Word Play Hotel - Foil Arms and Hog

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Word Play Hotel - Foil Arms and Hog If you enjoyed this video please support our channel by subscribing and giving a like. Thanks :) Foil Arms and Hog: We're an Irish sketch comedy group based out of Dublin Ireland. We upload a new video every Thursday and we also perform live shows or brand new material created just for stage. If you'd like to see us live check out our tour dates here: www.foilarmsandhog.ie/tour SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/foilarmsandhog LIVE SHOWS: http://www.foilarmsandhog.ie TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/foilarmsandhog FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/foilarmsandhog


AngeLife : “I think I’ve had enough rejection for one day” ❤️❤️❤️

Belltower Hibs : "The wi-fi code is lowercase... and that's it" 🤣

Lizzie Yeomans : "You're all very welcome here to the 10am service in room 403" 😂

Katie Maloney : I wasn't expecting so many puns! Also watching Foil's face at the side throughout is hilarious 😂

D O'Brien : God this one was intense...by the time you've decrypted one pun three more than been spat out! Impressive work lads!

Amanda Roche : Was sitting in work having lunch at the same time as my new boss, totally awkward situation, both staring at our phones, out of nowhere I realise he's giggling at his phone so me being nosey I looked over and sure enough he was watching your show 😂😂😂 so we ended up watching it together 😭😭🤣

Childish Platoon : Do I have cable in my room? Yes sir, several in fact.

Ben Dover : Baggage: *ex-wife and crippling Dept*

Zometh : Got to love a good wake-up call.

Amira Amin : That's really clever... I loved it But did you guys notice how the background behind Arms is changing between night and day?

Northwestcore : This one was brilliant. Great work guys.

Wilson : I wonder how many others rewinded parts of the video non-stop to understand everything :P

simivb : That was dense.

Ekaterine Kandelaki : And he ended up with those guys in his "private" room anyway... So funny and interesting, Love you guys Good Luck

Michael Westen : hilarious bastards

LazySketcher : This is my favourite type of comedy :') I'm hungry for more, don't suppose the Word Play company can take the form of other locations too? ;)

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : “Father Hog, I have a confession.” “Yes my son.” “I laughed during service.” “Why was that, son?” “I imagined Mr. Arms as a clone.” “Eye, Mr. Arms is a clown. I’ll grant you that.”

Ikrar Persada : My english is not that good.. but usually i dont need subtitle.. but for this.. i had to.. XD

Chris Forester : That's the sort of alternate dimension that rivals the film Inception for weirdness.

Garrett Taylor : It’s unnatural how on time you are

John Gill : These videos are always great. You guys deserve more subscribers.

Paul Štutas : I work in a hotel - can't wait to try some of these!

Valter Fara : My brain hurts.

emthegem12 : Keep it up lads! Great work as always!

Ang RoMa : You guys are awesome!

Marcus Ciantar : Oooh puns ❤

Siren_Atlantica : Notification squad where yall at.

Rua O'Neill : As someone who loves puns, I bow down to you Sirs. Well done!

Liam Morgan : Absolutely brilliant. Very very clever, one of your best I think (and that's saying something!)

Ozzy Beckett : This was brilliant, loved the clocks in the background!

Kasper Ekstrom : best videos in the world.

Bob K. : Excellent! Three stars! (Each playing multiple roles.)

Fabrizio Catalano : There is no room for confusion in this hotel. But things can get confusing.

Clurr Burr : So. Many. Puns. 😂 This was absolutely brilliant lads, can't wait to see yous live!

Aj Baalman : "Father Arms, there is noise in the other room, can you do an Exorcism to silence the noise?"

Dermot Parker : whats with the change of the daylight/evening view from the outside? i can only assume Arms did too many (failed) takes. lucky for hog though as the clocks behind him, regardless of right or wrong time, appear to have been still all the time lol. still a very funny sketch lads. will be seeing you in Cork next year!

Wandering Helen : Omg this is like the spiritual successor of 'four candles/fork handles" hahahaha

juliusejudo : could this get any more smart and hilarious??!!

Monse Foster : Nicely done!

Ilona Anttila : As a non native speaker I loved the first time I watched but had to watch it again to really appreciate each and every pun 😍😂

Gerard Gibbons : One of your best ones yet. CONGRATS ON 200K

Silverback Gorrilla : Absolutely brilliant!!!!

Sigrid van Osch : I found this one on 9gag (yeah some people on 9gag actually share nice content) and since, I'm hooked (not literally)

NetBoy : “You’re on the first floor... and your room is on the fourth floor” “Perfect.”

Alvarina Ferreira : You can take the lift, we don't need that anymore 🤣🤣🤣 I drive people insane when they say they are going to take a shower. I say ok just don't take it too far someone might need to use it later 😅 ha I'm that sad, I made a "dad joke" somebody help!!!!!

Komal Sharma : If that's how thr room service goes, my parents would lift me up and drop me off at hotels daily.

elitefencer777 : This is the most rapid repartee I have ever seen! (and the funniest)

Joshua Jonathan Hoffenberg : Are you guys considering coming to Belgium ? If our little country could handle you :) ! ... If not : I know where my next trip will be ! Absolutely love you lads.

Benjamin G : Pun Heaven.