Headbutt on Jeremy Kyle... hear that nose break!!

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Razdon : the guy with the broken nose tryed to sue the huspand and the judge laughed and throw it out of court 

zackstud09 : Good! Deserves it. What man stands back and just lets someone sleep with their wife? No real man would.

steven Lockhart : The old Scottish handshake

Pearce Hendy : So Bloke 1 isn't very happy because Bloke 2 slept with Bloke 1's wife behind his back. I know violence isn't condoned on the show but wasn't that headbutt completely justified or have I completely missed the point?

dudefrombarrie : what did you think was going to happen Mr. Kyle? When you put two guys like that together on stage in front of each other. Did you think they were going to kiss?

Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage : That gentleman who headbutted the bloke is very well-behaved. If I found out someone was sleeping with my wife, I'd kill him. Even better if it's on national TV with his family watching.

Humanshieldchorus00 : In fairness, the guy took the headbutt well.

beat me outta me : Hes lucky thats all he got, i woulda kept headbutting him.

David powers : Good shot now kick her in the piss flaps

Blyatman : why do half the people on his show look like the product of incest?

Ghoul Karizma : "Oh get off me love I'm bleeding" Man just trying not to cry

Nam Ceas : At least it s not fake 👌

OnitsukaTiger82 : What I never understand is why the cheated party is always more angry towards the new male (or female) instead of at their own partner. You'd think if they have a bone to pick, it'd be with the idiot who purposely betrayed you rather than whoever is being used to stir you up.

Torque Jones : During that really quiet part if I was in the audience I would have been like YEAH TAKE THAT YOU NOSEY BASTARD!! as loud as I could lol

Ddarke11 : "could you also be very quiet, please, because right now I'm a little bit annoyed." Whoa, whoa! Control that temper!!!

Acoy 5Pl : I would never headbutt my sisters boyfriend. Disgraceful

Brian Carrier : Yeet, dudes girl was cheating for sure. She just straight up told em she was done when he busted ol dudes sniffer. If she wasn't having an affair of sorts she wouldn't have gave half a mind. Or shouldn't have. This red faced man is a winner in my book. *slow clap*

Huggy Bear : So that's where all the beautiful people hang out

vicky observer : All the tough nut bouncers did not protect him ....did they.. what a bunch of useless twits.....he should have nutted kyle as well...

Callum Russell : Love how the guy with the bloody nose is walking off stage, that the audience say "aww" that guy is having sex with someone's wife!

michael wills : What kind of people go on this programme. No self respect!, life's dregs of humanity. JESUS WEPT.

reece jones : If he was sleeping with Jeremys wife Steve would have to back it 😂

Jake Roscoe : Getting comfortable, phahahagahahha security Steve was like stfu

John Smith : On american tv he'd be able to crowd surf after that

FlyingGiantKuntAttak : Good for him, most men would do the same,

UnknownFamousActress : The guy did the right thing. That other man deserved it.

John Palermo : Jeremy is always trying to control everyone lol it's like we get it it's your show but people ain't gonna be your little lap dog either ha

Mila babe16 : Why do people think that resulting to violence is the right answer? If I had a boyfriend and a girl was sleepin around with him behind my back, I would be mad at my boyfriend not the girl because you never know that girl probably didn't know he already had a girlfriend. This is IF I had a boyfriend.... it's not the same tho I know that the guy already knew about her having a husband, which makes both of them in the wrong. But I'm just saying...

Sour Life : What do you expect? A hand shake

Lewis Jones : This is why i'm not fussed Jeremy Kyle . If I caught my Girlfriend sleeping around Id headbutt the guy and her and nobody will tell me how 'annoyed' they are at me .

JohnOrion : No wonder we have violence and wars as the majority on this comment section seems to condone the headbutt. Even if you did believe in 'an eye for an eye', how is that 'an eye'. Or... Don't tell me... It's an honor thing, right. You look someone funny and that someone has a right to knock you out because you offended his honor. Right? Wrong. I don't think most people even know what honor really means, they just justify violence in the name of it. One definition of 'honor' (by Merriam-Webster) is 'a keen sense of ethical conduct'. How is sucker punching someone ethical conduct? Oh, did I forget something... Oh yes, the woman. You know, it takes two to tango. I guess most of the commenters feel like the woman in this situation would be their personal property that's being stolen and you would be just defending your property by punching the thief. My thought process here would be that the woman is at fault, not worthy of me, not right for me, and I would just go and start fresh, without any violence or drama. You do have the right to feel bad but you don't have the right to act out of control because of it.

Ray Davis : Dang i had hoped they had broken jeremy kyles nose.

Gar Nicht : That security team was useless and incompetent

Barbara Dyson : the guy with the broken nose should put his head forward not backwards because the blood will go into his lungs.

hotd0gheaven : When seeing the title of the vid, was anyone else praying it was Jeremy that got his nose broken?? :D

californian condor : Pity Kyle wasn't on the receiving end !

ɥɐǝʎ ɥɐǝʎ ɥo : Oh yeah yeah

Patrick S : Still better than mayweather Pac-Man.

Dan Pea : And here's me hoping jezza got headbutted 😔 not this time unfortunately.. 😂

HawaiiKnut : The idiot deserved it. Not only did he sleep with someone else's woman, but he als insulted the already infuriated man as soon as he entered ther stage.

Jet Echo : Ok, who let the bull loose on set?

Nick Stosz : Congratulations to the guy who delivered the head butt, masterful shot. Why do all the people in the audience look like they are all from the same family tree, little incest maybe?

Henry Page : Vile behaviour from a vile man but what shocks me most of all is the amount of men below who actually agree with what he did and some even think he should have done the same to his wife! Sad losers who think violence is the answer to this sort of problem.

arc aydon : you messed your marriage up! you mess.......,........my nose up!

timmy c : Good man.. he should have rained a few shots in before he was restrained, anyone sleeping with a man's wife should be destroyed.

Donna Franklin : Instead of the headbutt.. serve papers and if the wife is so in love with the lover she forfeits anything from the divorce.

UnderLust_Sins : welp that should be enough proof to sue him for any needed hospital bills.

Geno Porreca : Instead of the butt, you should of bit it off!! Nice job

Michael Bryant : Well he did roger his wife.

LFC Legend Unluckyyy Lucas : Jeremy Kyle should have said this isn't The Jerry Springer Show This Is The Jeremy Kyle Show OK.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇