Who is America? Laguna Beach
Woman gives pubic hair to comedian

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Human_Guinea_ Pig_ : I OFFERED you didn’t ASK

Кочевник Кочевник : He's a wizard!!! Doing such tricks to people?! I'm speechless

Victory : I consider this a kind act of her...he wanted it !

Dewi Lew : Omg he touched it

MusicMusicMusic : you know, this one is not so far out for artists they are so open minded when it comes to contemporary art, i kind of admire her......im not putting her in the basket of all the other douches.

s. : Is she married?

Cavendish Lung-sukki : Finger nails!

Morrie : oh man.....what a pisser

Naseer Doostyar : Wow! He got a real pube. Lol

Rajib Hasan : Can’t stop laughing 😂 I😋😋😋😋😂😂😉😉😉

Ray Adams : Morally Decedent.

menschgebliebener Echsenkrieger67 : WTFFFFFFFFF

jason9022 : U know she's a raging ho.. Oh well I'd def smash

Thomas11eleven TM : I agree with you. wtf

求敗獨L : And he gets paid doing this shit, genius!

MCES LEX : Who is the female?

Lil Lasty9 : Omg nooo

jason9022 : Filmed with a potato

Dawd Dawd : OMG.

slurwin119 : I feel bad for this lady......Hopefully this at least help her sell some art. She isnt a celebrity or in public office so playing this prank on her I found kind of mean.

Event Horizon : She has her OWN REAL TWITTER!!! JUST WRITE HER NAME OK

dumbo7429 : Hair brained.