Geoff Peterson makes Craig Ferguson CRY!

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Chase H. : Giving Geoff a full human voice was the best thing they ever did to this show haha

James Garza : I miss this show so much :c

Gísli Brynjólfsson : The freshest talent on the late night circle, he will be sorely missed. Scottish Conan Guy wasn't too bad either.

Lucifer Jones : I watch this video at least once a year.

Annette R : Thank god for youtube,I miss craig and geoff!🐵

José Sarmiento Hinojosa : This is TV history right there. HILARIOUS.

Jonathan Marsh : Ahh I love it when comedians corpse. I haven't laughed that hard since the Stewart / Colbert royal family scandal.

Benjamin Mckenzie : Graig Ferguson was the Best Tv host!!!

GOP71 : I know its a been a while since Craig walked away from late night and since this video was first posted. But this always reminds me of one thing not enough of us are having - a great cleansing, tear-filled laugh that incapacitates us for just a few minutes. This whole country needs that right now.

steveb0503 : Balls!

Gene Davis : Gonna miss him!  Dammit.  Ten years isn't long enough, when you're in love.

Talles Guy : I miss this show so much. so underrated. Thanks Geoff/Josh. You cracked me up many times. Very infectious laugh too

RFC3514 : The intro doesn't mention who is operating Craig Ferguson.

Robert Turcotte : Gawd, I miss those guys...

RipperCyclotron : I love the bemused look on Craig's face after Geoff screams the harmonica.

percussin8or : It's amazing how Josh Robert Thompson was still able to operate Geoff while cracking up!

L Andre : this is the best scene ever 

Gerry Smith : The most awesome thing is that it isn't an outtake. It was aired.

kevin r. : Josh, you turned a wonderful segment into comedy gold with that final harmonica response. It was the epitome of how this show used running jokes and absurdist logic, and it was brilliant.

Eddie G : I've watched this so many times and I don't get the joke. I just laugh because Craig is laughing.

demon0981 : Is it my imagination or does Geoff almost sound like George Takei?

Sity : "do you wanna just read this yourself?" "How dare you!" LMAO

kickerpunter : Am I missing something? Yeah, I was laughing at it, but I was more laughing at them loosing it. I don't understand what sparked their laughter in the first place.

Bob Gwartney : Wasn't this the one that started the whole "you ever been there" routine? It's too bad this couldn't go on forever but the best ones never do. So much genius in the last ten years.

untangledunrestricted : I feel like I'm not getting the joke honestly

ZacJackleReala : I think "Balls" is the best comeback line ever. xD

benjaminrowley78 : I'm going to miss Craig!!! I think that Geoff should replace Craig!!!

rmoulton rmoulton : I don't know much about this show, but I love moments like this where you know that the people involved are good friends. This is clearly funny to these 2 guys on a totally different level and that's what makes this so great.

blujay1524 : I miss this show

Boom12 : Goodnight Everybody!!

Captain Kaldwins : "its possible i've been to scotland" lol i love this guy 

P. Kelly T : Funniest thing I've seen on late night TV in a long time

AmyD : I'm so Glad they added "Geoff" I already loved This show, but the added absurdity of Geoff makes it even better. I want to become a celebrity just so I can go on this show, and only this show. lol. 

Daniel McInnis : I'd love to tell Mr. Ferguson and his staff how much joy they've brought to the world. Seriously. A late-night surreal fever-dream romp like nothing else on television, ever.This particular bit makes be cry with joy every...single...time. Welcome to my place in New Hampshire! Ferguson's Late Late Show with Geoff and Secretariat will be very sorely missed by this fan. 

jammerdoc1 : Josh. You are so talented. Where are you going next? And why in the world didn't Craig get selected for the 1130 slot?

Rem Grett : *The things I miss about the show:*  "It's a great day for America everybody" "My cheeky little monkeys"  The see-what-I-did-there jokes.  "Do we have a picture of Paul McCartney" Telephone calls on the vintage telephone  Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and other impressions.  Puppets. "When I tap you on the shoulder state your name and where you're from." Tiyan and Lisa.  The racist bastard. The snake cup and the double entendre. The therapy sessions. Suck and blow.  The tattoo that goes all the way around.  Lesbian Row (not real lesbians... I knowwwww!).  The kangaroo testicles... Show in Scotland.  The early sketches (murder she wrote etc.)  The Fergasm.  "Ding Dong, Who's that at the door?" The gay robot skeleton _and along with countless other things..... The man himself; the man who became American on purpose!_

CONSTANTIN : I've watched this a couple of times and laughed every time! :D

PhotoGib : This is the oldest item on my DVR. The first time for Geoff's harmonica and the start of Geoff's living everywhere routine!  LOVE this.

Sini Anderson : round 2:56 when he asks "what do you do when you get to your place Edinburgh". I think Craig's mind is flashing memories of partying there ... and then Geoff being there throwing beads .. bahahahahaha... best comedy due on TV you crazy bastards xD

Barbara Bartlett : laughin n cryin right along with ya 2 together are the best! 

Turd Ferguson : This as well as the Daffy Dook exchange between the two of them were both great.

Teddy Boragina : This is the best. If I ever won 50mil in the lotto I'd pay 1mil to see the two of them do another episode. no guests (or maybe just me) but all the jokes and bits and monologue and stuff.

afab munz : One night I turned my TV on and found this going on, I was LMAO the whole time and since then I've been watching the show... I'm gonna miss you guys.

xof49 : Oh yeah! That's it! More! Don't Stop! ....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand SCENE.

whipsnade13 : These guys were in such a groove at the end. It was pure organic comedy, pulled out of thin air on any topic or pretense. None of the current late night stiffs, with their armies of gag writers, lame props, and cheap laughs can touch it .

The Cricket Nerd : This is when Geoff became irreplaceable. 

Stacy Bearden : Keeping it classy...all the way to Christmas. %%$#%$#

Billy Rigby : I'd pay good money for a Geoff and Craig ticket... they need to go on tour for real! I couldn't remember the voice actor's name until this man, those two gave me some of the best laughs television has ever given me... fucking miss that show :/

coconutcrispy83 : 3:35 The look on Craig's face when Geoff plays the harmonica...

Dorian Kilbourne : Tootsy fruitsy I miss this man.