Word Play Hotel - Foil Arms and Hog

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Miles Martin : My god lads, if this isn't one of the best sketches on the whole internet

Katie Maloney : I wasn't expecting so many puns! Also watching Foil's face at the side throughout is hilarious 😂

AngeLife : “I think I’ve had enough rejection for one day” ❤️❤️❤️

D O'Brien : God this one was intense...by the time you've decrypted one pun three more than been spat out! Impressive work lads!

Lizzie Yeomans : "You're all very welcome here to the 10am service in room 403" 😂

Amanda Roche : Was sitting in work having lunch at the same time as my new boss, totally awkward situation, both staring at our phones, out of nowhere I realise he's giggling at his phone so me being nosey I looked over and sure enough he was watching your show 😂😂😂 so we ended up watching it together 😭😭🤣

Belltower Hibs : "The wi-fi code is lowercase... and that's it" 🤣

Ben Dover : Baggage: *ex-wife and crippling Dept*

Wilson : I wonder how many others rewinded parts of the video non-stop to understand everything :P

Zometh : Got to love a good wake-up call.

Amira Amin : That's really clever... I loved it But did you guys notice how the background behind Arms is changing between night and day?

LazySketcher : This is my favourite type of comedy :') I'm hungry for more, don't suppose the Word Play company can take the form of other locations too? ;)

Northwestcore : This one was brilliant. Great work guys.

simivb : That was dense.

Ekaterine Kandelaki : And he ended up with those guys in his "private" room anyway... So funny and interesting, Love you guys Good Luck

Ikrar Persada : My english is not that good.. but usually i dont need subtitle.. but for this.. i had to.. XD

Valter Fara : My brain hurts.

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : “Father Hog, I have a confession.” “Yes my son.” “I laughed during service.” “Why was that, son?” “I imagined Mr. Arms as a clone.” “Eye, Mr. Arms is a clown. I’ll grant you that.”

Chris Forester : That's the sort of alternate dimension that rivals the film Inception for weirdness.

Paul Štutas : I work in a hotel - can't wait to try some of these!

Michael Westen : hilarious bastards

Joshua Jonathan Hoffenberg : Are you guys considering coming to Belgium ? If our little country could handle you :) ! ... If not : I know where my next trip will be ! Absolutely love you lads.

Siren_Atlantica : Notification squad where yall at.

Julie Doonan : This is the best one yet. I have never been hit so fast so hard by all the puns

Aimee Vincent : Been awake for almost 36 hours writing an essay proposal and it’s taking ages to load but yes lads ! Always makes my Thursdays better.

Rua O'Neill : As someone who loves puns, I bow down to you Sirs. Well done!

Marcus Ciantar : Oooh puns ❤

Monse Foster : Nicely done!

Garrett Taylor : It’s unnatural how on time you are

Ang RoMa : You guys are awesome!

Ryan Aun : Loving this new homoromantic turn, I hope it persists

Annika L. : Just wondering: how about German subtitles for your German fans? Or are there any? Would it be worth writing some?

emthegem12 : Keep it up lads! Great work as always!

John Gill : These videos are always great. You guys deserve more subscribers.

Geoff Warner-Clayton : I love these word play sketches you do! They're written and delivered so bloody well, I'd love to see more of them! They tickle my brain and my funny bone. 😁

juliusejudo : could this get any more smart and hilarious??!!

manutddachamps08 : Who else is changing their password to lowercase?

George Vlachos : Amazing, watching it almost every day since it came out and always makes me laugh :) Pity I can only give one thumbs up once only ;)

elitefencer777 : This is the most rapid repartee I have ever seen! (and the funniest)

Fabrizio Catalano : There is no room for confusion in this hotel. But things can get confusing.

Childish Platoon : Do I have cable in my room? Yes sir, several in fact.

roseanne russell : that was he best. I love word play

Ilona Anttila : As a non native speaker I loved the first time I watched but had to watch it again to really appreciate each and every pun 😍😂

talkshushigeisha : Omg this is like the spiritual successor of 'four candles/fork handles" hahahaha

Liam Morgan : Absolutely brilliant. Very very clever, one of your best I think (and that's saying something!)

Clurr Burr : So. Many. Puns. 😂 This was absolutely brilliant lads, can't wait to see yous live!

Sean M : Best FAH video yet!!

SMG 123 : #48 on trending

alexandra : If that's how thr room service goes, my parents would lift me up and drop me off at hotels daily.

Emma Fagan : Awwh more of those please!