crazy incoming RPG footage from afghanistan

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Falc1NL : Fah-khing khant!

Noot Noot : "Hey Johnny give us a smile" in the middle of incoming RPG's in no mans land lol

Turnerman : god bless the US and the UK. hope these guys made it home safe

callofdutykyle : Was it enemy ? "Of course it was fucking enemy!" Hahaha

Angel Juarez : Am I the only one who thought that was bear grylls when he faced the camera at him

knowthetruth1492 : Even though it's a lost cause, they still manage to smile. 

Hiram No Bling : I like how most you guys have fun in combat... I wish I was British :(

wolfmenseyes : This is why i love the brits so much !!!. United States and United Kingdom combined are unstoppable. If the US can keep a long and successful bond with the UK things may be good for our future generations after all. Stay together and forget your petty fucking differences combined you are unstoppable which is fucking scary but totally badass. Would also like to give a shout out to our allies to who are supporting our cause thank you. Australia Canada New Zealand France Germany All the rest.

Jarod Smith : Is this British Army or Royal Marines? I've seen other copies of this video claiming it's Royal Marines.

SuperMageo : This is like a real-life version of that scene in "300": when the Spartans laughs while covering from a barrage of arrows: "you had to say it, fight in the shade"

Darren Groves : Lol British sense of humour to have a laugh and piss take even when under fire

Six Addams : Poor kids, risking their lives to make rich people richer.

Pinnstyle Plays : British the definition of mad bastards

NordicDragon117 : 0:08 cracks me up every time

Commander Shepard : FOHKEEN 'ELL FAHKIN KONT

RedHead Productions : Oh hey it's a deleted sovietwombel vid

Karina Nalbandyan : Trying to justify war. I hate all wars. End all wars. Stop fucking glorifying wars. All of the solders are being lied to about what they are fighting for, they are being used. These are aggressive wars on the side of US not defensive wars. We are all disposable to the ruling class. I'm not against the common solders, I'm sure they had good intentions, if they only knew what they were going to war for, and who's banks they are protecting they would never do it.

Nay Wench, Thou Pudendum Fetors : FACKING ELL BOISH

Un Disclosed : I love British, if there's one thing we could learn from them on the battlefield, it's how to talk shit haha. They're really the best shit-talkers on the planet. Good fighters too.

constitutional libertarian : stupid british... why are you there? get bored on your little island?

ColonelBumButt : That girl was cute.

Panos Patacos : dudes give me some hp sauce

Alejandro Athew : yay so funny, war

Thomas Rivard : >sovietwomble

Cankerous Booch : steady on ole chap


최병훈 : What trolls! Guys made fun of the attack! Haha

Darran Davies : thats what its fucking about lets avit

Pipboy1989 : The lads said it themselves, it wasn't an RPG, it was an SPG-9

Chandy Castle : love the banta between squaddies!

Mely Valdez : Luv it. A bunch of lads out for a good laugh.

Sky Fireleaf : It's Bear Grylls! LOL

Elevator829 : faukin hell

cor japin : @NeoLiberal the one behind the one with the camera, is realy not a guy!!!!!!!!! give us a smile,  one smiles, other smiles, camera turning around, WOMAN, than he self.  .. well than woman is cute! thats the woman i talk about.  (0:19)

Chris Moreno : Get rid of that noob-tube

B. H. : as a brit this is exactly how we react to anything

combatarmsvicio : weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey BOOM "RPG!!!!!!! O_O"

Aidan Howard : OMG Bear Grylls

Alex Nor : hahaha love the british soldiers! :D


Daironsmith : Those were British soldiers you dumbass

Henry : *be

Henry : i fucking love this vid its funny how the Taliban must all like i just killed infidels for Allah and this guys are just fucking laughing

s70driver2005 : Your head is SO far up your ass....

graffiti legend : bear grylls is always were the action is lol

Blanchard Bros : Now you can eat those RPGS just fry them up and eat them.... kinda of chewy mate. -Bear grylls :P

sufficient93 : This doewsent sowund lok amoricans

Adam15197 : He puts it on everything, seen in on a German Army video the other week.

Joshua Fehily : Our soldiers stand shoulder to shoulder so idiots may not be able to tell the difference between us.

deathjudge2006 : This isn't USA, and I swear I've seen your comment on at least 3 vids. Twat.