The Smash Bros. Killer

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Principal Skinner : Smash Ultimate preorder cancelled

ColeoIsCooleo : I'm sure Sky Williams will be destroyed at this too

Beefy Smash Doods : Lost track of time and played 4h straight on our first session. 10/10, would ruin my sleep schedule again.

Thomas Owens : Reminds me of that time........

Daily Dose Of Internet : goat

Dank Matter : It can't be a smash bros killer unless it has Waluigi

WhatEz : Does it really charge up that much.... a god damn galaxy formed


Daniel Rocha : I don't even know wtf this is but that chicken is already my favorite character

Oliver Broadway : Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Trivago searches HUNDREDS of sites to find the PERFECT hotel for you

The Ace Of Spades : This reminds me of the time Dunkey beat Sky in Slap City.

Real Human Bean : Funniest thing about this is how Dunkey is still saying he's part of IKON

Bio Knight : perry the platypus has been working out


Shnarfbird : Everyone is talking about that time Dunkey beat Sky in Smash, but all that enters my mind is go UP


Mr. Robert Caldwell : This kinda reminds me of the time dunkey beat sky in smash

Narros Jefferson : This video saved this game. it was having daily peak of like 22 people playing it for 2 months when it launched then the day this video comes out it has 500 people out of no where.

1 007 : Dunkey’s mind game is esports ready Imagine him juggling sonicfox saying “go up” hahaha

Chuck : The fighting game the world needs but doesnt deserve

Veridian : All this game needs are banana peels and Waluigi and it'll be a complete masterpiece

5 litre family friendly content : Jungle inferno looks weird

Dick Trickle : cya @ evo lads

Enosh Starcrod : This a rejected adult swim smash parody. Dunkey cant do fighting games well. Well at least we can laugh

Armando Lopez : Dunkey, you are the most creative and hilarious YouTubed I’ve yet to watch. Keep up the hard work man, cause it’s definitely paying off, your videos are always quality and I always watch them all the way through. By the way I rarely do that on other channels😂. God bless you man, your channel is a 5 out of 5 MASTAPIECE.

Cyranek : damn boy ultimate is looking goooood

Dip : Shit whats that song playing when he’s charging his fist?

Brian Looby : Reminds me of the time dunkey beat sky in bookworm adventures deluxe

Matt Spicer : simply beautiful!!! xD

Brandino Pepperino : GUESS WHOS NOT EATING MY SHOES BAYBEEEEEEEEE IM SO HAPPY I FINALLY CAN SUPPORT MY MAIN MAN DUNKEY! For real, i love all of your stuff, and i will admit to the fact that i didnt start watching till after your league vids, but i definitely made up for it and watched em all :D. Everyday i get home, i watch at least two to three of your vids, theyre perfect for replayability, theres so much content crammed into the 4-5 min vids. I hope you read this and know that we hope for the best for you and your channel. Love ya man!


Sri Charan : It's IKON!

Autumn Tripod : What's the song when he charging his punch


Grenwenfar the Hermit : Princess Remedy!! <3

Switch Stop : *I don’t typically watch esports but I could get into this!*

Vinsent Vega : Кто-нибудь, пожалуйста, сделайте русские субтитры. <3

Jerrin M : He just knocked the dude off the cliff with a breath!...I'm shook!

I'm ur dog : I like these new characters that they're adding to smash bros

Thunder Emblem : Oh now this, this is what Smash bros wishes it could’ve been. A real gem much better than any fighter I’ve ever played.

Veridian : Now this is the game E-Sports has been waiting for

DaeHyun Hwang : Play epic dumpster bear!!!!! Like a Mario bro. but with a bear and a dumpster.

Doctor Gears : This has Jesse Cox's Multiplayer Mayhem written all over it.

cLoud unDerWeather : some say this is the dark souls of smash games

Libra Riviera : fishbun thumbnail, I like

DammitSinged : _Waluigi should be here too._

chickenware65 : 10/10 better than smash bros.

AsapxReem : Is this book worm deluxe? if not you should play book worm deluxe...

Christian Stout : Stage Hazards: The Video Game

moist : Alt title: the return of ikon