Pizza....Do a Pizza. Yard Sale skiing ski crash free skiing extreme

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eljolto : if you french fry when you should've pizza'd, you're gonna have a bad time

Fabien Brunner : "YEAAAH BROOO" - every ski instructor ever.

Turbo Laser Cum : He will never eat pizza again

Ivan Pavlovic : he said do a pizza not a pizza roll

LordScrambles : 4 years later: Do you think he ever learned how to do a pizza?


Lann the Creative : If the child couldn't even start and turn on his own, he should have been on the bunny hill. Instead they started him off holding him until he got to a higher speed, let him go and shouted pizza. Yeah, a lot of help that was.

zero : well well well... if it isn't Stan Darsh!

Surpuppan : *Kid crying* ''DUDE, YOU SURVIVED!'' - Dad

Roger Horton : It's pretty funny hearing the dad scream "PIZZA! DO A PIZZA!" while the son is losing it

Kaleb Sanford : If you don't pizza . you're gonna have a bad time

Gentrit G : why didnt he do a god damn pizza

DeathTooSlow : You're gonna have a bad time

George W. : I thought his red goggles were blood for a second. Scared the crap outta me.

volainge09 : Dude you survived!

gucki glucki : This reminds me of my childhood. I want to punch this guy. Hard.

RevyIsBestPony : "feels like i'm wearing nothing at all"

Patrick Brenner : If you french fry when you should pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.

Jake Dockstator : If you french fry when your supposed to pizza, you're gunna have a bad time.

Mechanical Turk : "Okay, you see what he did? He french fried when he should have pizza'd! If you french fry when you pizza, you're going to have a bad time!"

Jim Taylor : I think he had the wrong topping...

Patrick O'Ryan : I think he had a bad time

Robert Parker : Hahahahah "DUDE... you survived!!!" xD

Totalavulsion : 1:02 dad lets his true self surface

David Abron : wow...assinine parenting at its best way to go bro!

Richard Fukuda : What does the title even mean?

Zulu : I think it was the pretty quick realisation of "oh shit, I can't steer, I can't slow down, there's a cliff and loads of people in front of me and my dad is screaming delicious food at me rather than lifting me up from behind... WWWWWAAAAAAAOOOOOOAAAA"

Vitaly Savicks : i guess he likes french fries more

Binarykode : The poor kids terrifyed all the dad wants is a high five and smacks the kids pole because he doesn't reciprocate. What a piece of shit.

Harley Canez : Is it wrong I wanted to see the kid die

Major Tom : DO A PIZZA!!!!

pghdave420 : your gonna have a bad time

projellyman : At the very end: "Dude you survived" XD

Felix Imadeafilm : best skiteacher ever.

ian schaefer : the name of the video is more interesting than the video itself

xDIRTYUNDIESx : I like pizza.

Colin Ross : if you french fry when you are supposed to pizza your going to have a bad time #yardyyardyyardy

iCombii : A pizza is round shouldn't it be "Do a pizza slice"??

Jim Dayworth : That hill seemed too steep to be doing pizza on. I remember when I was a beginner skier. When pizza didn't work the next best thing to do is crash in a big yard sale. Thank goodness for more advanced turns.

OOGA BOOGA : He had a bad time

crosswire7777 : HAHAHA somebody call domino's!

Ellis H : If you dont do a pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.

stpehen #1 : "Dude you survived" everyones first day of skiing or snowboarding😂

lug nut larry : YYEEEAAAHHH BRROOOᴏᴏᴏᵒᵒₒₒₒ

Eddie Lamar : French fried when he should have pizza'd. He had a bad time.

jackinthebox4934 : I can't stop laughing at how the ski instructor dude smacks the kids pole close to the end.

Carlos Estrada : "Hey little dude you got some crap right here"

Ninja Bear : "hey, dude, you did a good job. you survived."

Stephen Boyd : Poor kid... They probably should have spent a little more time on the bunny hill. He'll get it though, provided he wasn't traumatized too bad. He was moving pretty good too. I was waiting for the parent to take him out.

coke : was hoping this guy crashed into those trees instead