FRIDAY: The Byrds Original of the Bob Dylan Song (as covered by Rebecca Black)
FRIDAY The Byrds Original of the Bob Dylan Song as covered by Rebecca Black

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Written by Nate Herman Directed and Edited by Aemilia Scott Sound and Additional Camera by Ed Flynn "Friday" Performed by Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, Michael Clarke, Chris Hillman, and Dave Crosby. From the TV Show "Rock Stock and Barrel," Recorded June 1965, Kingsway Studios, London.


Tully Moxness : The amazing thing about Roger McGuinn was his ability to transcend vocally any material, even a subpar, semi-ironic Dylan outtake like "Friday". Ostensibly an attempt to emulate "Little Boxes" satirical attack on post-war US value in its depiction of the insipid life of an average American teenager, the song never quite transcended the conceptual box Dylan wrote himself into.

adandap : I saw Chris Hillman and Jim Lauderdale in concert a few years ago. I'm pretty sure Friday was an encore number. Works well on guitar and mandolin. :)

Carey Wilson : Thanks for starting my Friday with a good laugh.

WasteLand : 6:32 such a pretty girl! whose grandma is that?

EpicEric : I heard this song in 'Nam! I remember it like yesterday... this song was on radio when my best friend died in my arms after a Charlie-attack :(

Channel Chenes : That's a good Jim McGuinn impression.

HardcoreGamer4Ever : Not to mention JFK sat in the back seat of the car and he was shot on a Friday.

blackmore4 : Well that's what it sounds like. But apologies, I didn't mean to be so grouchy. I should have said that I think the rest of the track is great. In my very humble opinion, all it needs is some kind of analogue plug-ins to make it less digital and... a Rickenbacker (through a Vox AC30)! :)

Nate Herman : it's not a "chorus guitar effect"; it's a Strat 12 string. Thank goodness you weren't available in '65.

blackmore4 : Thank goodness that amount of vile chorus guitar effect wasn't available in '65. Sounds like an 80s Byrds tribute band.

reginaldlump : Wow, you're dumb.

Shmup Head : this is obviously the anti war song in the byrds tune

Lima Walling : Quite a story!! :-)

Scott Campbell : Pretty funny in a convoluted and confusing way. Has McGuinn seen this? Admittedly, it sounds more more like Tom Petty than McGuinn, but Petty worked on his impression so long, he deserves credit for it.

Josh Yaskovich : oh my god this is so funny! lol

Thomas Orsi : Parody -- pair ohh deee -- if you think they tried to seriously pass this off as anything else I own this bridge in Brooklyn....

IndyDefense : Are you sure it was written in the early 60s? If you listen to Dylan's original recording of "Friday", it sounds more like a Basement Tapes-era song to me. Guess we'll never know, since all of the technical documentation on this song seems to have been lost.

GARY BINGHAM : if you notice that the song dont mach up with the video

AddolfHittler : Fryday fryday lalala.... seht gut!

3zy : Dylan's "Friday" exhausted me last year, so I can't add much to this conversation that isn't redundant. However, I'd love another copy of Joan Baez's "I will tell you where you can shove your wind." Mine got eaten by squirrels. :)

ejectorerector : are you for real?

Gwen Chandler : is this for real........ ?

andromedarr : above all these references, the song is also about the JFK assasination. Kickin in the Front Seat (Samuel Kickin was the driver of JFKs car), got to have my bowl (the breakfast of JFK that day), get down on friday ("get down" was an order to kennedy's wife after the shot), gotta catch my bus (reference to the bill about school-bus transportation bill that kennedy had to sign) etc etc.

Flying Jack Cayman : If you believe this complete bullshit-any of it having to do with Bob Dylan or The Birds, you're all very fucking stupid. This is not even funny. This is how history gets fucked up and ignorant children grow up believing total bullshit. Fuck, i don't think I'll ever sign in to YouTube again.

Thomas Buchanan : wow what a sorry rip off. Rebeca Black must be pissed.

mike t : I like how the visual is absolutely terrible but the audio sounds perfect

Isaac Taylor : Very convincing story... but does take up quite a bit of time at the beginning.

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Hip Cat Records¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ : If you're not after a history lesson... 3:30

Mike Crews : This would have been sharable if it was just the Byrds "cover." 4 minutes of talking before anything interesting happened ruined the whole thing.

bassvargas : Their lips dont match the words

Esteban Espejel : What's the name of the album?

Gert Devi : I don´t belive this has anything to do with the Byrds. rubbish!

Nobody's fool : Hard to believe bob wrote this shit. V surprised with all great material that byrds chose this as one of their bob covers. No wonder song disappeared.

andromedarr : @dominikcovic The video is taken from "Turn, turn, turn" and then slowed down. And they cut it in a way that they are kind of synced. But i think this song is really old, the lyrics have message if you put them in the 1960's and if not, the song sounds nice now.

Just Some Childhood Shorts : Come on, people, why do you believe, and what's even stranger, WHY DO YOU LIE? Didn't ''My Left Foot'' convince you this is fake? And just look at their mouths while they are singing Friday! The Birds are singing somethin else! Of course, I may be wrong, but this really seems obvious. And now, I may expect some comments saying that I'm a fool who missed a classic. Well bring it on! Lies don't hurt me!

bwworld : Through my drug-induced hazy memories of the 60s, this video is jogging a more than vague recollection...yeah, definitely. This happened.

andromedarr : @yourcivictv I heared it first when Rebecca Black came out with it...this is, as expected, soooo much better. And if you think about it, as it is produced in the 60's, it even has some pretty good message.

George Yesthal : This is NOT live. It's obviously a studio overlay of some of the worst lip syncing ever. And I am rabid Byrds fan since '64.

paintedship : footage is from the big tnt show haha nice try guys doesn't really sound like the byrds

Esther Harvey : wonderful :)

Joey Soul : Bob Dylan the Byrds Rebecca Black sadly no matter who truly wrote this or performed it is the worst song i have ever heard even worse than a grage band screaming their heads off

Apollo42 : It's true! Thank you.

Alice Yobby : And the plot thickens...

Mats Jensen : @Mr94RB explain

wandydustsprout : actually, i wrote this song right after i got out of anger management when bobby dumped me like yesterday's brown banana, it was part of my therapy...THEIVES!!! i say!!!!!

Wilhelm Lindh : Hahahahaha this is Awsome!

sudsieooo : It's a fake they are singing Hey Mr Tambourine Man they may have sang the song but not in this video for sure!

triscat : @MR94RB1 I was there, man. They sang it. Look it up.

Jay Michael Harden : What a great send-up !! I think some folks actually believe it ! Well done !