Mind bending Indian Math Teacher

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Colleen Lopez : Wow that's so cool how they are doing this, you don't have to speak Indian to understand just follow the problem.

Ramsés Vásquez : Put down the iPhone America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, oh wait that's how youre viewing the screen on yt? Mystery hour!!!!

Godfrey Hamshire : She is something else and the kids are so well behaved.

Mahima Afroz Khan : I'm Indian we all know this

TEK : i don't even speak indian [urdu?] and it's still mind bending

Esra z : My Pakistani teacher taught me this in 3th grade, oh yeah I am American. Thank you Mrs. Hussein.

Rahul khanna : inspired of maths teacher

Nihal Tantway : She so smart her math skill are on another level💝

Dipesh Bomea : Another level of teching.. well last one i can think it was related to peanut square

Elena deOro : many paths to the same end.. brilliant demonstration

The Truth1 : Thank you for uploading.

Jitender Singh : Fabulous ma'am

Ramsés Vásquez : Love It !!!

buster117 : Lmao I like how she kinda shakes her head when moving

Gokul nath : the best maths teacher who I never had

andrea : It is much easier and faster to do 43x2x10+43x10/2

buster117 : I see a lot Indians who don't understand her talking even tho she's Indian , damn Indians must somehow adopt 1 common language