Defog your windows TWICE as fast using SCIENCE- 4 easy steps

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Chargèro : Now make a video on how to deFROST :)

Porglit : Use shaving cream to shave off a couple minutes from your morning commute. Cute.

Alexandre SAINT GEORGE : There seems to be some confusion here between "de-frosting" and "de-fogging" / "de-misting"...

iaag o : you could just wipe it with a towel

Jason C. Rochon : I ate a Costco hotdog and combo pizza slice. Once I drank my Mountain Dew, I had immediately made a chem-trail in my underwear.

mistaxtony : Ahh no wonder the a/c gets turned on when I switch on the defogger/deicer

Jonny DIY : *Close shave, America. Close shave Barbasol*

Simply Me! : My mom just turns on the wind shield wipers

MiningwithPudding : 5:10 The add before this video was actually about "chem-trails".

TurboCMinusMinus : Does this also work with linux?

Boanerges the Anti-Catholic : Does his looking off screen to his friends bug anyone else?

GunnedDownAtrocity : Mark seems like a really nice a guy. Like a guy you could hang out with at a picnic all day. And a few hours in, you'd be absolutely annihilated, while Mark has paced himself and may or may not have a slight "buzz." But he wouldn't judge you for it. And he would at least appear to still have a good time. Because he's a really nice guy.

Skykid : Turn your windshield wiper on boom gone

6977warrior1 : Turning on your AC when it's super cold outside will ruin your AC compressor. Do not do what he says.

Veedo C : I stopped watching after he said "suckiest"

GraceToast : Why is this guy a thing?

the greek guy viva-greece : I found just driving away and saying at the same time, good luck I drive now, is the fastest method for me.

J Girl : I just did a test of the shaving cream on my bathroom mirror. If it works, my car is next! I'll know in the morning

gothops154 : I'd recommend not using AC when having the blowers directed on your windows as over time it can leave an film which makes it foggy and hard to see out of especially at night.

[Insert Name] : Technically they are chem trails because everything is a chemical


KeEnAn : I was late for work watching this...thanks.

Pat F : Mark Rober: That friend you don't even try to argue with because you know he'll embark on a month long science experiment just to prove he's right then make a video of the results and post to YouTube just to rub it in your face.

transce080 : I already knew this but I loved the explanations. :)

Webster Youngblood : Chemical trails and condensation trails are not the same

Courage Is Standing Up Alone : +Mark Rober - Why does a smokers automotive windows seem to fog up more than a none smokers automotive window? I can't just say one type of vehicle for the trolls will attack my question.

Bryce Earl : Does the same apply to icy windows?

Avery Lopez : 3:36 Your welcome 🤷‍♂️

UTookMy UserName : My dad just got hot water and poured it on the window and everything was gone.

Moose Musson : I know the quickest solution, use the garage!

Ruben Hofman : just get to the point

Confused Biker : Start vloging. Hearing you talk makes me feel smart.

David Albee : Can you explain the shaving cream hack more?

billy boop billy boop : Shaving cream

Jethro : Now do: 'How to defrost your windows quickly'.

B Mckinnon : If you live in Canada, just be thankful!

Morgan Larson : We have snow on our windshield and ice

Natabulous : so the shaving cream was applied on the inside of the window?

Ice : Thanks This Helped Alot

Xylander : Thanx, This really Helps me

MotoBoy : I don't think the towel example worked really well, but that's just my opinion

2020 Filmworks : So called chem trails? and this video was going so well.

Micadus : I have that same shirt

Kameron Jones : Pour a cup of hot water

Martin Aguillon Jr. : I use the cool air to defrost the windshield.

unclvinny : "Shave a few minutes off your commute..." hehehehehhe!

Matt C : Str8 Jurassic nerd

Zachary Lane-Denny : Delivering pizza in cold causes FAST humidity. I've been doing exactly what your video showed, good to know I've been right. Thanks, and great video!

Luckybird1185 : It's science bro!!

Darin Hawrylak : In Canada you can't always open your windows cause 90% of the time the windows are frozen shut