Darth Vader Awakens but it's dubbed by Japanese Google Translate

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Consural : Star Wars is my favorite anime

Vadim_nevidim : Isa she seifu? Isa she alurito?

Muhammad Fithratul : this is why i pay for the internet

The Extra Crispy Colonel : ah ah ah oowoowoo

Blagden Le Corbeau : Is she *ALRIGHTO* ?

Mr.Battlefront : *_P a d o m a y_*

PokeWaffles : *A H A H A H* *O O W O O W O O*

Supa Copper : ah ah ah owowowo Never thought of Darth Vader's breathing could be dubbed tat way haha!!

Communist_Penguin : this is way better than it has any god damn right to be

Mr.Battlefront : *_A A A U U U_*

Big Boss : How Star-Wars was meant to be.

Zak Z : Please do this to the entire movie

Faizal Ali : darth vader going kyuuuuuu what a time to be alive... ..unlike padomay

Chichopuente : I can imagine Palpatine killing Vader after 5 minutes of this annoyance

Jason Voorhees : This sounds like a rubber duck being molested by Ronald Mcdonald

YellowLightning : I like this version better than the original one xD NoooOOOOooooOOOOooooOOOoooo

Jimmy McJimface : A H A H A H W O O W O O W O O


i do not contribute to anything in society : The manga was way better though

Waifu Wilson : Top 10 Most Emotional Anime Scenes

Mr.Battlefront : normally this moment is very sad but this is to funny xD

900bot : Star Wars is my favorite anime! Anikan is just so Kawaii!

Candy Animations : *ah ah ah wowowow* *Ah ah ah wowow* He's:Lord Vader? *Ah ah ah wowow* He's:Can you Hear Me? *Ah ah ah wowow* Vader:Yes master Vader:Where is Padomay He's:is She Saeefu He's:isa she alrighto He's:Ito seems in your Anga He's:You Killeda Ha Vader-I.. I coldont have, She was Aliva, I felto ito *Ah ah ah wowowow* *Ah ah ah wowowow* Vader:NNNNNNNN...Nnnnnnnn......NoooOOoooOoOOOoOooOoooOOOOoOoooOOOOO

PillsburyDoughboy : I cant breath from Vader's breathing XD This deserves MILLIONS of more views or should I say "Vieusu"

Rocket 205 : Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Bhazor : Ironically the Noooo is way less stupid sounding than the original.

Rex Orbis : Es Shee Safu?

Karen Took the kids : This would definitely be the only anime I would watch

Donaldo alvares : where can i watch this anime with subtitles?

sleepofgiants : the breathing simultaneously ruins it and splits my sides

NinjaSheep : Top 10 sad anime scenes

FlikFlax : Ah yes. The propper breathing technique

Tr4il : Why do you only have 479 Subs?

Ding dong so long they call it long schlong : .

Return Of The Nerd : No Oo Oo Oo Oo O

Nicholas Papadopoulos : top 10 anime darkest and saddest moments.

Wrylentyn : These Japanese Google Translate dubs are great! Keep em coming!

Harry IC : In your anga You killeda ha

Raycheetah : I was waiting to hear "Du nato wantu!" =^[.]^=

Physiology Shark : Palpatine : Lorde Vader, can yu hiyah me? Vader : Yes master, wereis Pademe? Ise she seife? Ise she aleraito? Palpatine : Ito shimese in your engga, Yu killedo he Vader : I, I koredonte heve, she was alive, I keren toito, Ah ah ah . . . Eh eh eh, nooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo

The Wolf : 0:51 your waifuu is not saifuu you ended her laifuu

Vitamix534 : ah ah ah oowoowoo noooOOoooOOoooOOoooOOoooOOoooOOoooOOoooOO!

Henry Dube : I wonder how the Japanese feel about this, are they *"seifu, are they orurayito"* 😂😂😂😂😂

li pilou : will you guys do some with the original star wars ? cause this is gold XD

Cantoxii : Oh your God this is hilarious!!!

Trecool l : Iso shi olelyto ?

Álvaro : this shit is even better than the original hahaha

It's Danny : 0:51 *" IS SHE SEVEN? IS SHE OR A NOT?"*

The average Commenter : Top 10 saddest anime deaths

Pixel : *gaa gaa goo goo*