Geoff Peterson makes Craig Ferguson CRY!

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Chase H. : Giving Geoff a full human voice was the best thing they ever did to this show haha

James Garza : I miss this show so much :c

Series Consideration : This was the night when Josh Robert Thompson went from being a sidekick to Craig's equal. He completely broke Craig and IT. IS. GLORIOUS.

wholetruthy : So much better than that Corden shit

C.K. Brooke : In 2012, I was 8 months pregnant and watched this video. I laughed so hard my water broke and I gave birth later that day. 100% true story. I have a healthy 5-year-old boy!

Gerry Smith : The most awesome thing is that it isn't an outtake. It was aired.

PreciousHeart : I think "Balls" is the best comeback line ever. xD

Lucifer Jones : I watch this video at least once a year.

Royk : The fact that Josh Robert Thompson isn't more famous is a crime

kevin r. : Josh, you turned a wonderful segment into comedy gold with that final harmonica response. It was the epitome of how this show used running jokes and absurdist logic, and it was brilliant.

RFC3514 : The intro doesn't mention who is operating Craig Ferguson.

Sity : "do you wanna just read this yourself?" "How dare you!" LMAO

Gísli Brynjólfsson : The freshest talent on the late night circle, he will be sorely missed. Scottish Conan Guy wasn't too bad either.

GOP71 : I know its a been a while since Craig walked away from late night and since this video was first posted. But this always reminds me of one thing not enough of us are having - a great cleansing, tear-filled laugh that incapacitates us for just a few minutes. This whole country needs that right now.

whipsnade13 : These guys were in such a groove at the end. It was pure organic comedy, pulled out of thin air on any topic or pretense. None of the current late night stiffs, with their armies of gag writers, lame props, and cheap laughs can touch it .

Daniel McInnis : I'd love to tell Mr. Ferguson and his staff how much joy they've brought to the world. Seriously. A late-night surreal fever-dream romp like nothing else on television, ever.This particular bit makes be cry with joy every...single...time. Welcome to my place in New Hampshire! Ferguson's Late Late Show with Geoff and Secretariat will be very sorely missed by this fan. 

Ladderthief1 : I know two things: this is comedy gold and I think I speak for most of us when I say a piece of TV history died. Thank you gentlemen.

José Sarmiento Hinojosa : This is TV history right there. HILARIOUS.

RipperCyclotron : I love the bemused look on Craig's face after Geoff screams the harmonica.

Gene Davis : Gonna miss him!  Dammit.  Ten years isn't long enough, when you're in love.

Hind N : "its possible i've been to scotland" lol i love this guy 

xof49 : Oh yeah! That's it! More! Don't Stop! ....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand SCENE.

Talles Guy : I miss this show so much. so underrated. Thanks Geoff/Josh. You cracked me up many times. Very infectious laugh too

Benjamin Mckenzie : Graig Ferguson was the Best Tv host!!!

Annette R : Thank god for youtube,I miss craig and geoff!🐵

Jonathan Marsh : Ahh I love it when comedians corpse. I haven't laughed that hard since the Stewart / Colbert royal family scandal.

Billy Rigby : I'd pay good money for a Geoff and Craig ticket... they need to go on tour for real! I couldn't remember the voice actor's name until this man, those two gave me some of the best laughs television has ever given me... fucking miss that show :/

Sini Anderson : round 2:56 when he asks "what do you do when you get to your place Edinburgh". I think Craig's mind is flashing memories of partying there ... and then Geoff being there throwing beads .. bahahahahaha... best comedy due on TV you crazy bastards xD

steveb0503 : Balls!

Larry Lee Moniz : This is without a doubt, one of the top 10 funniest things I have ever seen on television! I sincerely hope we get to see Geoff Peterson again, somewhere, somehow. Josh Robert Thompson, you are an improv genius!

Bob Gwartney : Wasn't this the one that started the whole "you ever been there" routine? It's too bad this couldn't go on forever but the best ones never do. So much genius in the last ten years.

Eddie G : I've watched this so many times and I don't get the joke. I just laugh because Craig is laughing.

L Andre : this is the best scene ever 

Mike Rogers : I am laughing but I am also sad, because late night TV is so unredeemably dismal now. Only a few years ago, there was gold like this.

DWargs : Well here I am, starting a late night binge of TLLS clips after hearing the news. I'm gonna miss this show, but best of luck to the two brilliant comedians in this show moving forward. The show has made a lot of people laugh, including (and maybe especially) the hosts themselves. Thank you, Craig Ferguson and Josh Robert Thompson.

Dirk Yarborough : The worst loss to television in my lifetime was the end of the Craig Ferguson show.

PhotoGib : This is the oldest item on my DVR. The first time for Geoff's harmonica and the start of Geoff's living everywhere routine!  LOVE this.

Barbara Bartlett : laughin n cryin right along with ya 2 together are the best! 

bodgertime : The joke, for those of you that don 't get's unscripted and they love to throw beads and go swimming after taping

demon0981 : Is it my imagination or does Geoff almost sound like George Takei?

P. Kelly T : Funniest thing I've seen on late night TV in a long time

Gary Simons : Craig went out on top. It was the best/funniest late night show when it ended. Craig & Josh could create hilarious situations out of nowhere. They became a brilliant comedy duo.

coconutcrispy83 : 3:35 The look on Craig's face when Geoff plays the harmonica...

Kenny Jones : Since Craig left NOT ONE person has made laugh this HARD or long like Craig and Josh did .


toddvandell85 : "Balls!"

CynicalExperiments : Two guys discovering the comedic potential of a robot skeleton during a live show will never not be funny to me.

CONSTANTIN : I've watched this a couple of times and laughed every time! :D

Robert Turcotte : Gawd, I miss those guys...

Zak6959 : Everybody should watch this video at least once a week.