Microsoft's presenter installs Chrome during presentation because Edge won't work

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TECHWISE : Listen to the sound of planets:

Zach Ryder : Top Ten Anime Betrayals

Taqi Mollah : *heavy breathing*

Memeorandum of Understanding : downloaded so fast....whats the internet speed? 1gbps?

MrFlippy : "we're gonna NOT help make Chrome better" I DIED.

Thomas Wieferink : Next: Microsoft's presenter installs Linux because Windows is updating.

There are many usernames but this one is mine. : That’s life on the edge for you

Miraie : I swear I saw Akame Ga Kill *edit: **1:49*

ORO 0147 : I had to download this to keep it forever, this is literally one of the best things on the internet ever!

vSpeed177 - Mitosis: The Game / : Microsoft Edge, the faster and safer way... *To download Chrome.*

Prateek Panwar : His internet speed is faster than my hdd copy speed

Hejar Khalid : Nothing new. The only time i use Edge or IE is only right after a fresh windows installation when I need to download Chrome.

LostandAlive : You know you've failed when you have to use the competitors products.

Rival Abu Hanifah : that feel when i need 5 minutes to download chrome, and he just need 5 second..

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : The audience cheering makes this so much fun.

Dat Piff : Microsoft Edge is the best browser installer ever. Same with IE. Their function is to download a browser.

Anime HuNNter : Hey guys, Windows Vista has been officially released. I am posting this from Internet Explorer.

Dashmesh Singh : "My last day at Microsoft..."

Manish Dhruw : in this video ms devs demonstrate true purpose of edge

Toimi : That's hilarious lmao. He played it off really well though. Talented presenter.

senko ukura : Microsoft edge: what is my purpose? Rick: you download chrome Microsoft edge: oh my god

Glory Ko : Edge = Chrome downloader

Khaltazar : When he got back to the office, his boxes were already packed for him.

Pras Setio : 1:49 Look At Those Anime Results

Mr Claytron : You guys need to know what group policy is. It's not a problem with Edge. It's just locked down on either the network, or through local policy applied on the machine he's using. Although I personally prefer Chrome, Edge is not a bad browser (way way better than IE - totally different rendering engines), and this isn't a problem with Edge. Sorry to be the party pooper...

Virokk Gaming : Edge is one of the browsers that get seizure after 10 miniutes

Spectrum : So Microsoft has made Edge built-in so that we can download Chrome.

Memest : Wow I got my new pc and look Microsoft edge! Now microsoft edge is a very important browser. *downloads crome* ok well time to uninstall microsoft edge

UnrealProductions : Am I the only one who legitimately uses Edge as a daily browser?


Jeff Peng : You say you’re fine but you’re not really fine....

Max TheWinCat : That's a really fast internet

RandomVidUploader Robin : Chrome sucks way more. Firefox is best.

DeluxeDestroyer : He got fired

Red : Microsoft Edge: What is my purpose? Me: You Install Chrome.

Crazy Frog : RIP Microsoft Presenter

Daisy Kumar : I use Microsoft Edge... To install Google Chrome.

_ _ : Google's new advertisement slogan "When you have a presentation and Edge isn't working."

iHeart GT86 {KatyCat} : 1:04 "Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser on Windows 10 and it is already installed on your PC" Microsoft's presenter : *Installs Chrome*

Rafael Lino : Kudos for the sense of humor. The audience cheering makes this so much fun. Hats off for the dev.

Corrosive : It will be better they said, Superior to Internet Explorer they said...

Jay : The love how it finished downloading before he could finish the sentence "While this is downloading"

Mack V : *-1 for Microsoft, +1 for Google*

5persondude : *_ahem_* Firefox

RayNow : Edge = Chrome downloader

Johnnyxp64 : because at Microsoft we don't have a complex syndrome! 😁

Kim Jong Trump : There is some heavy ASMR going on here.

Ben Dover : Did the person get fired?

Yash Raj : It’s not a big deal we all use edge to download chrome!!

ccateni 28 : Edge was a good browser, why do they keep screwing it up?