Microsoft's presenter installs Chrome during presentation because Edge won't work

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During the presentation, 'How to migrate applications, data, and workloads to Microsoft Azure,' the presenter had to shift from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome to get the work done. Complete video: All credits to the Microsoft Ignite / YouTube Channel

Comments from Youtube

Rogue-Spear : I use Edge every time I download Chrome

Thomas Wieferink : Next: Microsoft's presenter installs Linux because Windows is updating.

Suaqe : He known hes gonna get fired. He lives on the Edge

Vikrant : "And We're going to not help make google better" savage Lol....

Dashmesh Singh : "My last day at Microsoft..."

vSpeed177 - Mitosis: The Game / : Microsoft Edge, the faster and safer way... *To download Chrome.*

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : The audience cheering makes this so much fun.

Cumill xd : We all know why youtube recommends this video to everyone :p

Kanto : "I'm gonna go install chrome" *crowd starts clapping*

Money Money : Title should be "Last day working at Microsoft"

lolman533 : Ok YouTube I watched this video 3rd time. Can you stop recommending this?

Dat Piff : Microsoft Edge is the best browser installer ever. Same with IE. Their function is to download a browser.

Khaltazar : When he got back to the office, his boxes were already packed for him.

__ : Google's new advertisement slogan "When you have a presentation and Edge isn't working."

Rooster : "You already have Microsoft Edge - the safer, faster browser for Windows. Are you sure you want to install Chrome? - Microsoft, October 2018.

jfisla : 1:12 Last ditch attempt to not get fired

Depression Session : Microsoft: How to delete someone else's YouTube video Bing: *Sorry, but we couldn't find any results for that.*

Noah : Top Ten Most Badass Things People Did Before They Quit Their Job.

Winblaser : He could have gone firefox which isn't owned by a big competitor to microsoft :')

Jay : The love how it finished downloading before he could finish the sentence "While this is downloading"

Wholesome Lad : Not all heroes make capes Some install chrome

Spectrum : So Microsoft has made Edge built-in so that we can download Chrome.

Matheus nunes borba : 1:49 ak Akame ga kill Akatsuki Akashic records... Top 3 reasons to love Google Chrome

сhаnnеl. : Up Next: Google's presenter installs Firefox during presentation because Chrome won't work

Abrar Rayva : *But Can Your Chrome Do This!?!* _Install Microsoft Edge_

Memest : Wow I got my new pc and look Microsoft edge! Now microsoft edge is a very important browser. *downloads crome* ok well time to uninstall microsoft edge

SlimeSan : He is a man of culture...

Anik Kundu : "You have become the very thing you swore to destroy"

XENON : Edge is the best browser *_to download other browsers_*

SleepLess : Imagine if it’s he’s first time opening chrome and porn pops up as most visited site

Cristian Babencu : Lmfao the way he laughed

HENRY ASHBEE : Coming up: Google presenter uses MacBook for presentation. Wait they already did that lol

Kai Staunton : I guess chrome now has the competitive *edge*

Zach Ryder : Top Ten Anime Betrayals

Choo : "What is my purpose?" "You install chrome" "Oh my god"

Warsyi Nahwanda : I used IE to download chrome/firefox when i was 14 Years Old.... Now i use Edge to Download Chrome... The function is Only that

WoundedSnake : *breathing intensifies*

MarioLuigi0404 : Only thing I like better about IE/Edge is how you can run .exe files without saving them. That’s it.

MrFlippy : "we're gonna NOT help make Chrome better" I DIED.

Soumyadeep 980 : I love edge 😇😸 But sometimes I use firefox I'm honest 😕🙄

Spurteppich9469 : how to get fired 101

Rijksoverheid : *youtube recommends this video* I see what you did there😏😏😏😏

LAU PAK KIU YW : Next: Google presenter installs edge during presentation because chrome won't work

ThomerTD : I know many people will agree that Edge is the best browser *to download Chrome*

Eron Harden : Bro it takes my laptop 10 minutes to both download and install chrome!

DownShot : Edge is actually faster than Chrome but....... WE NEED CHROME GIYS

Kiran Cool : Finally someone admitted the truth 😂😂😂😂

Rafael Lino : Kudos for the sense of humor. The audience cheering makes this so much fun. Hats off for the dev.

Suyash LoneWolf : Two best browsers in Microsoft Windows 1. Firefox *Le edge - why bill gates why....