Polyphia NAMM 2019 - G.O.A.T.

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Polyphia performs G.O.A.T. at NAMM 2019.


big pod : Why does Tim look 12 even with all those tattoos

dead bird on steps : Tims neck just leveled up. He needs to chill w daddy long neck

Dan Killen : another fantastic performance from tumblr the band

Mercyful Music : Every show there’s always that one guy with a black dahlia murder shirt

Aaron Eye : Now I realize that it's the drums and bass that really counts in this album

John Kerlin : I’ve seen Polyphia live before and it was awesome. This however, sounds like they haven’t practiced in weeks!

Josh Petit : Glad to see Tim make mistakes on that opening riff, it’s so damn hard for me to play with no mistakes haha!

boywithani : why'd that cute lil twink have to get a neck tattoo

Erik S : Tim's neck tattoo makes his neck look even more giraffe like

Juako : That' s not Polyphia, that' s Poly

Chronic Delta : Imagine if they did Yas with Mario and Erick

Benjamin : Man, having only a throat tattoo is such a weird look

TheFALLENSOLDIER : Technique- 8/10 How it sounds- 2/10

Brian Dennehy : Why are these lads wearing their pyjamas?

Matthew Thomas : Anyone else a little under impressed?

FromTheSky : Guy in TBDM shirt clearly unimpressed

Homosexual Pirate : 0:26 The muted triplet going "up" is simplified bcs he knows he gon f up

Marcsman07 : Don't know if I've heard a half decent live rendition of any of their songs. I feel like they're more of a studio band. Also, that necc tattoo look weird af.

Joshua m : Thanks so much for this I missed it by 5 min. :(

Henry Campanis : Who knew aaron kyro could play guitar?!

Hungrytongues 69 : Tim can change the vibe of his neck by building up his traps and wearing collars if he wants to haha

Eric Jackson : So many haters... such little time

Roger Rabbit : Lol so much cringe when the blonde dude says "start the circle pit now" God damn son. No wonder they're just an instrumental band

Brad Hargis : Cool music but why are they dressed like grandmas?

Don toth : I love this song but how in the hell can you be so sloppy when it's something you composed???? Every single live video of this song is a shit show.

Useless Intellectual : nice matching pants

ph0kused : tim got his neck blasted! lookin solid.

Ryan Jeffries : Man, these guys popped off hard in the day. Now they're just so over hyped. Can say not the best performance but still only a small crowd and probably cheap amps.

Good Shepherd : man that audio is bad

Marco Torres : i NEED tim's signature guitar

Ivanovich Medina : Better than super bowl's mid time show

Cyclist Man : I guess it’s ok to perform in your pajamas at a NAAM show.

Peruzzi Russo : 0:18 :(

alter ego : Why am I disappointed?

Alexander Shoesmith : Have seen them live and there’s heaps of other live videos showcasing articulate chops. But honestly playing at NAMM must be nerve racking for any guitarists playing.

shREDhead44 : Intervals has started with the porno chords too. Lol It's good stuff, it'd be nice to hear some chugging once in a while though.

Bear In A Dan Suit : Daddy long necks long lost bro

jason B : dont quit the day job yet boys

Andrea Caloiaro : I'd hate to have to play this song live every night. Talk about demanding.

Philip Carroll : That was powerful weak

Luis Fernando Folgar Cabrera : I want to see a neck-off between Tim and Corey Taylor.

BAKER : it literally just sounds like his action is too high, oops, love these guys

Zach Courtney : I love polyphia but I feel that once you’ve heard in of their songs you’ve heard them all.

Nathan Eyre : I'm sure it takes skill to play this piece but damn is it boring

Opaik TV : Whenever I hear them live I want to vomit

João Elbert : they still can't get a good sound out of a live performance

Øli Macabre : I love the raw performance you get at NAMM.

Dr Shlots : Cant fool me with that neck tattoo Tim, the giraffe neck lives on strong

Paul Garton : i bet he'll never ever regret that neck tattoo