Western Spaghetti by PES

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Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : Why have ASMR when you can just put this on repeat?

Lanteire : Let’s all take a moment to look at when this was posted....

ダレダソレ明美 : 日本人いる? いたらグッド👍

reivaj270 : What?? Do you think money grows on trees????? Yup

Max Bui : Imagine someone high watching this

Renny Maniquis : Wow I still remember watching this when I was in 3rd grade now I'm a sophomore lol

ただのにゃんこ好き : 久しぶりに見に来たら再生回数1億超えててびっくりしたd(ŐдŐ๑)

長谷川圭一 : これが10年前の動画とはとても思えない。 共感できないかもしれないけど。

ショッティーズ/shoty's channel : 日本人で見てる人いる?

the super golden angels : you are talented how did you do that so beautiful

{유명유튜버 꿈나무}꿀범 : 한국인 모여라

#Mlle Shelse : 2018 ??

細胞はたらく : 日本人でみてるひといる ❓

フェイリス : 音フェチにはタマンねぇな

Adam Cox : I've never wanted eat something so inedible before. 

黒羽 : どんな音フェチ動画でもこれには勝てない気がする

ラブ下梶 : 0:15の水みたいなの入れる時の音すき

sHoOk sIsTah : When ur broke and u cant afford

まなみ/Manami : なんかジブリで料理してる雰囲気 と同じ感覚(*≧∀≦*)

Ngoc Phan : Spaghettis for dinner Recipes Pasta sticks Garlics Tomatoes Cheese Parsley Water 1 ltr Instructions Boil water for 10 minutes then peel out the onions dice out into smallest pieces pour veg oil in frying pan then crush tomato open lid put pasta sticks in check out the tomato sauce add parsley in cut out put in add butter in stir the pasta then pour in sink and serve with tomato sauce grate the cheese then crush the garlics and ready for dinner today

マホロマルク : 音気持ちよさそうだから音量MAXにしてたら、最初の火をつける音で耳やられた

BigBadWheelChair : I watched this years ago I forgot how old I was but I am 14 now I think I was 5 or 4 and I was looking for this for the past years and I finally find it ♿

天国と地獄釜爺 : 1:07

Eddie Salazar : Why did he cut a pefectly doller bill instead give it to somewhon who really needs it give a like if you know what im talking about. But i still love pes


Madison Marin : 0:56 No the dollar!!

isxbella. : I used to pretend my rubber bands were spaghetti.... *I knew someone thought like me*

Larry Eugene Hawthorne III : WARNING!! This is NOT real! Don't try this at home!

男日の丸モモレンジャー : まだ見てる人いる?

Artisteroon : That looks poisonous in a way.

곰찡{핑쿠공쥬} : 2018년에 온사람~

Spaghetti Man : Not bad.

SmolShine : how?!?1!11 :0

Sugar Pea : When your mom askes for you to cook at age 8

Salty Fries : This makes me hungry

Natalia c : I can’t believe this is 10 yrs old...


Freestyle idea : 2018 กูเป็นคนไทยคนเดียว😂👍👍

The Derpy Nugget : When you are too broke and cant afford real food

Evannith : Something I would not eat.

Teila Perez : Everybody this is breakfast I got some cereal named booty-o's No Frill that's actually cereal I don't know why these three wrestlers it's cool but not so cool it's like Funko Pops of it

リアリズム魔法の : mOney grows oN trEes

蜜柑 : 油をフライパンにひくときの音が1番好きです

Gavin Lulu : 0:06 *corn candy*

Mariana Scorpion : Mom: money does not grow from trees, darling Me: 00:51 What do u say?

Gde Pradnyana : XD #moneyplant

Addyson Carrier : I actually want to eat this🤣

She'll Bell757 : 0:51 Mr. crabs just had a hart attack

Mika Ashley McNeill : And people said that money don’t grow on trees😁

Ruby Romero : Rainbow Noodles!