Defog your windows TWICE as fast using SCIENCE- 4 easy steps

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TheBackyardScientist : I discovered an even easier to defog your windows.. Move to Florida!

Affalterbach Brackley 1967 : Step 5: turn on the fan to loud because it scares the water away.

Anonymous User : This might work for defogging your windows but defrosting them is a different story.....

lucid : Why does it say defrost when hes talking about defog

Gabriel G : My wife is mad at me, I cracked all the windows like you said with a ball peen hammer and now we can't see anything through them.

Chargèro : Now make a video on how to deFROST :)

C.E. : My air circulation button automatically turns off when I apply defrost windshield. Subaru knows haha.

Ty M : I freaking love this guy Edit: Taught me Science and roasted the Kardashian’s.

Bronny : Jurassic Park shaving cream! 😂👍🏻

truth96130 : Actual instructions- 4:20

Omerdad Gamer : Most teachers have 0 to 500 subs.. until you notice this guy with 4 mil is a collage professor who worked at nasa

Ed S : I’ve never seen a vehicle that will allow you to use the recirculated air setting while on the defrost setting.

James H : Why can't we have windscreen wipers for the inside of the car? Some flat ones that then funnel the water down some piping then outside the car? Would that not be easier and quicker?

Justin Moore : I have no temperature control in my car. I have cold (the furthest setting on the dial) and super-cold (pressing the button) so it defrosts the windshield pretty quickly but then it gets so cold it reverses it and it starts getting wet on the inside...

Ry P : Thank you for identifying the mysterious blue liquid they use in ads for menstrual pads.

Jacob Rodriguez - Mayfield SS (2452) : I live in Canada so I already know this.😄

AllTerrainGuy : I use the same exact techniques in my Jetta!! This guy deserves a smash on the like button!

mushy : I dunno about no frosted windows in Houston. But humid hot air I cycle between cold and warm. If I do cold too long it fogs up, hot removes it then fogs again. It's a battle.

Syndicated Satellite : Nobody enjoys getting chemtrail flu.

TurboCMinusMinus : Does this also work with linux?

Mia Hallén : Lol here in Sweden in the winter we often got a thick layer of frost/ice on the widow that you have to scrape off every cold morning... Yay Sweden

jeff westbrooke : Thunder. Thunder. Thundercats, HHOOOOOOOOO!

Machette Freddy : Back in the day on the fishing boats we wipe the inside of windows when they were dry with dish soap.

That cool guy Cole : In Florida we have 300% humidity.

Caleb Limb : I tried to grab fog, but I mist.

Mike Smith : So which is better to use Defrost setting or the Ac on hot ?

Jerepe : Just use Linux

Arguing With Stupid People : Mark, as a former NASA employee, clearly you are part of the giant multi-agency chemtrail conspiracy - because everyone knows that government-funded entities like NASA would of course want taxpaying citizens to be sick, not working and not paying taxes, right?

The real Pieninja555 : I live in San Francisco why did I watch this

Ezra Kainz : Summary: 1) Full Heat 2) A/C On 3) Recirculation Off 4) Let as much outside air as possible into your car

John Paine : Buy a chunk of pink Himalayan salt (salt lamps are ~$20 at Walmart) and place anywhere in your car. Your windows will never fog again.

Russell Johnston : What kind of Arctic rainforest are you living in where you have frost on the INSIDE of the windshield?

Sean Miller : Get 99% isopropyl alcohol put on top of windshield if you think ahead put a piece of cardboard under wipers and remove when ready to drive.

Steven Mccallan : So now that the government has admitted chem trails are real and are an attempt to lower the temp of the earth to fight so called climate change, what do you say? Climate change is phony science and nothing more than an attempt by the powers that be to control people and extract wealth for themselves. Not working out too well for Macron in France right now

Koppa Dasao : Chemtrails are real! It just that most people don't realize that the chemical in chemtrails is a compound of 2 units of hydrogen and one unit of oxygen…

Victor Popov : TL:DR just turn AC on for a little, no matter if cold or warm air you will defog your windows in seconds

PhaseSkater : Why do my windows fog up when I use the hands and feet heat? Only way to keep heat on when driving is feet and defogger. But then my hands are freezing

HypeR_MK : I read this as defrag your windows lmao. Too much pc gaming.

Ali Anoof : Take a shot everytime he says 'Water comes out'

tinkmarshino : your wrong! the best method for defrosting your windows in winter is to live in australia; or you could just do what I did. retire and never leave the house until it is 70 degree F out..! (Which I will admit doesn't work as good as the first solution) Hummm a big dry towel? have you ever read Douglas Adams books... DON"T PANIC if you haven't.. but he talks about your towels too .. Check him out!

Brian Outdoors & Truth : Bill Nye is not a scientist

spectech73 : Remote start is the easiest solution.

Yorkshire T : I just wanted an answer not a science lesson

Porglit : Use shaving cream to shave off a couple minutes from your morning commute. Cute.

Sammy Bobadilla : Make a video on flat earth believers

Lord Midas : I spray some alcohol on the windshield and it takes no time at all for ice to disappear.

_Bob McCoy : *Sorry, I lost you at **_Window_*

Moonspear : Another related tip is to crack the windows open for the last few minutes of your drive the night before, to help take out some of the moisture from inside the car before the next morning

Darin Hawrylak : In Canada you can't always open your windows cause 90% of the time the windows are frozen shut

Jake Likes Tech : wow you really helped me on this science homework sheet i actually got and I mean i learned it from your video yesterday and it helped me today I am really looking forward to going into physics because it seems to be the most interesting and fun thank you for inspiring me even more to love science