Microsoft's presenter installs Chrome during presentation because Edge won't work

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TECHWISE : Facebook can build a 3D Virtual World based on your photos:

Rogue-Spear : I use Edge every time I download Chrome

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : The audience cheering makes this so much fun.

Taqi Mollah : *heavy breathing*

vSpeed177 - Mitosis: The Game / : Microsoft Edge, the faster and safer way... *To download Chrome.*

Dashmesh Singh : "My last day at Microsoft..."

Thomas Wieferink : Next: Microsoft's presenter installs Linux because Windows is updating.

Vikrant : "And We're going to not help make google better" savage Lol....

Suaqe : He known hes gonna get fired. He lives on the Edge

Zach Ryder : Top Ten Anime Betrayals

iHeart GT86 {KatyCat} : 1:04 "Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser on Windows 10 and it is already installed on your PC" Microsoft's presenter : *Installs Chrome*

Cumill xd : We all know why youtube recommends this video to everyone :p

Poiklip TM : Title should be "Last day working at Microsoft"

lolman533 : Ok YouTube I watched this video 3rd time. Can you stop recommending this?

Red Hook MMA : Hey guys, Windows Vista has been officially released. I am posting this from Internet Explorer.

_ _ : Google's new advertisement slogan "When you have a presentation and Edge isn't working."

Dat Piff : Microsoft Edge is the best browser installer ever. Same with IE. Their function is to download a browser.

Depression Session : Microsoft: How to delete someone else's YouTube video Bing: *Sorry, but we couldn't find any results for that.*

Memeorandum of Understanding : downloaded so fast....whats the internet speed? 1gbps?

Jay : The love how it finished downloading before he could finish the sentence "While this is downloading"

Rooster : "You already have Microsoft Edge - the safer, faster browser for Windows. Are you sure you want to install Chrome? - Microsoft, October 2018.

Winblaser : He could have gone firefox which isn't owned by a big competitor to microsoft :')

Wholesome Lad : Not all heroes make capes Some install chrome

LAU PAK KIU YW : Next: Google presenter installs edge during presentation because chrome won't work

Spectrum : So Microsoft has made Edge built-in so that we can download Chrome.

5persondude : *_ahem_* Firefox

Memest : Wow I got my new pc and look Microsoft edge! Now microsoft edge is a very important browser. *downloads crome* ok well time to uninstall microsoft edge

SlimeSan : He is a man of culture...

Jeff Peng : You say you’re fine but you’re not really fine....

Spllitz : This video has been copyright striked due to article 13

Mr Epic Gaming : That poor dude. This takes me forward to the iPhone X and its failed face recognition.

MrFlippy : "we're gonna NOT help make Chrome better" I DIED.

AbrarRayva : *But Can Your Chrome Do This!?!* _Install Microsoft Edge_

Grant Chapman : Forget Chrome, what WiFi carrier were they using to make it download that fast?!

Ben Dover : Does anyone here actually like to use Edge?

Daisy Kumar : I use Microsoft Edge... To install Google Chrome.

Matheus nunes borba : 1:49 ak Akame ga kill Akatsuki Akashic records... Top 3 reasons to love Google Chrome

The Solemn Nut : Microsoft just ditch Edge for Chromium

CRAWL : Next : IBM employee uses Akinator because IBM Watson won't respond.

Warsyi Nahwanda : I used IE to download chrome/firefox when i was 14 Years Old.... Now i use Edge to Download Chrome... The function is Only that

Khaltazar : When he got back to the office, his boxes were already packed for him.

Kai Staunton : I guess chrome now has the competitive *edge*

Muhammad Al Faris : Are use Edge? Of course.. What are you doing with edge? Download Chrome @@@@@

Kanto : "I'm gonna go install chrome" *crowd starts clapping*

init3 : Edge - IE = to install Chrome/Firefox

There are many usernames but this one is mine. : That’s life on the edge for you

DownShot : Edge is actually faster than Chrome but....... WE NEED CHROME GIYS

Spurteppich9469 : how to get fired 101

Roberto Nome : Firefox is much better tho (in terms of overall speed, clean UI and bugs)

MDT 2 : *Edge is much better than IE but have to say it's no where close to chrome😢*