crazy incoming RPG footage from afghanistan

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Falc1NL : Fah-khing khant!

RedHead Productions : Oh hey it's a deleted sovietwombel vid

Noot Noot : "Hey Johnny give us a smile" in the middle of incoming RPG's in no mans land lol

Darren Groves : Lol British sense of humour to have a laugh and piss take even when under fire

David Kodokian : someone yells RPG 2 seconds after it hits. Funny bastard.

Turnerman : god bless the US and the UK. hope these guys made it home safe

NordicDragon117 : 0:08 cracks me up every time

Cyan Master117 : Am I the only one who thought that was bear grylls when he faced the camera at him

Pinnstyle Plays : British the definition of mad bastards

Thomas Rivard : >sovietwomble

Hiram No Bling : I like how most you guys have fun in combat... I wish I was British :(

MrEire26 : " A friend of mine was once killed in afganistan when an rpg flew right up his arsehole, every since then I shove my hand up my arse when I see an afgani, SPECIAL FORCES!!!

SuperMageo : This is like a real-life version of that scene in "300": when the Spartans laughs while covering from a barrage of arrows: "you had to say it, fight in the shade"

knowthetruth1492 : Even though it's a lost cause, they still manage to smile. 

ColonelBumButt : That girl was cute.

Six Addams : Poor kids, risking their lives to make rich people richer.

combatarmsvicio : weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey BOOM "RPG!!!!!!! O_O"

fiziks is fun : Buncha madlads

Pipboy1989 : The lads said it themselves, it wasn't an RPG, it was an SPG-9

Commander Shepard : FOHKEEN 'ELL FAHKIN KONT

Alejandro Athew : yay so funny, war

Insufficient Funds : Hoaw clouse

Alfred : Mohammed: *fires RPG* *hears laughing* Mohammed: ACHMED BRING UP ANOTHER ROCKET

Reece Campbell : Fakhin ell

Ryan Nicholson : 0:06 fokin hell

WhatAreYouBuyen : Well at least they're positive about it. I've seen people get their day's ruined for less lol

Sreyan Chakravarty : Was that Bear Grylls who was recording ?

cor japin : @NeoLiberal the one behind the one with the camera, is realy not a guy!!!!!!!!! give us a smile,  one smiles, other smiles, camera turning around, WOMAN, than he self.  .. well than woman is cute! thats the woman i talk about.  (0:19)

Elevator829 : faukin hell

B. H. : as a brit this is exactly how we react to anything

최병훈 : What trolls! Guys made fun of the attack! Haha

Chandy Castle : love the banta between squaddies!

Sky Fireleaf : It's Bear Grylls! LOL


Mely Valdez : Luv it. A bunch of lads out for a good laugh.

Jarod Smith : Is this British Army or Royal Marines? I've seen other copies of this video claiming it's Royal Marines.

Alan R : You guys rules.Thanx.

A Dark Gothic Forest : what the english doing there>?

Panos Patacos : dudes give me some hp sauce

Jonathan Klippstein : We got something else for you as well sir. Sorry it's another clock sir. It was a bit of a mix up.

Chris Moreno : Get rid of that noob-tube

constitutional libertarian : stupid british... why are you there? get bored on your little island?

Aidan Howard : OMG Bear Grylls

Alex Nor : hahaha love the british soldiers! :D


Daironsmith : Those were British soldiers you dumbass

Henry : *be

Henry : i fucking love this vid its funny how the Taliban must all like i just killed infidels for Allah and this guys are just fucking laughing

s70driver2005 : Your head is SO far up your ass....

graffiti legend : bear grylls is always were the action is lol