Headbutt on Jeremy Kyle... hear that nose break!!

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angry matey on jezza k. you can even here his nose breaking. ouch!


steven Lockhart : The old Scottish handshake

David powers : Good shot now kick her in the piss flaps

zackstud09 : Good! Deserves it. What man stands back and just lets someone sleep with their wife? No real man would.

Jack Mounsor : Good headbutt! If someoneโ€™s sleeping with your wife you deserve that.

beat me outta me : Hes lucky thats all he got, i woulda kept headbutting him.

LilUziDav : Welcome back to another episode of... Whyโ€™ve YouTube recommended me this! *S7 E84*

John Brand : The guy got the pleasure, so he deserves the pain, chance you take when you sleep with another mans wife. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘

TechWow. : "Oh get off me love I'm bleeding" Man just trying not to cry

Nam Ceas : At least it s not fake ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Pug Wash : Was hoping Jeremy Kyle was the one that got head-butted

OnitsukaTiger82 : What I never understand is why the cheated party is always more angry towards the new male (or female) instead of at their own partner. You'd think if they have a bone to pick, it'd be with the idiot who purposely betrayed you rather than whoever is being used to stir you up.

kindred reeb : You slept with his wife what do you expect a handshake and a beer

Adam : 0:33 Jeremy: Donโ€™t say a word! Guy: Heโ€™s sleeping with ma wife! *SAVAGE*

Urban Explorers : This is baisically the show for people with no teeth

Torque Jones : During that really quiet part if I was in the audience I would have been like YEAH TAKE THAT YOU NOSEY BASTARD!! as loud as I could lol

NorT : Walkin on stage knowing your cheating behind a mans back...coming on threatening you deserve it every step of the way... good on ya son

hotd0gheaven : When seeing the title of the vid, was anyone else praying it was Jeremy that got his nose broken?? :D

Brian Carrier : Yeet, dudes girl was cheating for sure. She just straight up told em she was done when he busted ol dudes sniffer. If she wasn't having an affair of sorts she wouldn't have gave half a mind. Or shouldn't have. This red faced man is a winner in my book. *slow clap*

Lackas80 : Jeremy kyles Mum should of swallowed him

Trevor Taylor : Haha.. "You messed your marriage u....CRACK..." "And now I've messed your face up"

Adam : He looked like a damn bird pecking him when he head butted him lmao

dudefrombarrie : what did you think was going to happen Mr. Kyle? When you put two guys like that together on stage in front of each other. Did you think they were going to kiss?

Acoy 5Pl : I would never headbutt my sisters boyfriend. Disgraceful

Hamish Dow : *headbuts weasly looking mug "hes sleepin with my wife". understandable have a good day

John Palermo : Jeremy is always trying to control everyone lol it's like we get it it's your show but people ain't gonna be your little lap dog either ha

TechWow. : That guy got what was coming for him he was sleeping with that dudes wife.

Pearce Hendy : So Bloke 1 isn't very happy because Bloke 2 slept with Bloke 1's wife behind his back. I know violence isn't condoned on the show but wasn't that headbutt completely justified or have I completely missed the point?

Yup Indeed : Should have done it to Jeremy Kyle!

UnknownFamousActress : The guy did the right thing. That other man deserved it.

Funcheon Mc Truncheon : Nutted square in the dusser as we say in Ireland ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Robert Bragg : Why didnโ€™t Jeremy Kyle get his nose broken. ๐Ÿค”

GreyFox985 : You only see idiots and freaks on Jeremy kyle, because normal people wouldn't take their personal and family problems onto national television for other peoples amusement.

jamesblast46 : Why didn't he headbutt his wife??? She deserves it the most....

reece jones : If he was sleeping with Jeremys wife Steve would have to back it ๐Ÿ˜‚

carefulcliffdriver : don't want a broken nose, don't sleep with someone elses wife. simple.

michael wills : What kind of people go on this programme. No self respect!, life's dregs of humanity. JESUS WEPT.

horrace magee : So if a man sleeps with ur wife you cant hit him? I dont get it

Jacob Sandford : Did Jeremy say git and woe

Bruce Lee : I came to see Jeremy Kyle gets headbutted. I got clickbaited.

Billy Jenkins : I was really hoping it would be Jeremy kyle's nose

THE ACOUSTIC CAGE : Damn...i was hoping kyle got butted.

Stephen Callaghan : With this low life program what do you expect. He should have done that to Jeremy Kyle. Bear baiting trash.

Simon Thomas : someone should headbutt Jeremy kyle!!!

jadekayak01 : good case for assault but i might be wrong. i dont care who SLEEPS with my wife-it only matters if they stay awake

sage nunion : Was hoping someone butted Kyle

lordlossize GG : the guy deserved his headbutt

Liam Burnett : Should've rapped one on the wife's nut as well Tekken style

Huggy Bear : So that's where all the beautiful people hang out

Nga Bush All Day : I'm always amazed that no-one headbutts Jk...