Microsoft's presenter installs Chrome during presentation because Edge won't work

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TECHWISE : Listen to the sound of planets:

Rafael : Kudos for the sense of humor. The audience cheering makes this so much fun. Hats off for the dev.

PowerLeef : lol, one of the suggested videos at the end is ' Meet the developers behind Microsoft Edge'

GrowTFM : "The Edge on these machines are locked down a little bit" lul

ORO 0147 : I had to download this to keep it forever, this is literally one of the best things on the internet ever!

Mazu Mazu : Lol all of those anime results.

Zach Ryder : Top Ten Anime Betrayals

MrFlippy : "we're gonna NOT help make Chrome better" I DIED.

Sameera K : i'm going not help google get better :D

Nathan Lim : "Why are you using Edge?" "How else will I download Chrome?" "Internet Explorer?" "We do not talk about IE!"

There are many usernames but this one is mine. : That’s life on the edge for you

Yash Raj : It’s not a big deal we all use edge to download chrome!!

Reyhan R. R. : Need a curb meme of this

Rival Abu Hanifah : that feel when i need 5 minutes to download chrome, and he just need 5 second..

Cash Bonanza : Reminds me of that moment Bill Gates took an iPhone out of his pocket.

Dude Winning : I love how when he says "while its downloading" and it says installing.

Isotope Soong : This is legendary.

Magyar Áron : I love the bing ad for Microsoft Edge, its just a nice touhc. :D

Oscat A. : Then Microsoft will ditch Edge completely and preinstall Chrome on future versions of Windows. 😆

Hejar Khalid : Nothing new. The only time i use Edge or IE is only right after a fresh windows installation when I need to download Chrome.

GDar : Would be better if "Microsoft presenter installs Firefox during presentation, gets Fired"

Prateek Panwar : His internet speed is faster than my hdd copy speed

Taqi Mollah : *heavy breathing*

mei Wang : he is so cool.....

Theo Hallenius : This should be a wakeup call for microsoft.

Miraie : I swear I saw Akame Ga Kill *edit: **1:49*

SeriousGuy888 : *TRAITOR!!!* jk

LostandAlive : You know you've failed when you have to use the competitors products.

Pale O'Pterix : Did the guy keep his job at micro$oft after this? For how long? ;-)

DeluxeDestroyer : He got fired

Aditya : downloaded so fast....whats the internet speed? 1gbps?

Pras Setio : 1:49 Look At Those Anime Results

Virokk Gaming : Edge is one of the browsers that get seizure after 10 miniutes

Henry Rodriguez : "No make Google Better" Jajajajajaja

Red : Microsoft Edge: What is my purpose? Me: You Install Chrome.

RandomVidUploader Robin : Chrome sucks way more. Firefox is best.

ccateni 28 : Edge was a good browser, why do they keep screwing it up?

Glory Ko : Edge = Chrome downloader

Clayton Wakefield : You guys need to know what group policy is. It's not a problem with Edge. It's just locked down on either the network, or through local policy applied on the machine he's using. Although I personally prefer Chrome, Edge is not a bad browser (way way better than IE - totally different rendering engines), and this isn't a problem with Edge. Sorry to be the party pooper...

Manish Dhruw : in this video ms devs demonstrate true purpose of edge

Michael O'Leary : Windows sucks on everything get xubuntu

sagrodat : 1000th comment!

senko ukura : Microsoft edge: what is my purpose? Rick: you download chrome Microsoft edge: oh my god

Juan : Chrome is great but I might say often buggy as well.

Max TheWinCat : That's a really fast internet

Tig : Legendary

Mettaton : tbh tho firefox is best browser.


Giorgi Aptsiauri : RIP Microsoft Presenter

GABJ : Tor is love, tor is life.