Defog your windows TWICE as fast using SCIENCE- 4 easy steps

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TheBackyardScientist : I discovered an even easier to defog your windows.. Move to Florida!

Ezra Kainz : Summary: 1) Full Heat 2) A/C On 3) Recirculation Off 4) Let as much outside air as possible into your car

Darin Hawrylak : In Canada you can't always open your windows cause 90% of the time the windows are frozen shut

Martin Jones : START AT 3:30 and FINISH at 4:15 all you need to get an overview of this video. It would be so much better to hear those 4 points first and THEN elaborate please. You explain the science in those 45 seconds anyway.

Alexandre SAINT GEORGE : There seems to be some confusion here between "de-frosting" and "de-fogging" / "de-misting"...

Chargèro : Now make a video on how to deFROST :)

journalsof jadednews : How do you turn the heat on full blast and A/C on simultaneously ? ... WTF ?

Paul Pane : Geo engineering is already declassified , as the military personnel have already released many photos of the aerosol spraying system in military jets, which appear to look as commercial jets.

bowwowmusic8 : Omg just shut up and tell me asap

Simply Me! : My mom just turns on the wind shield wipers

Bronny : Jurassic Park shaving cream! 😂👍🏻

tri-u watersports : Move to western Texas, 5% humidity, what is defogging a windshield??????? What is snow??????

mistaxtony : Ahh no wonder the a/c gets turned on when I switch on the defogger/deicer

Webster Youngblood : Chemical trails and condensation trails are not the same

iaag o : you could just wipe it with a towel

Sarah : What happens if your car is frozen not just ice all over the outside but the inside as well?

Woke Burger : Nice disinfo video. As a pilot, my contrails disappear within a minute. I fly commercial planes. The planes spewing chemicals are not commercial planes... and the trials don't go away; they form clouds. Bye.

BornToRunBarefoot : The phrase “twice as fast” refers to movement, not time. Twice is a mathematical term meaning “times two.” So basically what you are saying in the video title is that you are going to do something in twice the amount of time

Ry P : Thank you for identifying the mysterious blue liquid they use in ads for menstrual pads.

Moose Musson : I know the quickest solution, use the garage!

Ruben Hofman : just get to the point

TraumaER : Or... ...get out of the car and scrap the ice off and stop being another lazy America. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Annabelle van Berlo : You are truly a imspiration to me, i’m now 14 years old and many people around have a plan for their lives while i only know i want to move to Londen... i love stuff like this and logical thinking and i would love to work at NASA i don’t know what i would do there but it seems amazing. You help me staying motivated to get there someday, thank you for that❤️

Koppa Dasao : Chemtrails are real! It just that most people don't realize that the chemical in chemtrails is a compound of 2 units of hydrogen and one unit of oxygen…

Squishy Piggy : This so called scientist doesn’t believe in chem trails lmao

Chris R : Chem trails are real

Moon Pie : 3:30+ in and waiting for the point of the video still... Using the AC really? lmao

Elevation : One more thing. To help AVOID a fogged up windshield in the first place, NEVER use the "recirc" function in you car. "Recirc" recirculates the cabin's existing air, meaning, your own breathing will put humidity into that air, along with your steaming coffee or tea, and all the other people that may be in your car as they breathing to, that is, unless you're carrying bodies that aren't alive. But, even those bodies can add moisture/humidity to the cabin air depending on their particular conditions too. LOL! :) Keep your car's cabin filled with fresh air to greatly help reduce the potential of fogging. This won't guarantee that your windshield won't fog, because the ambient air temp and relative humidity can change from what was in your car last night and how the ambient air may have greatly changed over night. Once your vehicle is stopped the cabin air is not as quickly replaced as when the vehicle is moving. So if the cabin air is humid relative to the outside air and there is big temperature drop to the outside air, then the humidity/water vapor will condense onto your windshield.

Porglit : Use shaving cream to shave off a couple minutes from your morning commute. Cute.

PvtBenjy : I find it hilarious that he says to turn on your a/c while it's on defrost. The a/c system turns on when you have it on defrost already!!! This is common knowledge.

Robert : Technically they are chem trails because everything is a chemical

David Albee : Can you explain the shaving cream hack more?

Putha Htc : Oh wow i thouht everyone use this trick like if u do this

Caleb Limb : I tried to grab fog, but I mist.

Avery Lopez : 3:36 Your welcome 🤷‍♂️

Nukemandan11 : I live in Canada and all i have to do is make the windshield the same temp as outside so i blast cold air and the fog goes away in a second or two but if im late for work fogs not my problem its the inch of ice on the windshield

Justin Moore : I have no temperature control in my car. I have cold (the furthest setting on the dial) and super-cold (pressing the button) so it defrosts the windshield pretty quickly but then it gets so cold it reverses it and it starts getting wet on the inside...

mushy : I dunno about no frosted windows in Houston. But humid hot air I cycle between cold and warm. If I do cold too long it fogs up, hot removes it then fogs again. It's a battle.

TurboCMinusMinus : Does this also work with linux?

meady200 : Results at: 3:35 How about just reveal the settings for those of us in a rush, then do the techy stuff after for those who are interested?!

the greek guy viva-greece : I found just driving away and saying at the same time, good luck I drive now, is the fastest method for me.

andywillhite : An ex employee of NASA saying "Chem trails" (stratospheric aerosol geothermal engineering) is not real...? Hmmm. You just lost a lot of credit in my book. Move along people, just another mainstream scientist here. This guy won't push science and humanity forward. He can't even think for himself and/or spews lies for the powers to be. Unsubscribed.

SkySurfer : There's reeeeeeealy long thank u at the very end btw mark u r welcome.

Pat F : Mark Rober: That friend you don't even try to argue with because you know he'll embark on a month long science experiment just to prove he's right then make a video of the results and post to YouTube just to rub it in your face.

The real Pieninja555 : I live in San Francisco why did I watch this

Hezekiah Domowski : I didn't know that any car will do heat and a.c. - mine doesn't

gothops154 : I'd recommend not using AC when having the blowers directed on your windows as over time it can leave an film which makes it foggy and hard to see out of especially at night.

6977warrior1 : Turning on your AC when it's super cold outside will ruin your AC compressor. Do not do what he says.

WhiteShadow2k1 : The major problem that causes delays in the morning is not to find the right settings, but the fact that a freezing cold car will simply not be able to give you any hot air immediately after you start it. This means that you are limited to cold air to defog your window.