Gareth Pugh S/S 18

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kasperknowak : This is the best fashion film produced in years

AL M : As if Aphex Twin, Alexander McQueen and Lars von Trier danced Butoh at Acheron. Legendary!

yungh8tr : a genius , a legend.

ANDY RYTE : Wow, very impressive, slightly disturbing but beautiful piece. Props to everyone involved. It's always exciting getting to experience a collection through different mediums. Just shows how many layers there are to a single piece of art.

cheong728 : Don't understand it at all. Why is mud a good look and how do I wear it ?

orangewedges : Superb collaboration!

Mario : Wow. This blew me away. The sort of thing that solidifies his vision as an creative mind from the likes of Alexander Mcqueen and Iris Van Herpen. Well done guys. Bravo.

David's : I like his outfits but this is too disturbing. I feel as if the intention of this film is to traumatize you. No real value and it speaks about the very troubled mind of the people who came up with this.

Mutant Mint : This is so bourgeois that it's actually hilarious.

Anamarija Oreskovic : The postmodern era marks the emergence of virtual reality that slowly enters into every corner of an individual's life. The arrival of virtual reality allows simple, simultaneous and continuous playing with identity. Fluidity of identity is created through a minimal change that leads to differences and the creation of a new identity. Therefore, the key question of contemporary fashion should not be an explanation of its meanings, but the act of fashion itself. The way in which it opens the door to building new identities, places individuals in a certain stake and affects the consumer community, the environment, and the workforce. The virtual body has no biological material and genetic code which generate it’s predetermined form. In a virtual environment an individual is the only creator of the surface and form in the continuous creation. Artists such as Stelarc, Orlan and Sevdaliza wonder about the destiny and form of such bodies, providing an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all future fashion designers and artists. The fashion designer of the future, just like Gille Deleuzes idea of a body without organs, has to propagate the idea of his profession and adapt to all the challenges he expects: greater integration of technology, work on the design of the body itself, thinking about ecological sustainability and ultimately abandoning the design of the real world objects. These future fashion design concepts are already becoming it’s reality. ( Anamarija Orešković, from my Master Thesis)

TheFabulousTodd : Every time I see these artists' work, I realize it is nothing less than a savage and sustained exploration of the outer limits of animality. I think of Francis Bacon, and I understand that without an aesthetic process such as this, humans lose their intimate connection with their carnality, and become dictators of others. You are no less than I; I am no more than you. Memento Mori.

Juan Eduardo Cabezas Cáceres : Just wow! Well done

igor known : well done nice demons

Marco Sosa : this is disturbing

xsanctom : Two Coopers.

Penda Svane : That was completely captivating. Masters at work, great video!

Hassan El-Amin : HERE: Olivier de Sagazan has developed a hybrid practice that integrates paintings, sculptures and performances . In his existential performative series Transfiguration, he builds layers of clay and paint on his own face to transform disfigure and take apart his own figure, revealing an animalistic human who is seeking to understand his real nature . At once disquieting and deeply moving, this new body of work collapses the boundaries between the physical, animalistic and spiritual senses. As he says: Men living in a mask of collective hallucination. One day, I arrive in the world, totally lost, on another day, I leave in a stupor. Art can be a knife to open this mask and delve into the strangeness of being HERE, NOW . "

Joseph Johnson : Reminds me a little of the Cell

stylecuratedby : This is mind fucking good! I want more! So freaking amazing piece of work!

Bill Buffett : The worst fashion film produced in years

Raining Outside : For those wondering the wicked soundtrack is produced by Roly Porter.

Joao Paulo B : It's weird cuz this film is a bit sick, disturbing, sinister and macabre but at the same time intriguing, captivating, mindblowing and aesthetically impecable. The concept is definitely cool and probably a breakthrough for fashion branding.

Alia Masotti : Amazing! It reminds me a lot twin peaks third season

Master BlasterDizaster : Alright, I’m going to name parts of video: 1. Chillin’ with mah bruh at the neighborhood 2. No homo 3. Dance, baby, dance 4. Welcome to Valhalla 5. ...Is this a Jojo reference 6.SHAKALAKA COME THE SPIRITS 7. Under the sea, oh under the sea 8. The Golden Rush But also being honest with opinion, I’m claim this film as the masterpiece of a month and I really adore it.

Keerah Borg : The death of the rotting flesh and the birth of the synthetic beauty

echoxxxx : This went to the next level.

Sumatra 71 : Who did the music ??

Jesus Crispe : Наркоманы что ли сука

Patti Weirdo : Eyegasm! 😍

MultiMamele : Superb visual commentary on today's human condition. Gareth Pugh has quite the deserved place in my wardrobe at any time.

CHARLSGOLD : Pure Pleasure

Dean Acton : Outstanding. Inspiration from artist Paul McCarthy by any chance?

james vita : Very creative.

Velouria Lemur : Wait, nothing like this has ever happened during the art school ceramics class. What are we doing wrong?

ƧÜ : müthiş amını sikiyim

Camilo Orozco García Mayorca : siniestro sublime mas allá de lo humano

oiman01011010 : lol "art"

Kelvon Wiggins : Wasn't this same thing in the movie samsara of course it wasn't the same people but they were doing the same thing

Sinuhe Guzmán : Love how it really reflects the world right now, and a surprising stunning hope end to it. The cicle of destruction to a new beggining. The most inspiring fashion act i have seen in a loooooooong time. Congrats showstudio!!!

Simian Coates : Great concept..well executed. Both organic and graphic....perfect for Gareth's creations and Nick's masterful technique (I particularly liked the laser sequences)...I hope ppl watch until the end...the bar in fashion moving imagery has just been raised.

yo2beo : A visualization of the mind's internal process of conceptualizing the sensorial complexity of that core of elements that give birth to those refferences that define the creating essence for a transforming external architecture for the body, known to us as fashion. Amazing!

Molly : Mud, is fashion. Things that are happening in the head of the designer and his workers. We see a pregnant women, made from this mood. Designer is destroying/taking a child. Later we see the effects. Pure art. But you need to think. Most of people, don't like to think.

stefanos2691 : So, what are we wearing next S-S?

Stannis Baratheon : If any of you guys have ever seen the film Samsara this guy Olivere was in it doing that creepy performance.

Haywire TV Digital : WHY

Fecal Matter : Amazing!

Vênus * : MK ultra

John Blaine : I can't even speak.. Mr. Knight you are a GOD

Sugar Puppies : Just wonderful

Olga Kariguna : жуть!