3.5 Nation Army
35 Nation Army

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It's Seven Nation Army... you can guess what I did to it.


The God Emperor of Mankind : Battlefield 0.5 brought me here

CaptainLandr0ver : Gonna fall A sation couldn't hit back I'm gonna rob Chance hop behind back And I told myself "Nah" 'cause I don't care Pour through my under-sung red And I manly fright eye is little low *odd chorus* Gonna h'bout it Tingle want us to teh Be one 'bout it Queen of good how of heh If I come in the way I'm gonna see you And what you not hear as what do And I'm froming for goals, flat ho *odd guitar solo* I'm pitch it Four FaF forever I'm worthless Tap the sip every OOuh Leanin' leanin' leanin' on the roar Erds are cleaved from and thing noir Ain'ts from my eye toll *this is going to be stuck in my head tomorrow isn't it*

c0nceited : "Perfectly balanced. As all things should be." –Jack "Thanos" White

John Dou : that's it, time for 14 nation army

Jack The Stripper : At 1:23 the bassline is actually kinda nice

I like the rain : This is honestly so underrated

Fucking Butter : Why does this sound so good.

IgnitedZucc 25 : 1:46 *_P E R F E C T I O N_*

YANGTRA : 7/2 = 3,5 quick maths

JimMcnugget : you should do this to descpecito 2

G2zmo : the bassline is still amazing

ClimateCTRL : I smell a new meme. INVEST!

Bernat García : *Gonna fall*

FxUznilo : Remember us after 250k subs

Joel gets bored and does a YouTube : This sounds pretty cool

Błażej Lewandowski : You should make second channel EveryOtherOffbeat

Zenon Cortez : Perfectly balanced

Pete B. Lane : Well damn, this still works for me.

Will Becker : the chorus sounds sick...and the verse still sounds awesome

C F : "Bleedin' Bleedin' Bleedin' For The Lord" And there's the improved lyric in this mess.

Teague Clements : at 2x speed this becomes an absolute slapper

Dextresen : That bassline actually sounds kinda cool.

Wiremu Hohepa : These videos are really interesting at 0.5x speed playback

BeastBoom 24 : Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

FyreWulff : The bass line is really nice in this one, although the last part sounds like it really wants to become the Elephant Dance.

Thrawn : What on Earth have you done?

Me One Millionth Dollar AKA My Leg! : Most underrated channel on YouTube

ProfessorLuftwaffles : Oh my eyes are so red, im melting my eyes... 0:20

Review&Brew : You are getting me hooked on these every other beat videos

ScotchRobbins : You kept all the beats the other vereion of this removed.

Wilson Comin : listen this high and a 2x speed

Elijah Tingle : A sation couldn’t hibAAA

Rivers Cuomo : "And I told myself "Nah" 'cause I don't care" big mood tbh

Hippy Da Her : Take out the singing and boom... a whole new song 😂

Marcus Dagenais : For the most part this actually sounds kinda good

Richard Fukuda : I kinda like this more than the original, more interesting lol.

Avvv Qvvv : tab?

ThirteenOnline : Bro this low key CRANKS!

FerraOtaku.PL : This sounds like some indie rock music or something. But also sounds really nice

Rorbery Bennett : I'm gonna funk I say she couldn't hit that I'm gonna rock Tats high behind back And I tell myself now's i'm gonna get All from night, the sun red And I'm knowin' my eyes no more

アンダーソン : this is actually better than the original, way better songwriting tbh

Randomizer903 : The guitar work is surprisingly catchy! Also... Clone Hero chart! NOW!!

Owen Uxexuxa : The title... so good

rckstr1123 : *THAT'S WHAT DO*

Blam Blarson : I'm gonna fart I said she couldn't hit back.

Dano Mx : Sound like the Begining of livin on a prayer

Hellspawn RKO : That drum track early on kinda reminds me of St. Anger... Don't ask

NickTheGreatAndPowerful : The beat sounds great. It seems like something someone could actually use.

braddersthemod : You should combine the two halves, but the wrong way round!