Tommy Wiseau's Joker Teaser Trailer #1 | Dangerous Brew

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The Dangerous Brew : Support the channel, maybe? Buy a got dang Dangerous Brew shirt! Or not. Whatevs.

SnakeFistExplosion : O hai Batman


Worlds_Greatest_Detective : I'd prefer Tommy Wiseau 10000000 times over Leto.


Iman Nazeerudin : You're just a chicken Batsy! Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheeeeeep!!

Jonathan Lee : For the past 15 years, Nolan, Franco, and Wiseau have been working together the entire time. The Room, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Ledger’s death, and The Disaster Artist were all tied together, just pieces leading to the greatest deception show in the course of cinematic history. Ledger was killed, or better to say, sacrificed, in the name of art, just to set the tone and stage to bring Wiseau unto the center. You can find the hints to all these clues in Nolan’s The Prestige, it was his way of communicating with the public what’s about to go down. Chilling, so meticulous, so elegant, nothing but masterpiece. All this paved the way to the final showdown, Joker’s origin story, played by none other, than the great, Tommy, Wiseau.

Jean Carlos D Alvarado : "God, forgive me" -That line is perfect for the Joker

scottyrobot : this needs to be more famous

Rajiv Injety : This was sooo good!! Best fan trailer I’ve ever seen!

Diggorydies : This was clever. I liked how you used the chicken line over Batman chickening out just before hitting the Joker.

Journey Into Comics : Great work

Eddy The Martian : This is hilarious!!! Great work!!!

Maxim Matiuşenco : Can't compare who's worse. Him or Leto.

Evil Morty Otaku 骨に悪い : What was the theme played after he said god forgive me? Sounds epic!

Softer Prime : Perfection

Gus wang : Sorry but no. not anywhere near as good as Christopher Heyerdahl. did you guys see him playing sam on van helsing? once he became a vampire he sounded and acted just like a real joker

Tru Dis : 'Ach haha'

danger Xmen : I just realized he’s a good joker

Jorge Aguilar : I know this is fan made but Hot damn that was terrible!

Steven Markoll : this is brilliant.

David Worley : Would be so bad

Speek No Evil : Who wants play Mr. J ??? Tommy Whatua ??? Sandman or the Crow maybe? But Joker??? Naaaa.

Lisa t : Massgrowstv and Massbrewstv ❤'s this!

William Peckham : Fucking awesome

a troll : BRAVO NOLAN

Saint Nerdherder : I would actually watch the shit out of this.


Brute Oni : Wow nice

Sentient Music : I am pigman

Patrick Cote : Tommy would really make one of the best Joker out there

Dawson Kaiser : I would watch this

Anthony Campos : I got bad news for you. The role went to someone else.

darren Joe : Worst edit ever. Haha. Makes for great comedy.