Extra MTV Cribs Melissa Joan Hart

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TheFallen : Whoever edits this show needs a good hard kick in the balls.

Bobby Hill : developed epilepsy because of this video

Frostblood : she seems really down to earth

ButterfleeEllie : 5:12  "and yes, my daughter will wear it" ... aand she has 3 sons xD

Juliet C : so she likes gin, Picasso, and shirley temple

Eugene Fernandes : A child star that did not turn into a train-wreck, yet she is obsessed with Shirley Temple who was a dignified woman after her acting career.

Tokiofritz : That MTV editing is ridiculous. Every scene lasts no more than 2 seconds. One for the ADHD kids.

r Lancaster : Cuando en MTV ponían buena programacion

Yvonne Stines : Whoever decided that camerawork was cool needs shooting!!! I have a headache now!

V M : Wow, Sabrina drinks a lot.

MrPisster : She's still super cute and I would wife her on the spot. I've always had a crush on her since Clarissa.

Emelie Stigels : 1:57. Reminds me of one of the very first episodes i Sabrina, when she is just starting to learn magis. All she can do- are pineapples!! Lol

Ana Hernandez Rincon : People saying she looks great and shit... This was filmed in 2001. She does look great now, but this is almost 2 decades old!

mrengulfeddirector : dude melissa joan hart was an alcoholic holy shit i love it

Product reviewer uk : Why do they always have tiny tv?

Marina Hambly : I love how she said her daughter would wear her old dress and she now only has boys.

revolv3rfunk : thong shot at 5:46

William Bonney : More like SABRINA the teenage DRUNK!!


Timothy Rigney : I'm glad she explained all of that.

mattorama : I remember watching Clarissa as a kid, but I do not remember her having such a killer ass.

Adam Nugraha : Melissa Joan Heart is wearing a purple crop top and a denim jeans on MTV Cribs Originally aired August 2001

Sharon Evans : party at melissa's house. that Jagermeister though. nice decorating!

runrockwater : This house looks so ordinary today

alex08648 : damn, the things i would do to that ass....plus, she was great in nine dead

William Sebren : Anybody else notice that her bedroom layout is incredibly similar to Sabrina's bedroom? Colors, floorplan, and all.

Josesito Comunica : this is like time traveling

John Crusader : MTV is missing a Cribs episode with Salem Saberhagen

GavinJ37 : This was years before she got married and had kids. Rather big house for just one person

Tromp Entertainment : the best 90s actress ever I was addicted to sabrina the teenage witch I'm a massive melissa joan hart fan as well

Hellen Creftinger : The pineapple!

DisasterEXE : Wow, she really did explain it all.

Darkton80 : Step 1) Pause at 5;46 Step 2) See Her Thong Step 3) You Know

Chaywatchesvideos : what did i just watch? this looks like a suburban grandmother's home not a celeb's...

Beata Pelc : My eyes. The editing is so over the top.

Rohini G : Gosh,the way they keep zooming in n out or swirl the camera around us annoying.....they aren't showing the place properly.

Grim Reaper : 2001. She was a babe back in that time.

Peace The Gypsy : I used to watch all of these! Ode to the late 90s/early 2000s!!!!

marklola12 : shows you money can not buy good taste llol

GET BIG BODYBUILDING : I dated a girl once just because she looked like MJH.  I was only 17 then.  I have moved on to Kate Upton lookalikes now. 

Garbage Dad : it seems so above average... nothing spectacular, but obviously not the average household. At least on the inside. The outside seems really cool.

New Name : just noticed, she said her best friend Soliel bought her her toaster. Soliel Moon Frye

Jack Bandit : I saw her underwear teehee

Sergio Gonzalez : She's hot and I love red heads

ConnAndTheThings : Cribs was so weird

picoaga : boy, she loves to drink I guess

Olivia May : She either has really greasy hair or wet hair! 😂😂😂

Blake Laurie : Wait wheres Harvey? :O

vollie the stardust : Deceased Saddam Hussein had his portrait and his photos all over the walls too. Narcissism at its finest.

Klebtonic Entertainment : I love Melissa but her house is BORING