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Melissa Joan Hart MTV Cribs

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Bobby Hill : developed epilepsy because of this video

ButterfleeEllie : 5:12  "and yes, my daughter will wear it" ... aand she has 3 sons xD

ShyGuy19898 : Does Harvey know she has another boyfriend? >_> XD 

Juliet C : so she likes gin, Picasso, and shirley temple

Tokiofritz : That MTV editing is ridiculous. Every scene lasts no more than 2 seconds. One for the ADHD kids.

Emelie Stigels : 1:57. Reminds me of one of the very first episodes i Sabrina, when she is just starting to learn magis. All she can do- are pineapples!! Lol

John Crusader : MTV is missing a Cribs episode with Salem Saberhagen

Frostblood : she seems really down to earth

LadyMuck : Whoever decided that camerawork was cool needs shooting!!! I have a headache now!

Timothy Rigney : I'm glad she explained all of that.

Grim Reaper : 2001. She was a babe back in that time.

Ana Hernandez Rincon : People saying she looks great and shit... This was filmed in 2001. She does look great now, but this is almost 2 decades old!

Blake Laurie : Wait wheres Harvey? :O

Vic : Wow, Sabrina drinks a lot.

Nicole Novo : I loved Sabrina the teenage witch! My favorite show ever! I love Melissa !

Marina Grace : I love how she said her daughter would wear her old dress and she now only has boys.

New Name : just noticed, she said her best friend Soliel bought her her toaster. Soliel Moon Frye

runrockwater : This house looks so ordinary today

mrengulfeddirector : dude melissa joan hart was an alcoholic holy shit i love it

Sirlie08 : "And yes my daughter will wear it." Well... not so sure about that :D

MrPisster : She's still super cute and I would wife her on the spot. I've always had a crush on her since Clarissa.

DisasterEXE : Wow, she really did explain it all.

Donald "The Muslim Friend" Trump : holy shit, way too many jump shots. the cribs editor is giving me a head ach

picoaga : boy, she loves to drink I guess

Tromp Entertainment : the best 90s actress ever I was addicted to sabrina the teenage witch I'm a massive melissa joan hart fan as well

marklola12 : shows you money can not buy good taste llol

Beata Pelc : My eyes. The editing is so over the top.

Peace The Gypsy : I used to watch all of these! Ode to the late 90s/early 2000s!!!!

Sharon Evans : party at melissa's house. that Jagermeister though. nice decorating!

Sergio Gonzalez : She's hot and I love red heads

carol : This video is making me dizzy with all the 'zoom in' and 'zoom out' going on.

GavinJ37 : This was years before she got married and had kids. Rather big house for just one person

William Sebren : Anybody else notice that her bedroom layout is incredibly similar to Sabrina's bedroom? Colors, floorplan, and all.

Rohini G : Gosh,the way they keep zooming in n out or swirl the camera around us annoying.....they aren't showing the place properly.

Kevin Wollenweber : I am 65 years old and, because of my memories and enjoyment of classic cartoons, some of which were part of Nickelodeon's program schedule, I started watching the channel (also to tune in for the Nick at Night schedule). Baack in the 1980's, Nickeodeon seemed to be this modernized time capsule, and "CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL" was part of that time capsule. I watched a couple of episodes and found myself drawn to the show because of its roots in other shows in which a tween or teenage girl is its star. The "CRIB" segment is too precious; such a lot of fun, and I went on to watch "SABRINA" as well, not even remembering that the character came out of the ARCHIE comics universe. Melissa Joan Hart's acting childhood is as large a part of TV history as that of Sally Field or Patty Duke, and I only wish that the video companies who own the rights to the programs would treat her career thusly. Fantastic!

Adam Nugraha : Melissa Joan Heart is wearing a purple crop top and a denim jeans on MTV Cribs Originally aired August 2001

The House That Klebtonia Built : I love Melissa but her house is BORING

Hellen Creftinger : The pineapple!

Garbage Dad : it seems so above average... nothing spectacular, but obviously not the average household. At least on the inside. The outside seems really cool.

PARASNIP : the filming style gives me a headache. I know its supposed to making it "exciting" or whatever but honestly its like the camera man is having a seizure.


Homie Blossom : i love melissa joan hart but she has no taste at all

Banksey555 : Oh she is fine!

Sarah 'SoulSolaris' Therese : Of course the tv isnt a flat screen. Flat screens didn't even exist at that point.

Avocado : Her shirley temple doll collection is creepy.

Lester Green : They were really scraping the bottom of the barrel weren't they. "This is my grandmother's antique music box..." lol. But that ass!

Luis Alejandro : I love U Melissa= Clarissa = Sabrina from México ;)

Robert Funderburkejr : "Clarissa Explains it All" 4ever.

Thanks be to God : Smart. Funny. Good taste. 🤓 And Lovely.