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Cry : I think the part where they used their pubes for his beard was the best part.

Schmidty030 : Just imagine the backlash they would get if they did this today.

Sam Rader : The origin of "It's just a prank bro"

Curt Lewis : This is still, almost 10 years later, the single funniest thing that I have ever seen

Alejandro Delgado : "I don't like this country, I like the countryside though" x'D

daniel mcdermott : Why this is the best thing ever 1. At the beginning when he thinks they're laughing at his impression but they're actually laughing behind his back. 2. When he tries to actually use the bomb to bargain with the cabbie 3. Who brought crabs to the table

soberpunk : Ehren always gets the worst of everything.

mrseuugr : I really never liked this guy until this skit though. It was almost badass how much he objected with a gun pulled on him..

Derek : I love how 75% of these people say it's fake, wish you guys would watch the whole video..

KoMp : "oh he shot me..."

The Unknown Psycho : People actually think the Jackass members dislike like ehren? They just bully him cuz he was perfect for Jackass.

Wolf The Dentist Stansson : So many stupid people in the comments, it was a reverse prank.

Karl Marx : "Very good, very expert" HAHAHAHAHAHA

RED HAWK : 4:09 gets out of the car smiling thinking the prank is over, then goes straight back into acting mode. 😂 lol

Cano Manuel Gonzaga : The taxi driver is an actor.

nath909 : Favorite part - "What does that mean 'boom'?"

Gavin Cothern : "How are you gonna explain crabs on your face?"

saurav Koirala : he curses like cartman.... lmao

Danny Roqs : Man, they would not get away with this prank in today's world, sadly...

Pravoizavlijesvijeta : the mother and father of all pranks.

Michael Björk : The little song he sings in the beginning LOL

Holden A. Johnson : "Aren't you the guy from Super Troopers?"

Gabriel von Wolfhausen : I almost pissed myself when I saw this in theaters....HILARIOUS!!!

Marth : This was amazing, a prank on top of a prank, with a side of prank.

maya summers : Jackass could do any prank no matter how offensive or controversial it was, and not get in trouble. Because people knew what a joke was back then. Lol

YTWarrior100 : 4:31 "Oh, he shot me!" LMFAO

transformersbannana : The countryside is good... and the breasts.. wtf lol

Mehdi Saad : I'm Arab but I laughed my ass off at this. this remains my favorite jackass scene.

Brandon Pflanz : Is that the guy from super troopers

Django Fandango : now this is a real prank

Volcano 301 : The Arab chanting would make a lefty’s ears bleed if this had been done now.

N I : Ok, Who brought Crabs to the party? 6:35

Katie : By far the greatest prank ever on Jackass, CRYING!

Fallen Angel : I think he deserved it for the prank he wanted to do 😄

Gta Online : Boom, we are very very close. Thats the best part

Reckless Strawberry : this is one of their best pranks

Sushiyoda : "C'mon"

niknatural : Are some people really dumb enough to not understand that this is a prank on the guy acting as the terrorist? It was a reverse prank and of course it was staged, but McGehee (the terrorist) didn't know that

Harry Johnson : These jack ass guys are pretty warped.

Darth Nihilus : boom we are vereyh vereyh close

Albert Einstein : How did the guy get in the taxi with that big ass camera?? What was his reasoning? This seems fake. Also the taxi driver is the guy from Super Troopers.

Real Human Bean : Greatest prank in the history of mankind.

TheOceanLiner Recreator : aww you shot me LMAO

Andrew Fowler : Is the driver Barry Badrinath from Beerfest

Noah Kunz : This is one of the best pranks I've ever seen.

Cenk Toplar : He be like "c'mon" at 5:19 after all that !

hpytrgrfngrz : "Why'd you put it in your mouth?" xDDD

nepali keto : this is the best real prank ever seen on youtube ...

Sergio Talamantes : dam the pube beard was genious i miss jackass

That Guy : I am a muslim and I find it funny :D