Live Drawing of The Clown from Spawn

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Idb Indie Dashboard : The comic book version of Bob Ross.

Hafizuddien Ju : Your excitement when drawing is infectious!


James McClaren : Todd “We don’t have time to go into detail *effortless goes into excruciatingly elegant and sophisticated detail* McFarlane. This guy is the sh*t! true rockstar

Draw4Life : Todd McFarlane's art is so incredible.

Abner Santos : Wow I am on youtube for literally hundreds of hours per month watching art videos and nobody, ever, in years, has talked about, let alone shown the Fx button in action. Goddamn

Caleb Gambill : Idk why Todd always wants to crunch the time in these videos. I could learn from this man all day.

TheShadowfire204 : I wish I had one of those computer things...

Tio Nino : I am surprised that his windows doesn't show pop out updates.

Squizzy 614 : another badass sketch... great job Mr. McFarlane!!!

John Horchler : Will you make the screen wide I only ask because I'm watching you on my cell phone thank

John : Clown is AWESOME! I hope the upcoming re-design Todd speaks of isn't too dramatic. I think his appearance is classic now.

JeyzVideos : Please todd. Please todd. You are not wasting anybodys time.

Cesar Araujo : Keep them coming sir!!! You're amazing.!!!

Kevin Phillips : hey, Todd! Have you tried Manga Studio 5 (ClipStudioPaint)? GREAT for inking!

Kirilius Piderilius : Love that stroke effect thingy! Todd ir such an awesome dude!

Broly54 : si sad its not in hd

Krash Vote : Stroke hair doesnt look great, his drawing dark lights with detail looks much better

F mixoplix : BiG BAD Toddy!!! Taken Notes!

AlphaProto : Awesome trick with the hair! Thank you! I have used photoshop for years, and I am still learning new things about it. How did he auto fill the lassoed section with black?

john johnny : I love this... anything with the master McFarlane is great but I would happily throw a couple of bucks towards this channel for some better quality camera.

R. Fowler : You're Bob Odenkirk's voice twin.

V WW : awesome as alwas, thanks for the tips!

Hector Reyes : Youre the man! Thanks for EVERYTHING.

TR Staake : I've been loving you're videos Todd. You keep trying to keep it short but I think I could watch you draw for hours. I have to be honest I've only just started watching your videos but if you had some that were full on I'd watch :). I'll keep watching any way you seem like a cool dude

NightHawk Warrior : sir im a big fan of your work

andrewchen425 : Please do a 20 minute video. Everyone would watch it.

2HIGH SHAKUR : I love Todd's sound effects when he draws it's become one of his signature trademarks and I've been looking up to him and following his career since I was a kid lol

Omghalp Bro : I don’t really care much for comics, I do keep up with the stories though.. but watching these characters being drawn by Todd brings a smile to my face.

Goggalor1990 : Just drew the first panel of my own original comic today. Been so inspiring watching and listening to Todd while I work.

Olegs Starovoitovs : At 5th minute looks like Uncle Fester from Adams Family :)

ArtFiend Gian : god such a good design

Ice in my Veins : A master at work!

Nick Marks : I love these. Best thing ever

R. Paul M. : Hey there Todd! Any chance you might be willing to help me with an anti-bully campaign? It wouldn't require your art or money. Just your support. I work for the world's most renowned luxury resorts and hotels. You know our name. This is a part of our community outreach program. BTW, either way, you're still the best! Met you in Philly Comicon in '93. You were the reason I started drawing comics.

Juniversal : Love the clown. Great character and villain...

Sutol Oner : this made me more motivated.

berserk wolf : So badass!!! Wow!

river rat : I love this guy. Thanks for reddit, to bring me here. This video is awesome.

knight sabers : left handers are the best artists

BrianAnim :

skrrt skrrt : what a great video

Walking Corpse : Amazing!!! 😃

Barney Rubble : Great lessons!

Mr.Sneezy Anus : dude your a visual guy and yet the video quality is capped @ 240p??

David Joyner jr illustrator : Thank you so much for inspiring me for so many years!!

Brainy 'N' Brawny : TODDZILLA!

ibee thatoneguy : Isn't his name The Violator?

icethehedgehog 7 : Todd can you give us a list of all the equipment you use to digitally draw including stylus, tablet, computer, and software?