crazy incoming RPG footage from afghanistan

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Falc1NL : Fah-khing khant!

Noot Noot : "Hey Johnny give us a smile" in the middle of incoming RPG's in no mans land lol

David Kodokian : someone yells RPG 2 seconds after it hits. Funny bastard.

18deadmonkeys : I ate onion rings and took a nap

Angel Juarez : Am I the only one who thought that was bear grylls when he faced the camera at him

knowthetruth1492 : Even though it's a lost cause, they still manage to smile. 

Hiram No Bling : I like how most you guys have fun in combat... I wish I was British :(

NordicDragon117 : 0:08 cracks me up every time

Turnerman : god bless the US and the UK. hope these guys made it home safe

Darren Groves : Lol British sense of humour to have a laugh and piss take even when under fire

Pinnstyle Plays : British the definition of mad bastards

absolutelystupid : This is basically a night out in Liverpool.

wolfmenseyes : This is why i love the brits so much !!!. United States and United Kingdom combined are unstoppable. If the US can keep a long and successful bond with the UK things may be good for our future generations after all. Stay together and forget your petty fucking differences combined you are unstoppable which is fucking scary but totally badass. Would also like to give a shout out to our allies to who are supporting our cause thank you. Australia Canada New Zealand France Germany All the rest.

Thomas Rivard : >sovietwomble

GsKillz 818 : I had the pleasure of fighting along side the british soldiers/marines in afghanistan....craziest men on this planet when it comes to war they have no fucking fear. CHEERS!

combatarmsvicio : weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey BOOM "RPG!!!!!!! O_O"

SuperMageo : This is like a real-life version of that scene in "300": when the Spartans laughs while covering from a barrage of arrows: "you had to say it, fight in the shade"

Six Addams : Poor kids, risking their lives to make rich people richer.

Matthew Berg : RPG is fired at them. Response: HAHAHA

RedHead Productions : Oh hey it's a deleted sovietwombel vid

Un Disclosed : I love British, if there's one thing we could learn from them on the battlefield, it's how to talk shit haha. They're really the best shit-talkers on the planet. Good fighters too.

ColonelBumButt : That girl was cute.

HEBOJIbHUK : 0:19 какого хера, это же баба.

Tyler Durden : hahah give us a smile :) :)

Jesus Abrams JJ : YES ¡¡¡¡

A Dark Gothic Forest : what the english doing there>?


Elevator829 : faukin hell

s1d3k1ckRO : Yeah you may be right, and that's because people are stupid and narrow minded. Only the wise and the ones with their brain still functioning correctly are understanding that there is something not right happening.You and your fellow yanks that disliked my previous comment just don't get along cause you know well that it is that way.That's why I hate your government and I am disgusted of the brainwashed fags out there that think they are the smart ones and the others are fools!You can't admit it!

s1d3k1ckRO : Same shit.

MollyTheLag : bear grylls

moonsugar1 : Actually the Queen pays tax.

CarsMutley1995 : Stiff upper lip and all that. Carry on...

Alan R : You guys rules.Thanx.

Urban Productions : ever heard of steadicam???? XD

Blanchard Bros : Now you can eat those RPGS just fry them up and eat them.... kinda of chewy mate. -Bear grylls :P

Mr Schultz : @0:19 - well hello, honey.

Jamster9000 : Not many fucks were given that encounter.

GeorgeBassMaster : @manamesjohn ha ha that's the best thing I have ever read!!!!

Mir Hassan : These guys are Scottish, I can tell from their accent.

DumbNLoco MUSIC : people dont care about what u have to say

DumbNLoco MUSIC : your right, but maybe a smile will make them realize in battle that we can beat those fuckers.

some random guy : fouckkin kuntz !

Sky Fireleaf : It's Bear Grylls! LOL

HoneyBadger1337 : Bear Grylls recording?

Jegethy : This is why we have the best army in the world. God save the queen.

Joe : To be honest then i'm ashamed to share this planet with you..

Chinaski is dead : British sens of humor ;D

ChamorruWarrior : At one point there was practically every country in the Middle East, even Japan sent 1600 troops of their JSDF (Japanese Self Defense Force) to the Middle East... We're not the only ones who believe someone should stop the freaks in the Middle East reguardless of what the media would like you to believe lol

FBI : Accuracy: -1.01 :/