Every Fight Ever

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ZBot3000 Gaming : How this fight could have gone: Natalie: Sweetheart, how are you feeling? Matt: Good... N: Have you done the dished M: Yeah... N: *sigh* Did you make sure to scrub the pots thoroughly? M: Huh? Oh, I was watching TV. N: Why didn't you do it? M: There was a new episode! N: You've done this November 10th, 17th 24th, and October 1st to name a couple. M: Again, New episode N: I make you breakfast, clean your clothes, make lunch, clean the rooms, dust the furniture, and make dinner for you! M: Well, I go to work and make money for you to use! *awkward pause* N: Why didn't you do the dishes! It's so simple! M: I was watching TV! N: Don't raise your voice at me! Mallory: Mom! Dad! M: You're always so nagging! N: *gasp* Mallory: MOM! DAD! M: Remember the summer of '02 were I was right? N: Uh, Yes... M: And he shoots, and he scores! N: *grunt* Your brain is as small as a pea! M: Yeah!... what? Mallory: Mom and Dad! M and N: What is it? Mallory: Can I stay over for a sleepover at Whitney's house on Friday? N: Mallory, Mallory, Mallory, Mallory: Dad, how do you feel about this? M: Well, okay... N: No, you'll miss your brother's play! Mallory: With my kids, I will always allow them to go the sleepovers ! N: Why did you agree with Mallory? I'll got to our room. M: Ok. M: Don't leave. When is dinner? (This took about 20 minutes to do this, even though nobody will see/read it.)

Alex Braunberger : Realization that I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight. lol

Rebekah Vandenhole : this is how I imagine married Ron and Hermione :D

emmie90 : Comment that is supposed to sound funny but isn't.

Nano 02 : Hilarious lovable comment to the video, while waiting for an equal supportive reply from other fans!


Allison Marshall : If you watch this without sound, and then watch it it's hilarious. I made my cousin watch it without sound, and she thought it was a normal fight, then she was laughing so hard when she watched it with sound.

Puppylover 0411 : Sigh and wish I could watch this but can't because of a task that I have not completed

You_just : Disgruntled accusation of my fellow commenters on the lack of grammatical cohesion in their generic responses referencing the content of the video.

Tiffany Trizna : Studio C- I was wondering if you could do an improv skit. Where you would pick a topic and set a time limit and then just improvise. If you can do this then great! If not, then oh well.

Ryan Orme : Wide grin while nodding slowly, half trying daydreaming if I was on cast of Studio C and how good I could be at this.... followed by quick shaking of head and trying to focus on homework

SonicDashie759 : completely typical and lame positive comment to video

N.I. McClusky : Reinterpretation of everyone else's comments to hide the fact that I have nothing to say while I inwardly berate myself fer saying it.

Suhas Vittala : how buzzfeed ripped this off...

Bystander #84 : Grinning happily while watching at a late time at night.

ajnode : It should be: "Every TV Fight Ever".

Steven Milot : Repeating a line about the said video.

Luna Lovegood : This is seriously how my grandparents fight.

Margaret Tesfae : If Percy and Annabeth were married

Gaming W/ Nicko : Studio c dose it better than Smosh

TheChocolateArmor : Realization of how majestic this comment section is...

Elena Kufta : Yeah, this sounds EXACTLY like my parents. (And the daughter is my sister)

Seth Berry : Comment about quality of sketch. Statement about personal tardiness. Rhetorical question about personal previous ignorance. Statement of appreciation to cast.

Sophia Raines : "Weak response!" "Question about dinner?" Yep, this just about sums up every fight between parents.

Radomstuff1234 : Episodes like this deserves a button to like more than once.

DeDeDelicious : I died at "WEAK EXCUSE!"

TravellingStoryteller : Even though still quite humorous, and I do enjoy Studio C as a whole, I admit to small concern that this like many other comedies very much imply that the man is always at fault for his behavior and for a wife to be justified for hers. Every fight would in all honesty be different, or that there would be differences despite some similarities, and that different variables can come into play that change the scenario. The couples' personalities, their ability to handle stress, their priorities of responsibilities, consideration of financial situation, whether or not they have any children, how close each child would be to either parent, whether or not either spouse has any sort of mental condition, and more. Also, I acknowledge that I ruin the joke by over-analyzing it an offer my apologies.

Dylan C. : Moment of realization how caché the style of these comments referring to this sketch are.

shubham vashist : copies the style of the other comments just because i liked the idea

cassandra : Supposedly witty and funny comment about something unrelated to the video

Quirkiness : Pun that was to corny that everybody stated a negative response, replies with sentence unrelated but related to a burn

Delaney Hope : Commenting in the style of the video. Not referring to self or the video in the first person.

cloudsabove : that was an amazing skit. grade: A+

Avery Sleigh : Geez, you had to memorize ALL this. " pausing moment were I realize I don't actually do that much"" Accidental agreement"

Rebecca Campbell : O my gosh!! SO accurate! Studio C is awesome!!!

Benny Sullivan : Nonconstructive, yet comical and whimsical comment awaiting for positive approval and reinforcement in the form of likes from fellow studio C fans.

George Breckenridge : This is some of "Studio C's" most creative writing ever. Bravo!

sophia K : Statement about how i will grow up and treat my children differently that will never be realized!

The Fangle : 2:33 Statement that he ruined his chances of ending the argument.

Cylasbreakdown : Reading comments with video in the background... Quickly realize I missed the last ten seconds. Rewind.

Caroline A : Okay, really though, this is genius. I watch this sketch all the time it's so intelligently made...

MistyShimmer101 : Matt has those fatherly smile wrinkles! ^.^ cute!

Nehemiah Snyder : "Sports referance, confirmation of points received."

Akalibaliz 22 : Sharks illawong is the best go sub to him


Zariah Joseph : love dis video I watched it a billion times

Gucci Goat IV : Everyone's all like " Mattory!" And I'm over here like " what about Mattalie?"

Hannah Sutter : Perfect! I loved how they kept the tone of voice so real.

BaconFrappe : My mom raises her voice and yells at my dad "DONT RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME!" While she raises her voice

CalLadyQED : Watching a favorite Studio C video. Checking that I gave it a thumbs up. Sharing it on Google+.