DUALITY | Short Film | Sheikh Shahnawaz

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Savfk - Music : You are really talented. It was a real honour to compose the soundtrack to this great movie. Thanks for letting me be a part of this.

JDSKY ART FILM : great film!! the actors did such a fine job and the concept and the storytelling were amazing !!   take a minute to see my "art film"  Thanks!!!

pablo villar : The best film I have ever watched recorded by the a6300

Hayden Hayder : Love it ! Enjoyed watching

Ilya Svetkin : Another great work! Soundtrack is awesome. Both actor are great, but of course, actress is splendid. Waiting for the next suspense thriller

Jo Kendrick : Really liked this. A lot of talent :)

Moonraven Films : Great job Sheikh! You've tackled another tough subject with expertise and nailed it regarding domestic violence abuse patterns. The music is what really tied this all together - very atmospheric and moving. Great job by the actors too, both were very convincing in their roles. Okay ... so when's the next one?? :-D p.s. ... Molly? LMAO

Dylan Ahmed : Fully enjoyed it bro #dark

Josh Hennion : Good film I enjoyed it, looking forward to some more

Miguel Canovas : Great short film, congrats.

Veroda Weddings : Well Done love this one keep it up bro!!!

Music Mania : Hello Shahnawaz , I just want to know little about you. You make great films, where did you learnt this?? Is it film school or by yourself? If by yourself then how did you manage??

Ibrahim Ali : Going out with the boys😂 love that line. Keep it up bettyboy

rovercross : Nice work. I kinda enjoyed the scene a lot in which he tries to apologize but is then, due to conditioning, given a free pass which effectively compounds his behavior and in a sort of way excuses his actions. Good choice of actors too. Also very difficult topic and i am sure it will speak to more people than it should. I hope this helps raise awareness too.

Mikeal Robinson : Great film! Excited to see the next one!

Mspigglywiggly09 : Loved the clip!!!

moses knows : Nice job with this, gave it a like... I'll be posting my new lil horror short within a couple of weeks but my teaser/trailer is up, I hope you can take a peek... >>>"FRIGHT HOUSE"<<< Thanks so much, Moses...

Tracey Mcclatchey : Hi molly 😊🐱🐱

Noah : Bleeeeahh the writing uhggggghhhh

RenePlayZ : I wanna have a you too

Rimvismedia : Bravo!

Liton Ali : Which mic was used for the dialouge recording ??

Simon 'Ghost' Riley : The woman is very good actress

Dan Tonkin : Great film mate :)

Lorea Gooden : Clever i want moreeee

Ezzex : when will the next film come?

gotty em : I know this is awfully random, but does anyone else just love her nose?