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Ique : Filmed in front of a possessed studio audience.

Gabriel Barsch : those jokes came into your mind SPOON-taneously?

Levi Phipps : Considering how enthusiastically I watch Last Week, you'd think it'd take less than three viewings to recognize Tom's kitchen and photo wall.

swanksickswag : “I don’t know man, I need to th- alright let’s do it”

MavMinerCraft : The magic Fork.... Fork this joke

Harry101UK : These asdfmovie graphics are so realistic now!

Da Dragon Durp : HE'S GOT A SPOON!

SlicO3 : I cant get over the fact that you look like caspar the ghost

Taste : Don't worry With our futuristic baguette technology We have made a hologram of the France We gonna ask a new one in ET-bay *HON HON HON* P-s: Steve your wine livraison gonna be a little late, sorry

woozyTv : Tom...I've been a fan of you for over 11 years now, I loved all your skits and your parts in eddsworld and even this one, im worried about your weight gain and I support you in losing the weight. This will probably get lost somewhere, or you won't get to read it but I care about you and your health, as a fan and as a fellow overweight person. We love you Tom!

StarWuzerd : To the void with the vegetals

dylanbh1 : wow this episode of black mirror is great

Emeric Switch : Why is there a trump on your head

Turbo Wafflez : I don’t know dean I need to thin- alright let’s do it

Blue Structure : Tomska is the highest tier of shitposting

PastaPanda : Tom’s hair looks like carrot cake

Kevin Wu : It destroyed France... ... And then it did some evil stuff.

Jack : *I LOVE CAKE!*

Daniel0409 : I LOVE CAKE :D

_iDanthia _ : The spoon emoji has a whole knew meaning...

Skirdus : the hole the orb the spoon the saga goes on...

Kathryn Herzog : Maybe you should mix it up and do some original content instead of just doing the same type of fast paced random stuff that is just sameness all the time. (No hating tho I love all your vids)

IMADDSNIPER 18 : It destroyed France? What about Le Alien?

Commander Ofek : Oh Its Wizzo The Wacky Wizard.

Spoon : Why? Just why?

Dang Itshere : Where did the spoon come from? from the orb where did the orb come from? from the hole *dramatic close up

Ekrell : But where did it come from? It come from sink. Oh, but where's the sink? In the hole. DUUUUUN.

Ian Mcvicar : Dear Tom, I need your help making Netflix and YouTubeRed’s Eddsworld 2.0 and I hate being waiting longer. Sooner this old universe will die in our new one I sometimes wished I was famous like you and the others. I wanted to be an animator, script writer, background artist, musician, art director, storyboard artists and actor. I’m not just making videos I’m posting, I’m also showing you and everybody everything new. If nobody was famous yet, please help the brand new celebrities now! Love Ian. P.S. please Tell Edd, Tord, Matt, Annoying Orange, The Wiggles, (Sam, Lachy, Anthony) Garfield the cat, Kermit the frog, the super Mario Bros, Dumbo the elephant, Bert and Ernie I always love them all!

SonicFish101 : THE ENDING THO XD

ju- -bleh : Into the void with it!

Awkwar d : Something about Dean seems...*fishy*

mr. piddy shake milk : Tom is sexy and cute and BAD BOYYYY OH YEAH MAN!!!

mr. piddy shake milk : Someone here knows what's undertale besides me ???

mr. piddy shake milk : Maybe....tom it sounds like a little stupid more ... I mean it seems kind of difficult before having participated in a cartoon with your friends and then one of them has .... gone to a place that humans do not dominate (no recents) coming back to the subject must be kind of weird blablabla and then you create a channel on youtube that ... marked everyone with amazing animations and ... etc ... more tone if this is not stupid .... I want to let you know that so like edd and matt that were strong just like you for having been through so many things and still being standing against the universe to remain there remembering and staying there not as trash that no one calls more like a trash much loved ... edd was strong he remained and remained ... until he still has not tired and continue in a different way ... so if this tone is not stupid ..... I KNOW that if this is not stupid .... you are strong as well as thousands of people ... nobody is special .... everyone is special ... .. (sorry agains ;-;)

Tad : A new SCP....

Phoebe Louise : WIZZO has the BEST cheeky laff

if you subscribe to me I'll subscribe to you : Oh WIZZO

TheBlackMaster // TBM : Eddsworld

Esperanza Morales : eddsword


BozOnTour_ : Dean works really well in this type of fast sketch

Jack And Miller : I dunno Dean I need time to thin- alright let's do it.

Eyebot The Great : A vegetal? In to the void with it!

Alexander Cox : Not a vegetal

jayden47 2 : Tomska, I gave credit to you on my latest video

-An Artist- : we could make a religion out of this...

TheWojti80 : TAMAS

DemonAnimeGeek : Comedy genius

Jiren THE REAL ONE!!!! : *i love cake*

Laake White : I fucking love your work, Tom.