speak my exact thoughts.

Milena Gauster : MatPat should work at YouTube


Electric Reset : We need a new/alternative platform.

RainbowKitty 309 : “Now you’re a bit more empowered to act Accor-“ Somethings up here....

Riley Cox : W E H A V E T O E N D T H E P A U L S

HavingFunTimes : I hope this video gets embedded in news articles so it gets to trending!

Bbadwolfzs Robertson : Is it me or is matpat getting a little buff?

Yeezy ASMR : It's Time To Stop Logan In General

Tom Nord : preach brother

Melody Xiong : So not fair to other youtubers, some worked SO HARD to gain a positive community. By uploading contents that takes time. And here's Logan Paul uploading a video with a poor depressed man, with out feeling shitty about it. His fans are also toxic - still likes him after what he has done.

In The Mind of Kibara : You're the first person I've heard from that discusses the algorithm during the Logan Paul Situation. Good job Mat.

SarahsKnight0 : 1:29 => Did anyone else think that he was about to drop an F-bomb instead of say "finally", like, to show what he thinks of Logan Paul's tasteless behavior?

rehl25 : “After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul’s YouTube channels. This is not a decision we made lightly, however, we believe he has exhibited a pattern of behavior in his videos that makes his channel not only unsuitable for advertisers but also potentially damaging to the broader creator community.” - Youtube

Eamonn Moroney : His channel should be deleted and he should be banned from making more content

Home BodyBird : Sometimes I think the only thing that'll stop the Logan brothers from making any more controversial content, is if a court Judge rules them a sentence of being prohibited from making anymore youtube videos. Judges have made a lot weirder sentences, so it could happen. Hopefully he cleans up his act so this never happens.

Dr. Game : The video ended in the middle of Mat's sentence. #BlameJason Man, it's been a while since a #BlameJason was put out there

Mega malfunction : YT seriously needs to reward u more cos u actually give valuable opinions and facts that help the site and community, respect bro 🙌🏽

1gigatitan : Make YouTube Great Again

_its _the_reaper : 1st time i seen his face. And sometimes youtubers dont look like what u expect like there voice dosnt go good with there face but his voice goes good with his face

Max Dash115 : when people are smart as hell : Well explained like always!

Random Ashe : Why do people keep saying 2017 was a bad year? They say this nonsense every year.

AV Dusknoir : alright tbh for as must respect as i’ve lost for you, this is a well said arguement. not that should have even happened to begin with.

bobjim245 : They should demonetise channels rather thans individual videos that would do it