Paul Allen guitar solo

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Hear My Train a Comin' (Hendrix Hits London): The Concert, EMP Sky Church, Seattle, November 17, 2012


Bobby Tumpak : Quincy Jones brought me here and was right this guy is incredible

Oluwatosin Adeshokan : Quincy Jones brought me here!

Vinny D : Man, he could really play. RIP, sir.

martin ortiz : Quincy Jones brought me here too!

Harvey Scott : Pretty awesome life. Business genius, philanthropist, super yacht owning, super bowl winning, billionaire. Now you can add rock star to that list.

Rob : lol Quincy Jones brought me here

Tré Jones : OK, you weren't lying, Quincy.

Char Coke : Just came here from reading Quincy Jones’s interview


Aram Jahn : Warren Buffett is better than Steve Vai any day.

Bill Bennett : I mean, if you didn't know who he was, you'd be like... That's um, adequate, and surf on.

Ron Manke : Wow. He's good.

bookmarkthis : Paul Allen had sex with Richard Pryor?

j.edward goodwin : RIP, Paul - I just know you're up there jamming with Jimi!

Andai : Rest in peace...

Raspberry Pi : RIP, my dude

GSnugg : The Microsoft guy...

B C : Rest in Peace Paul

William McLane : Quincy Jones clued me in to this...wait, what? I thought I was going to see Marlon Brando play a Mailbox.

linel conley : Quincy Jones brought me here! too !!!!!!

Dubata : RIP to a legend.

J Nalup : Of course this guy plays like Hendrix... if you're comparing him to any other computer software founder.

Galileo Shift : paul allen aint no hendrix like quincy said playing like is way different than creating a whole new approach to the guitar which hendrix changed the world with

zephyra : DAMN quincy. lmao... wtf???

Up The Dosage : Quincy Jones says Paul Allen plays like Hendrix but the Beatles are the worst musicians he ever heard. That tells you far more about Quincy Jones than it does about Paul Allen, the Beatles or Jimi Hendrix.

utube8774 : Quincy said he quit drinking two years ago. That ain't Hendrix and Quincy needs a drink.


Orion Ludlow : Mr. Allen, thanks for loving music and spreading that love. You shredded on that axe, man.

Corestealer : Rest In Peace you legend

Brian Singleton : I had an inkling that Quincy Jones was talking shit. Playing like Hendrix means a) spending your life playing guitar and b) actually being Hendrix

KajiCarson : "He's good, man."

Storyful News : Hi, I am a journalist at Storyful news agency. Did you take this video? Thanks.

Tenacious Doc : Lol. Quincy. And how many of you are guitar players too ? I'll betcha most ! He's way better than I am at this too.....

hvxmen42 : RIP sweet prince

Pauls Country : So many guitars you can't tell what's going on?Quincy is senile and spouts out all kinds of bs.

id300129 : rest in peace

Snappy Sammy Smoot : RIP PA

Greg Huwaldt : He sang Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb really loud in the back of a limo town car I was driving him in. Made the hair on my neck stand up. No tip and a weirdo to boot!

graham white : He like hendrix

John Daily : Rest in peace, my six-stringed brother.

Story Of A Life Video Channel : I'd rather hear "the worst musicians in the world" than yet another blues clone. Right, Quincy?

Ralph Calhoun : Came to this page after finding out that he passed away.

Tony Tone : yo this man can really play! he's no joke! .. but he's no Hendrix like Quincy was saying

DRUMDGRIFF : Quincy Jones, I would've never known!

Both Endz Burning : dudes playing it way too safe. lol.

V D : wow he is really very very very good! Outstanding!

Alexander Canady : RIP Paul.

Mary McGhee : There was a life well-lived. If I ever get filthy rich, I want to do as much good and have even half as much fun with it as Paul Allen did.

JT Bowler : RIP :'(