Paul Allen guitar solo

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dresXCI : Upvote if Quincy Jones brought you here.

Bobby Tumpak : Quincy Jones brought me here and was right this guy is incredible

Oluwatosin Adeshokan : Quincy Jones brought me here!

Vinny D : Man, he could really play. RIP, sir.

martin ortiz : Quincy Jones brought me here too!

Harvey Scott : Pretty awesome life. Business genius, philanthropist, super yacht owning, super bowl winning, billionaire. Now you can add rock star to that list.

Rob : lol Quincy Jones brought me here

Tre' Jones : OK, you weren't lying, Quincy.

Char Coke : Just came here from reading Quincy Jones’s interview

Aram Jahn : Warren Buffett is better than Steve Vai any day.


Andai : Rest in peace...

doodoopapah : Average at best. Thanks for the bad tip Quincy.

Peter Staples : Yeah, that wasn't that great. Reminded me of my bro when he was 15. Facial expressions and everything.

Mark Diaz : Sounds nothing like Hendrix, not even close.

Ron Manke : Wow. He's good.

Goldberg : Quincy brought me here... not blowing me away tho

Tony Tone : yo this man can really play! he's no joke! .. but he's no Hendrix like Quincy was saying

Bobby Cason : Rest in Peace Paul

Space Bus : he's really not terribly good tho

Bill Bennett : I mean, if you didn't know who he was, you'd be like... That's um, adequate, and surf on.

linel conley : Quincy Jones brought me here! too !!!!!!

William McLane : Quincy Jones clued me in to this...wait, what? I thought I was going to see Marlon Brando play a Mailbox.

GSnugg : The Microsoft guy...

Corestealer : Rest In Peace you legend

Anna Scoria : Quincy? What the hell are you talking about? Hendrix? Not! Oh yeah, Quincy is jazz, so there is a chance I've heard more Hendrix than him. Quincy was helping Michael with his vocals while I was studying "Third stone from the sun".

bookmarkthis : Paul Allen had sex with Richard Pryor?

id300129 : rest in peace

Raspberry Pi : RIP, my dude

Dubata : RIP to a legend.

JT Bowler : RIP :'(

hohowan360 : RIP Paul


NickTrickMC : RIP

JohnMcSmith : RIP

Nick Perez : RIP

utube8774 : Quincy said he quit drinking two years ago. That ain't Hendrix and Quincy needs a drink.

J Nalup : Of course this guy plays like Hendrix... if you're comparing him to any other computer software founder.

Snappy Sammy Smoot : RIP PA

Michele Bogdan Craciun : The microsoft guy. Wtf???

rakanokka : Lousy guitar solo. Totally meaningless playing. Quincy Jones, are you out of your mind? Sir Paul is still about billion times better guitarist than this.

zephyra : DAMN quincy. lmao... wtf???

fiendskull9 : lmao is that Eric Gales behind him?

Story Of A Life Video Channel : I'd rather hear "the worst musicians in the world" than yet another blues clone. Right, Quincy?

Alexander Canady : RIP Paul.

David Collins : Just watched a utube clip from 1995 not bad but this playing is much better. I enjoy listening to it. As the Duke said when asked what is "good music" - if you like it, its good music. If you don't like it - why stick around to listen and post?

Paulo Silva : finally someone from micosoft doing something minimally decent - and agreeing with Quincy Jones, he is really good on guitars (imho, far better than on computers! :D )

Emily hancock : WHAT


DQSpider : Q sent me