Chaakz AE in "Memento Mori" Gow3 Ep: 1 By Blese

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These two have come together to make something EPIC, I couldn't be more proud. ---------------------------------- Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more content! Subscribe to us: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook:


DvL STEAKums : Blese throwing some nostalgia around 👌👍

Daniele Meligrana : Sei un grande Chaakz grande stima per te bro ❤️❤️

K1llez 4 fun : It was a long enough wait, well worth it in the end. I love it.

Tempz. : love the edit so much, the song sounds like the plot in you

多urstah : Gold description<3 Me gustó bastante este trabajo, y los clips son bestiales uff

Shatteristiic : Blese my man, this is sick!

DG RainbowDash : Memories of GoW 3. The editing went so well with the song, plus the clips were amazing. "D

ChaaKz : Thanks Hunterz, Blese te mamaste, esta increíble el edit, thanks all of you, hope you enjoy the video !

Astteroth AE : that 0:50 transition tho good shit both of you guys

Paradise Nexuz : This clips are clean asf nice ass Ep. Glad to see my boys still uploading😍❤🔥

R O O K E D : Chaakz! Me alegra tenerte en AE!

Saul Benitez : Good job boys! Very proud of both of you putting out this incredible content! Keep it up! -Demonz

Boogiee UE : Amazing ChaaKz <3

Synn Sasquatch : I love me some gow3 great stuff💯

Ascendant : Well done guys..

Flamy. : Sick af, nice one boys

Courze : Like nice vid Team Artic Empire:)

Ecrypts : Hella nice clips Chaakz. Great Edits Blese!

Criiz AE : Like ❤️😍

Avenge Vain : Noice

Blese SD - Team Essence EDITOR : Bless you

Amity AE : Sick guys

Real Ragez : Muy chulo 🙌

Livo : Ok this was really good! Good job guys <3

Deoxyz : So sick The edit was amazing The clips were insane

Endeavours VT : 🔥🔥

End Guts : Great job guys

Avenge Revenant : Noice. Good video

Álbumes One : Saquen las privadas

Sopping : Nice video