It's Time to STOP the Logan Paul Loophole (MatPat Reaction)

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SomeThingElseYT : I really hope whatever YouTube does doesn't kill off the animation community for a second time. We just got here...again. Also would like to thank Matt for helping me get my monetization re-enabled for my channel (after waiting an entire month of being ignored by YouTube). Really awesome guy.

Joe Capo : *_youtube proceeds to demonetize every channel until further notice..._*

EliteStudio : This was a perfect video.

Wolf Gaming : This deserves more views. This stuff should known by so much more people.

wile ‘ : To act accor...

T-Bone : good video

I y a n a : Geez I really hope Youtube listens for once

SpiffyApple YT : At the end it just cuts off

Kepler 68 : >mat: YouTube you need to stop the drama channels and don't step on the little guys >YouTube: WE ARE DEMONETIZING ALL SMALL CHANNELS!

OVA Let's Play : I just found out that they have acted accordingly. Google prefered will now be monitored by human reviewers before the videos get advertising. Logan Paul was taken off Google preferred and his YouTube red projects we're post poned indefinitely. THE BIG CHANGE THEY MADE THAT IS IN ORDER TO BE A YOUTUBE PARTNER AND MONETIZE YOUR VIDEOS YOU HAVE TO HAVE 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS AND 4,000 HOURS OF ANNUAL WATCH TIME! That is a significant loss to creators like me and my fiancee that are just starting out. This is our passion and our hobbyso we're not giving up but it is disheartening. We plan on starting a patreon account soon and hope that on time we will be to meet the guidelines to be a partner again. Thank you for reading.

Champ PlayZ : 6:43 to 6:47 Just four seconds were able to remove most of my brain cells

HavingFunTimes : I hope this video gets embedded in news articles so it gets to trending!

kiranpranathi : BREAKING NEWS!!!! GAME THEORIST DISSES YOUTUBE!! GAME THEORIST ASKS YOUTUBE TO DELETE LOGAN AND JAKE PAUL!! FANS OF LOGAN AND JAKE ARE OUTRAGED!!! ... P.S I don’t actually think that matpat is doing this(doing the Logan loophole himself) this was just a joke guys, don’t get triggered. #ListenToReasonYoutube

Waffle Cat : Lets just ignore that Matpat just dabbed. Me: *Holds dab police badge tightly*

Stephen Sneeden : When mat pat curses you know its real

GenoStarBomb : We need to stop jake and Logan Paul from doing this. First it us the small next it will hit the biggest creators until pewdiepie is no longer the world most subscribed YouTuber. It’s time for the theorist crew to take them down


Renae Hansen : Suicide is a serious thing thank you Matt Pat we share the same opinion and ps love your chanle ❤️💙♥️

AnimaToons : 6:45... ouch

Angel : I subbed just for 'Paul hole'.

RuLeu McD : One question: why AREN'T game and film theory the #1 channels on YouTube? Also, come on, let's get this to trending. People need to see this video. : Well explained like always!

Cold Coffee Gamer : Aaaaaaannd Youtube did exactly what you told them not to! [Face meets desk]

Nullpersona : Turns out, YouTube is kicking out 99% of partners from the program. The new criteria are aimed at boosting big channels, and snuffing out small ones. To YouTube, it is a simple numbers game. To creators, it is much more.

James Coleman : I felt strong enough about this to publish my first Youtube video on it. I live in Kobe Japan, and the things I saw him do, even suicide victim aside, is enough to get him kicked out of the country permanently. I feel badly for his audience, because he's done something dangerous in his reckless leadership (which is the point of my Youtube video). The guy is dangerous.

Charlotte Hankins : This video deserves more recognition. It speaks the truth to be honest. Matt Pat is so intelligent, he's nearly the only person on this platform who knows what they're talking about. He's simply overqualified for the job he has now. Logan Paul has been the center of attention for to long now, and needs to die out. Same with Jake Paul. They are the literal definition of cancer, spreading with no cause and no cure. Incurable effects, like the video posted about the suicide forest. It's time this Loophole ends, and I believe Matt Pat is the start of it.

Dread, the Mad Smith : It's hard enough for small timers to get a foothold! Don't kill the platform! You did a great job with this video. Thanks for trying to help.

EmethMatthew : So... much... THIS... *Educational* YouTube channels get demonetized or *CLOSED OUTRIGHT* for trying to teach about art or science (nudity and sexuality) or military or social history (violence and political correctness) and YouTube ignores them trying to go through proper channels to correct the situation... We've had to have outside petitions and interventions by bigger YouTubers to get their attention (Thank you MatPat) But Logan Paul puts up a video that is the biggest YouTube controversy since PewDiePie and YouTube does **NOTHING FOR DAYS!** And for both channels the final punishment is being pulled from YouTube Red and future YouTube promotions like Rewind... Um, at this point, **THEY'RE TOO BIG TO CARE!** Too little too late YouTube... And like MatPat says in the video, it's the little channels that get hurt the most...

Najmah Chant : i would tell matpat to make a youtube theory channel but then again the color red is taken for film theory :/

Alex Kiepura : Every broken guidline should resualt in a larger percentage of your ad revnue going to youtube, or even better charity, ireversibly. Second/alternate channels would be monitored more harshly

Dj Fischer : Matt you are really onto something. Beyond the loophole that promotes videos even if they are controversial (like this incident) the whole algorithm is bonk. Some channels are automatically demonitzed for videos that they have made more FCC compliant than other channels. My big example here is Donut Operater vs TYT. They both covered the body cam footage man who was shot in a hotel for non-compliance. Donut didn't swear, they few times he did he bleeped it out. And he blurred the suspect when he was shot. This was demonitzed, almost instantly, and to my knowledge YouTube won't say why. TYT on the other hand did a segment on this body cam footage, they we're cursing up a storm and bashing the police officers involved and when the suspect was shot they left the video raw. To my last knowledge they still have ads on that video. What's the differences between Donut and TYT other than their handling of this video? Let's take a look: Donut: retired police and SWAT officer, he makes his videos to analyze how a situation was handled and draws on his experience to do so. He used to swear and not censor out the rough content, but after his first hit of demonetisation he made almost every video from that point FCC complaint and then some but he still rarely get videos that are left monitization. Oh and he has been called "pro-cop" by viewers who dont like some of his opinions on instanced. As if YouTube sees him upload and says, nah you are XYZ (which no one can figure out) no money for you. TYT is a form of a YouTube based news source for those that aren't familiar. They cover pretty much anything. Don't censor most of the time. And are all around goofballs in some cases. And they tend to make fun of or criticize the police. And they get monitized videos All of which is fine, kinda... Both channels can do things the way they see fit. And YouTube being a private entity can decide who gets what in the ad department. This issue, as is apparent with the Logan loophole also. Is YouTube doesn't seem to be on top of what actually is going on behind the scenes with their algorithms. Not communicating with creators and the community well. And generally seems more interested in the money that anything else. We as consumers have a right to complain about these things and make a "fuss". If enough people start pointing at YouTube to explain what's going on on all fronts. Maybe they will start working harder to fix these issues. If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to comment then. I have more examples but I'm just putting this one together for now.

TridentLion : Thanks Matpat. you are the best youtuber in my opinion.

Caleb Taing : Maybe now, you're a bit more empowered to act accor- ...dion?

Ragini Parkhi : Matpat killin the logic game as per usual. Thanks for shedding some light on the system no one wants to talk about 👌🏽👍🏽

DoomGuy 691 : You hearing this YouTube? Take notes.

wedungnung : SnappedPat

Dragon Hindi X : Truth !

Shae Davis : MatPat: Everyday bro dab on those haters *dabs* Me: *Chokes on oatmeal*

Cekeybula : Hey I think you found it funny but I just have been strike multiple times as violating community guidelines. *Videos that were at strike were me petting my duck, my cat reacting to game, and again, my pet duck sleeping.* 2 of them were not public. So i can guarantee you, youtube algorithm works A' O' K

RobbyMaQ : Um, I find this comical in light of the number of gun related channels that have been shutdown. Few (if any of which) show any violence near what is shown in the loganpaul videos. But apparently hunting boars triggers viewers more than suicide videos complete with blood splattering on the window lol Many others contain no graphic violence or language whatsoever. It's becoming quite a joke...

Wanden : Remove them from recommanded service so only people that want to watch their videos will

Miguel Gordillo : that was a smooth way of making the point i was trying to make for a while: it comes down to attracting advertisers. none of them are going to want to have their ads featured on JP/LP. not for long. if you thought the "pewds is a nazi" fake news was bad for ads, wait until they react to the next paul brothers controversy. the main stream media is playing it extremely smart right now by defending LP. of course they'll blow the pewdiepie out of context news out of proportion, then defend a guy who posted a corpse. TV wants its ad money back to what it used to be before youtube.

Alien _InDisguise : Quick question if you have seen that video you might heard logan paul said this *" i can see his hand purple he done it this morning*" but isnt he colorblind? so maybe all their vlogs are fake isnthe might be lying the whole timefor view...

mark makali : You should be the first YouTuber turned lawyer.

John Kavars : I love how in this video has matpat actually talking to us it reminds me of the old fnaf days and makes me feel like he really cares that we get the info.

KittyFAN13 : Why is it that almost every youtuber says that "Logan Paul deserves a second chance because I believe in second chances and not because I'm afraid of the Logan fan backlash."? *Like hell he deserves a second chance!* He knew what he was doing was wrong and he exploited it for views and money. What he truly deserves is to have his account taken down so that he won't cause anymore damage!

Artixi : I only just started being able to monetize my animations and controversies like this make me nervous for the future of my channel amd other small creators like myself. We don't make a living off of youtube, but it is a hobby we are very passionate about. What's irritating is the few videos I am able to put ads on often end up with a "pretty yellow dot" which is rather discoruaging to someone just starting out with monetization. I never expect to get much more than 1000 subs, but it doesn't change the fact that I care for the community and other creators. For many people, youtube is their only form of income and these "yellow dots" can make the difference between paying the bills on time or not. And I'm not talking about the giant youtubers, I'm talking about the inbetween people who are not too too big but big enough to support themselves financially. I just hope whatever youtube does this time, it doesn't hurt the lesser known side of the community as much as it has been. Creators like "let me explain studios" just got to the point of being able to support herself off youtube, and if another "adpocolypse" happens, there. Could be a big difference in income for creators like her. Many of the initial views for videos happen within the first 12 hours of an upload and that can be a very big difference.

Josiah de Brueys : Lmao I'm imagining this video got demonetised

Sam R : #closetheloganloophole

Drago Leaf : Welp, too bad that Youtube is so far up their own arsehole to even acknowledge let alone ACT on this issue.