Microsoft's presenter installs Chrome during presentation because Edge won't work

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TECHWISE : Listen to the sound of planets:

Zach Ryder : Top Ten Anime Betrayals

Taqi Mollah : *heavy breathing*

Memeorandum of Understanding : downloaded so fast....whats the internet speed? 1gbps?

MrFlippy : "we're gonna NOT help make Chrome better" I DIED.

Glory Ko : Edge = Chrome downloader

There are many usernames but this one is mine. : That’s life on the edge for you

Miraie : I swear I saw Akame Ga Kill *edit: **1:49*

Thomas Wieferink : Next: Microsoft's presenter installs Linux because Windows is updating.

Red : Microsoft Edge: What is my purpose? Me: You Install Chrome.

Rafael Lino : Kudos for the sense of humor. The audience cheering makes this so much fun. Hats off for the dev.

ORO 0147 : I had to download this to keep it forever, this is literally one of the best things on the internet ever!

Yash Raj : It’s not a big deal we all use edge to download chrome!!

Cash Bonanza : Reminds me of that moment Bill Gates took an iPhone out of his pocket.

Prateek Panwar : His internet speed is faster than my hdd copy speed

despicyto : "The Edge on these machines are locked down a little bit" lul

PowerLeef : lol, one of the suggested videos at the end is ' Meet the developers behind Microsoft Edge'

Theo Hallenius : This should be a wakeup call for microsoft.

Nathan Lim : "Why are you using Edge?" "How else will I download Chrome?" "Internet Explorer?" "We do not talk about IE!"

Sameera K : i'm going not help google get better :D

Rival Abu Hanifah : that feel when i need 5 minutes to download chrome, and he just need 5 second..

vSpeed177 - Mitosis: The Game / : Microsoft Edge, the faster and safer way... *To download Chrome.*

Mazu Mazu : Lol all of those anime results.

LostandAlive : You know you've failed when you have to use the competitors products.

Hejar Khalid : Nothing new. The only time i use Edge or IE is only right after a fresh windows installation when I need to download Chrome.

Henry Rodriguez : "No make Google Better" Jajajajajaja

Anony Moose : I love how when he says "while its downloading" and it says installing.

Reyhan R. R. : Need a curb meme of this

GDar : Would be better if "Microsoft presenter installs Firefox during presentation, gets Fired"

Anime HuNNter : Hey guys, Windows Vista has been officially released. I am posting this from Internet Explorer.

Oscat A. : Then Microsoft will ditch Edge completely and preinstall Chrome on future versions of Windows. 😆

Isotope Crepuscular : This is legendary.

Magyar Áron : I love the bing ad for Microsoft Edge, its just a nice touhc. :D

Pale O'Pterix : Did the guy keep his job at micro$oft after this? For how long? ;-)

Robert Santoyo : The heavy breathing into the mic is quite cringy.

Manish Dhruw : in this video ms devs demonstrate true purpose of edge

Everyday Neew : Google best ad ever

Pras Setio : 1:49 Look At Those Anime Results

Toimi : That's hilarious lmao. He played it off really well though. Talented presenter.

Virokk Gaming : Edge is one of the browsers that get seizure after 10 miniutes

Mr Claytron : You guys need to know what group policy is. It's not a problem with Edge. It's just locked down on either the network, or through local policy applied on the machine he's using. Although I personally prefer Chrome, Edge is not a bad browser (way way better than IE - totally different rendering engines), and this isn't a problem with Edge. Sorry to be the party pooper...

senko ukura : Microsoft edge: what is my purpose? Rick: you download chrome Microsoft edge: oh my god

mei Wang : he is so cool.....

elijahpepe : Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Emmas .Animations : tbh tho firefox is best browser.

UnrealProductions : Am I the only one who legitimately uses Edge as a daily browser?

Y C : No, chrome eats up all the memory and freezes my Linux desktop also.

maroom1 : The problem is probably because he was using InPrivate mode in edge Edge is good in my opinion. At least in speed and memory usage, edge is easily the best

DeluxeDestroyer : He got fired

RandomVidUploader Robin : Chrome sucks way more. Firefox is best.