A wholesome Ferretsgiving.
A wholesome Ferretsgiving

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Happy Ferretsgiving! My two precious ferrets, Frank & Becky, share a delightful Thanksgiving feast that is appropriate for their ferret diet. I hope you enjoy watching my babies celebrate the holiday! Yay Petsgiving! Please like, comment, and subscribe for more. For Ferrents interested in recreating this feast, these are the dishes I made (listed in the order they are served): 1. Plain scrambled eggs topped with mashed chicken flavored ferret treats and a dollop of ferret lax. 2. Freeze dried minnows with a dollop of ferretvite. 3. 100% organic coconut oil topped with kibble gravy. 4. Chopped up bacon chew sticks. 5. And, Frankie boy's favorite: mushed kibble (Wysong Epigen 90). Copyright free song: "Funny Song" by Bensound